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  1. I have a similar problem with mine. The Windlass is fine, the big windows face open sea. So is the Barnacle (excuse the bits of furniture sticking out, I didn't want to pick everything up just for this) But the Wallower and Evening Star are both the wrong way round, with the big window facing my neighbour. I'm not convinced about a 90 degree rotation, but those two need a 180 degree rotation.
  2. @Quartz Mole I sent you a PM here with the details. Thank you!
  3. yes the parcels are all the same size in area, they are just different shapes. There are fewer 32x32 parcels for boats but ALL the house parcels are 32x32
  4. Thank you! I will check it out soon
  5. My region is also very isolated, only 12 houseboats on a remote unconnected part of the Pickle. Mine also feels lonely and I don't spend much time there except when I'm changing outfits, but I love the rest of the community. I am interested in Buddhism; where is the Buddhist Center in Bellisseria?
  6. Be careful with these. I have a 32x32 parcel on the end of a row, but two of the 4 houseboat designs have the big end window facing my one neighbour's boat instead of open water, meaning that I really have a choice of only 2 styles instead of 4. With the 64x16 parcels, the big end windows always face open water regardless of style. I would swap my 32x32 for a 64x16 in a heartbeat, if I could guarantee getting one, because I love the Wallow, and I can't use it on my parcel at all.
  7. @Quartz Mole On the 32x32 houseboat parcels that's not always the case. The Wallow is pointing the wrong way on my parcel (big end window faces my neighbour's boat instead of open sea) and that's the case too with one of the others, I forget which one and I don't want to wreck my home by trying it again). Is there a way that these two boats can be turned to face the other way, because I would really rather have the Wallow, and as it stands right now I can't use it.
  8. I think I may have encountered OP's original "party" from 2016 - I took an old style Tahoe and noticed another house in the same region crammed with about 30 avatars that I assumed were bots. I abandoned that one faster than you can say "Hell, no!", and switched to another.
  9. @Quartz Mole I re-rezzed my Windlass and this one too is still displaying the script error when touching the walls. Located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Getthe Point/89/3/23 (I kind of like the navy though).
  10. Mine is square too. I wish they let you change which way the boats are facing: my favourite one (Wallow I think) is oriented the wrong way, so the big windows all have a view of nothing but my neighbour. And yet Windlass is oriented the other way. Odd.
  11. Wow, I'm absolutely stunned at the response to this. I did manage to get one, thanks to making the decision to sneak away from my desk at work and spend twenty minutes on my mobile phone, refreshing the page, getting error after error, and finally got one. If I'd waited til I got home, I'd have missed them by an hour. Although its in a rubbish location, no beach at all, just a little cluster in the southwest corner of the Pickle, moored up in open water. But it's heaps better than Tahoe.
  12. I made one in about 10 minutes using the matching textures and sent it to you. Its accessed by a ladder, the angle is sufficient for climbing.
  13. According to the blog http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2013/12/12/post2134/ there's been no progress on this since 12 December, and snapshots to feed are still not working. Does anyone know whether this feature has now also been purposefully turned off?
  14. Is the Snapshot to Feed still broken? It's not been working for me for at least a couple of weeks. Or have they turned it off purposefully as well as the PMs?
  15. It's been a long time. I miss you, wolf-son. :matte-motes-crying:
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