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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 minutes ago, TatianaNikolay said:

I got dolled up for the BVN holiday party. I even went Saturday Sale shopping like this lol! I had a great time at the party and even got to see @Akasha Sternberg!

You're gorgeous! Is that the dress from the Saturday Sale? (If it is, I'm now having second doubts about passing on it.)

What BVN?

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Kind of annoyed with myself. I like this but while shooting I took off the hair by mistake. When I finally figured out which one it was and put it back on - didn't realize the color wasn't the one I was using. Until I posted it to Flickr. Ugh. Not that this is bad - just it's my usual blonde tone and the other was a lot lighter and had more impact for what I was trying to accomplish. C'est la vie.

Thanks to @Orwar for his lighting system which I used for this. Worked like a charm, very easy, simple and effective.



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