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  1. This made my day! and yeah .. its usually those moments when i start to listen to my own playlist or just .. leave.
  2. Some would appreciate it but they are usually the ones who rant at me because i don't do that with random
  3. I am familiar with dodging a bullet but have no clue what 'duck a swing' means
  4. Women who IM me with a "hi" and find it impolite when i response "hi, what can i do for you?" 🙄
  5. Apart from the looks, maybe there is another reason for mesh body requirement on an RP Sim which is about SLex. If you watch it a bit how it's going in RP sims, it's often (not always) non-mesh avies coming in just for sexy time. They haven't invested into themselves, not into any character and not into any role. They will be gone once they got what they came for and that is often not RP. A well crafted mesh body (not just the bought and wear as it is version) might be a sign that my time isn't wasted when i engage.
  6. That's the first time i disagree with you!
  7. Slide-Show-Vendors at Events. The picture changes before it could rezz ... all the time.
  8. I am certainly not posting anything for the likes. Of course it is nice to get a honest like but it's no drama when there is no like at all. I like my pictures or, in case i wrote something intelligent, i like that by myself. That's usually enough. As for the photos ... i am not only 'liking' the outcome but also the thoughts behind it and the work. I might not like the pic but see the effort being put in and that can be worth my 'like'. nods a lot to that
  9. My very personal opinion: 1. Rhonda has a partner. Her partner is a female and her sub/pet. Rhonda must be lesbian. Nothing against lesbians! but she will not be interested at men. 2. Maybie's Profile (if i looked at the right profile inworld) is empty and nothing about her looks could attempt me to ask for a dance. 3. I do usually not do close dances with women i do not know well enough ... to be sure that i don't end up (once again) with clingy crazy ... cussing me out in IM because they thought i would leave my partner basically instantly for them ... because we are, after 3 songs, romantically and exclusively involved.
  10. Don't worry! As another not native english speaker, i understood you perfectly
  11. Deadwool MGMen's Ascend RKKN Etiquette Gabriel Riot Cubura Aitui Fashionnatic Complex Tonktastic WAZ VUK Mossu Contraption Breath Gild and probably some other creators Cold Ash (sadly he is one of the less who forgot about Legacy but some clothes still fit) It depends for which occasions i am looking for clothes. Grunge, Street Style, smart-casual, semi-formal, formal or the Beach .. as long the textures are good and the clothes do not have a stiff look, i might take a demo. I won't buy pants which are too tight or without a fitting belt (except its a really great fit without) and i dislike shirts which can't be tucked in. Ahh, and i like to mix and match. I drive my girlfriend crazy
  12. Sleepless in Garrigua ... counting sheeps
  13. Annoying neighbours at an early sunday morning in france...
  14. You are complicating your whole inworld experience. You cannot force communication with just everyone. It either makes click or it doesnt and choosing well is as important as having luck.
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