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  1. Well, i think i am out here too. People just like to nitpick.
  2. I am well aware about the fact but i wasnt going on the battlefield nor was it my intention to be historically correct. But thank you anyway
  3. Pic goes with the song .......... Marilyn Manson - You're So Vain Worn Items: Open Collar Coat - Gabriel Get Up Pants - Gild TankTop - Nero Location: Chinatown http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District Red/218/213/1802
  4. Christiano, you can always hit me up. If nothing else, we can go shopping! I am also a bit at a loss of people i can actually just talk to, maybe do a photo, seeking for great locations, sitting at a bar, getting drunken ... I am not exactly your timezone but i have sometimes insomnia.
  5. Thank you anyway for your compliment and i actually thought a longer time ago about opening a group for men with the title "Make her chase YOU!" 🥰 . Btw, using sliders well is something both gender lack at times, probably to the same percentage.
  6. Of course ... as a DeCuir i had to have it! I have all their stuff, clothes, hats, spectacles and some interior. So this jacket was a great addition.
  7. ... and the new jacket or coat from Contraption i was hunting for hours
  8. A great place. Thanks for sharing ! Oh and nice pics too
  9. Location: Fleur de Sel ....... i think i haven't been here before http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fleur de Sel/57/160/28
  10. After 3 attempts yesterday (i crashed, sim crashed, sims were just too laggy with merely 3 people being inside), i tried to find the ONE jacket today ... again ... with a 4th attempt and gave nearly up after 1 hour walking around all those sims at the fantasy faire ... till i found what i came for. It went pretty much on my nerves because, its just to big for a pleasant shopping experience .... at least for me.
  11. Oh, there can be very dark corners when intelligence is involved .... very dark ones, maybe the best dark corners
  12. If nothing helps, wear a beard! 😎
  13. Jowls do not react to sliders when using a mesh head. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Appearance_Editor_and_affected_bones Or do they? I don't think it worked with my head.
  14. Get a Demo Face from Stray Dog or Not Found and wear the shape in the package. That might help to find a start.
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