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  1. Oh dear. So sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
  2. Yep, I tell them they have excellent taste in clothes. Same hair makes me resentful though. I wish I had the skills to make myself a unique hair.
  3. I used to stay in the old Linden homes, and never made friends with neighbours, in fact rarely met them. It was different renting a mainland plot - we'd chat and visit one another. I stopped staying in Linden homes cos it was kinda lonely.
  4. Probably. The last line of this article is the heart of the matter: "She eventually found it and bought it, aware it was unlikely to work. “My parents are dying,” Bhardwaj said. “I am desperate.”" - Indians turn to black market, unproven drugs as virus surges https://apnews.com/article/india-science-coronavirus-business-health-c2a72c4d2ab29aa163e785ca98181023 I can't bring myself to fault people who are at this extreme of suffering. I'd try anything too.
  5. I was at Club Zero the other day and there were 2 demons, a vampire and a large wolf boogeying... I'm not sure if that's usual as it was my first time there. Good music tho.
  6. The therapeutics debate is ongoing in India - meanwhile they are going ahead and prescribing Ivermectin, Remdesivir and various other things. If they didn't people would probably purchase it anyway on the black market and self-medicate with who knows what. I think the best lesson we can learn from India at this point is, keep masking, strict hygiene, social distancing, get vaccinated if we possibly can, and do our utmost not to swamp the healthcare system. It's terrifying to think of this sweeping through Southeast Asia. Several countries are already finding the more infectious strain.
  7. I meant more in terms of maintaining a healthy immune system as I don't get out much in the heat of the day. I catch cold readily but really haven't in the past year. I take care to have plenty of vit c rich fruits and veg, which probably also helped.
  8. my inventory is currently about 1400. If I don't want to deal with it, I box it.
  9. Probably a good idea. I was following general recommendations from health authorities here. That said I have been cutting back on supplements and adjusting diet instead. For one thing supplements are expensive and for another, I like eggs and fish.
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