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  1. nice shots. re. the line, did you perhaps catch the edge of a transparent top of the flowers?
  2. Like Leonard said: "there is on both sides of this struggle, men of good will.. that is important to remember" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHAHt2Hv_DI (mind you, haters gonna hate anyway)
  3. This^ I started a shop in 2009 with a group of friends I met in-world, each with their own particular talents. We did all sorts of things - scripted weapons, cosplay, kimono, roleplay accessories, whatever interested us. Mostly we goofed around, decorated the shop and chatted with customers. My contributions were very simple items, and the really old stuff I give away for free. The mesh items are by one of our group and other makers, and I textured them just for my own fun to wear. I wasn't inspired to learn to make mesh clothes myself. It didn't cost me much at all. I'm always rather (pleasantly) surprised when people buy my stuff, as it was made solely for my own fun. My 2 cents - Dive in, have fun, see where it leads, and start small so you don't feel pressured to recoup your costs.
  4. meditating at hikaru onsen this is the natural light setting
  5. it used to be a real problem (jk - it's an attachment someone gave me long ago)
  6. This is life on the internet. So use the privacy tools available and be mindful of your online presence. Google yourself and see if there are any links to personal details you would not want widely known, then plug the security gaps. Seed some false info out there to confuse people. Be cunning and full of tricks... no wait that's Watership Down... No they don't, but they have been very silly and suffered the consequences.
  7. No, common sense. Be careful what you divulge to strangers on the internet.
  8. Even when it does cross over to RL, it's like: "I gave out all my personal particulars, RL address, phone number, password and credit card number and now someone is stalking me! How can this be??" Here's to a wiser 2020 on the internet. 😛
  9. Life expectancy where I live is creeping into the 80s (even 90s-100s age band are growing), so the Govt decided to make us all buy mandatory life annuities at age 55, using our personal "pension" accounts that we add to while working (these accounts are also used to buy housing and pay medical expenses, so it's not just pension). Not a bad idea actually.
  10. I see a snowball fight in your future... (taken at Blodfjellet Port) I
  11. I'm of the generation that had pen-pals growing up. They were real, and sometimes you hit it off and become friends for years and sometimes you don't. Same with online friends - I've known some SL friends for over a decade, and some gaming friends for years too. We chat on whatsapp (just like my friends who live nearby as we are lazy to meet up). In short, sure we're real, just exploiting tech cos plane tickets are expensive.
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