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  1. true dat. Also terrifying for people who identify as grass.
  2. happy retirement & thanks for everything ☺️
  3. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... ♫ I also like SL shops that give really nice free gifts and gift certs. Much appreciated by chronically broke shopaholics like me..
  4. About equal. Vast majority I met while roleplaying or making stuff, so we had common interests.
  5. There are a couple in that theme but I've never seen any roleplay there: Rocca Sorrentina Carpathia Antiquity I think there's also a Versailles.
  6. of course got. we all busy shopping.
  7. maybe it's been mentioned before, but this guy's youtube channel is a great source for non-medical laypersons to get updates on vaccine, treatment and social measures for controlling spread (and he's non partisan). I've learned a lot from watching his channel.
  8. A friend once told me if you fly to the farthest edge of the SL map, you can see whales. I'm not sure if they speak.
  9. Keep the money and the job, I'd do it for chocolate
  10. As interim solutions, if you are using a viewer that allows it, you can derender the wall so you won't have to see it. If not, cover it up with something else, like plonk a building or trees in front of it.
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