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  1. at one of my favourite spots in Tokyo-WIndHill City
  2. taking my pet for a walk in All Hallows
  3. Other genres of RP use connected sims too, like GoT and pirate/merfolk sims with ocean between for sailing. Probably others too but those are a few sorts I played at.
  4. It's pretty much a given in a public sandbox that nearby people will come and poke around. It's been like that as long as I can remember. As others have said, just sit your avie on a prim or on the ground when afk, and no one can move you. It just takes one click. People can't harm anything in your build, but it's a good idea to save copies to your inventory on a regular basis, as some folks still like to set off spam objects and other griefing tools which make the sandbox unusable for a time.
  5. I kinda agree with that, but it also depends on why the player is bored. In the past I've joined sims that seemed free and easy in theory, but when it came down to day to day roleplay, the inner circle had very specific ideas of how everyone should play. The sim owners would say "it's player driven, you can play anything you want" while recruiting, and that's great. I can think of plenty of ideas for stories. Then after a few days that changes to "No, that kind of character can't do that. Maybe you can roleplay your way to do that within faction X" - which is controlled by an inner clique, who may or may not agree, and assuming you can even find them online. If you're waiting days to talk to a faction lead about a story idea or need to have every petty thing pre-approved (once I was scolded by a faction lead for not getting permission to borrow a crowbar to open a crate...), that's pretty legitimately boring. My advice to sim owners: Let people play what they want, and let them slug it out in roleplay as equals.
  6. it wasn't a selfie - blame Holbein for knowing how to keep his head
  7. Not that I've found. The meter system was unique to SGS sims and they are all gone. There is a replica of the city in the sky of Majilis al Jinn though..
  8. That's just a convention for some kinds of roleplay. I've played multiple characters in the same setting, so using "me" all the time would be confusing. I've also played as non-human things, even non-animal things like a cloud of mist or a mysterious orb, and using "me" for that would sound kinda strange. Some people do rp in first person though, and nothing wrong with that. It just gets awkward then there is a mix of perspective.
  9. Oh Tudor would be such fun. Really nowhere else I could wear my Anne of Cleves gown without looking like a weirdo πŸ˜…
  10. I roleplayed in various genres and though I don't remember the overall storylines that well (if I even had one), I do remember the other players I met along the way and the fantastic characters they created. I learned a lot from them and had a blast. That's what keeps me returning from time to time.
  11. nah, poseball on one screen, youtube on the other 😁
  12. true dat. I sometimes have to do a relog to clear confused autohides from several costume changes.
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