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  1. None anymore. I had some years ago (mainly for names before we could change display name), but I deleted the last one about 3 years ago. Too tempting to shop for them if I keep them!
  2. Sounds fun - I'd be interested - but I must add my online hours/days are very erratic. Usually after 12am SLT when I do get on.
  3. In the real world, consultants call these kinds of people "clients" 😉
  4. In a sentence: It is unremarkable to eat the Antepenultimate cookie, still acceptable to eat the Penultimate cookie, but rather greedy to eat the Ultimate cookie.
  5. I thought of a peeve! When I buy a hairdo at full price and it turns up in 50L Fridays the next week. 😭
  6. That's a tough one. Some women have a real difficulty with saying no, and are easily intimidated not only by men but by other women, who have no intent to intimidate at all. I'm thinking of workplace scenarios here, and how I handled it was to encourage my staff to communicate with me openly and be assured I won't judge them if they ask for help. Still didn't work all the time, but I was a supervisor, not a counsellor, and didn't have the time or skills to address individual problems. Generally it boiled down to individual issues - their own temperaments, family relationships, various traumas they hadn't worked through. It's hard for a colleague or friend to understand all the issues that might be affecting someone's behaviour, let alone a random stranger. The only advice I can give is: if the inability to say no is adversely affecting your life, work through this with a counsellor. There are techniques that can help unpack what's causing it. now back to our regularly scheduled pet peeves programme .... (I haven't thought of a peeve yet)
  7. Yea, it's part of cognitive behavioural therapy (dealing with negative automatic thoughts). A fun way to respond to someone's "you should" is "why should I?" Drives people nuts but, hey, they started it 😀
  8. One single tiny box to store all my stuff in. Preferably copy-no transfer.
  9. grass is always greener I guess... If you want to look at this from a slightly different angle, look up "power" as defined in William Glasser's choice theory. It's nothing to do with dominance - it's about competence and self-esteem. This is a very personal thing, and I've known both men and women who have satisfied this definition of power via creative endeavors in SL.
  10. I was the noobiest of noobs (as in, I hadn't even used a chatroom) when I joined SL. I remember reading somewhere not to accept any item or teleport from someone I didn't know, and I followed that advice. I investigated where these came from and what they were, so I never got "kidnapped" into anything I didn't agree to. I also had a (unfortunate sometimes) knack for breaking any scripted thing that was given to me by unpacking it in a sandbox, deleting anything that didn't make sense and end up playing with the container.. I don't know if there is any way to curate the experience of a new player any more effectively than is already done, given people learn in all sorts of ways (and some just like to be surprised). I'm not great at reading long instructions, personally. However, we still need to behave like we're on the internet with random strangers and look before we leap (or TP or sit or wear).
  11. Planned events never seem to work for me either. "When I'm in the mood" o'clock is hard to nail down. The only things i can successfully attend are like SL16B - 24/7 exhibits and activities. Just have year long events like that and I'm good!
  12. It's up to the sim owner. They mostly do so because of griefers and disgruntled banned people creating account after account to get in. Some people can be very determined nuisances. A couple weeks would probably deter most of them but you'd have to see what the patterns are on your sim.
  13. hm.. most mmos I've played toss us a beta-as-live with each new mod and lets us cry for bug fixes as we limp through the content. SL by comparison is not too bad.
  14. SL Flickr groups are certainly active.. landscapes, interiors, fashion of all varieties, roleplay, you name it there's interest for it.
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