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  1. Jomo shop has been redesigned.. time to climb on things and take pics 😁
  2. It definitely makes a difference in whether I want to initiate a chat with them. I make it a point to compliment people who have obviously put in effort and thought into their avatar, or even if it's just something that takes my fancy. They may or may not want to engage with me beyond that, but so far everyone has been happy to get a compliment. As others have mentioned, how we present ourselves in SL also communicates our interests and, to some degree, our personality. We can't force people to be our friends.. if some wants to set specific parameters on who they will socialise with, that's their call. They'll naturally have a smaller pool to interact with, but if they are happy, good for them.
  3. Anime & cosplay has been a thing in SL since I joined in 2008 at least, probably well before. It was just dressup fun. I named my avie after Akane Tendo, and my friend made me the whole schoolgirl set costume - no nastiness involved. Maybe it's morphed into something else in some circles but people still enjoy some innocent cosplay too 😁
  4. Deep thinking takes a lot of effort, while shopping is rather more relaxing if you come to SL to unwind. One thing about SL museums.. a lot of them are built just like a real world museum, with little or no exploration or interactivity. If there was a sim where I could walk amongst billions and billions of stars, surf nebulae, and find Carl Sagan quotes along the way, I'd go there a lot.
  5. hi, my name's Akane and I'm a photo addict... 😁 joined! my timezone's a bit awkward, but if you have insomnia, feel free to give me a shout
  6. If they are interested in virtual worlds, gaming or the like, sure I'll talk about it. It's easier to explain to people who are into similar things.
  7. More than once I just wanted a Common and I got a darn Rare 😭
  8. visiting New Toulouse by moonlight. This place is turning 11 soon. 😃
  9. oh yes, that's quite understandable. As some others in this thread have said, romantic roleplay is tricky, as you can never be quite sure what the other person thinks it's all about - even when you are crystal clear from your side of things. I wouldn't say avoid it altogether (because it is fun) but my "been there done that" advice is do the romantic RP with an OOC platonic friend that you've known for a while. That's great fun, and no pressure, with the added benefit of keeping the stalker types at bay (if you roleplay in a community). Otherwise... you kinda take your chances.
  10. rebels without a cause.. well, apart from loitering
  11. Yep. Seems a pretty simple concept to me. And could salvage friendships if/when we decide to come back.
  12. So, if I am understanding correctly, a possible reason for a person to vanish and not inform anyone is to avoid someone judging them negatively for doing so. Fair enough. I can't say I find that forgives all as people who genuinely do care still are hurt, but that is only my opinion. Also, I was referring to a rather specific situation - RP sim owners who vanish leaving their community in the lurch. I still think that is discourteous. Hope that clarifies.
  13. I used to hang around in the Japanese SL community (when Combat Samurai Island was popular). Very fun bunch and also very welcoming. I kinda lost touch recently so I don't know what activities they do together now. There are still art and music events, and of course shopping. There used to be Korean and Chinese communities (roleplay of a sort) but that was years ago. Kowloon is still around. Where the young folk now hang out I do not know. I bump into Southeast Asians (Indo, Sing and Malaysian) now and then but haven't found any place in particular they congregate. (Sorry for the off topic - I think there was another thread on Asian communities but it was a while back)
  14. some nice opening lines: "Good day, milady" "Excuse me, may I take your picture?" "If you hear some strange singing, it's just me..."
  15. I said it would be courteous for someone who made plans to engage with people online on an ongoing basis (ie opening an RP sim and inviting them to come play) to let said people know if they won't be able to be around (the reason they can keep private if they want to, far as I'm concerned). There is of course no obligation, but I'd tend to avoid such people once I know that's how they behave (ie vanish without a word). We all have tragedy hit us, and do strange things to us. I'm private about it too. However, it's also hurtful to be left in silence and worry by someone you trusted, even just an "online friend". That's the other side of the coin. I bet we've all felt it at some point.
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