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  1. Akane Nacht

    Picture Group?

    hi, my name's Akane and I'm a photo addict... 😁 joined! my timezone's a bit awkward, but if you have insomnia, feel free to give me a shout
  2. Akane Nacht

    Do you talk about SL to your RL family/friends?

    If they are interested in virtual worlds, gaming or the like, sure I'll talk about it. It's easier to explain to people who are into similar things.
  3. Akane Nacht

    Loot Boxes Revisited

    More than once I just wanted a Common and I got a darn Rare 😭
  4. Akane Nacht

    How does your avatar look today ?

    visiting New Toulouse by moonlight. This place is turning 11 soon. 😃
  5. Akane Nacht

    RP.... I don't get it

    oh yes, that's quite understandable. As some others in this thread have said, romantic roleplay is tricky, as you can never be quite sure what the other person thinks it's all about - even when you are crystal clear from your side of things. I wouldn't say avoid it altogether (because it is fun) but my "been there done that" advice is do the romantic RP with an OOC platonic friend that you've known for a while. That's great fun, and no pressure, with the added benefit of keeping the stalker types at bay (if you roleplay in a community). Otherwise... you kinda take your chances.
  6. Akane Nacht

    How does your avatar look today ?

    rebels without a cause.. well, apart from loitering
  7. Akane Nacht

    RP.... I don't get it

    Yep. Seems a pretty simple concept to me. And could salvage friendships if/when we decide to come back.
  8. Akane Nacht

    RP.... I don't get it

    So, if I am understanding correctly, a possible reason for a person to vanish and not inform anyone is to avoid someone judging them negatively for doing so. Fair enough. I can't say I find that forgives all as people who genuinely do care still are hurt, but that is only my opinion. Also, I was referring to a rather specific situation - RP sim owners who vanish leaving their community in the lurch. I still think that is discourteous. Hope that clarifies.
  9. Akane Nacht

    Where are all the black people...

    I used to hang around in the Japanese SL community (when Combat Samurai Island was popular). Very fun bunch and also very welcoming. I kinda lost touch recently so I don't know what activities they do together now. There are still art and music events, and of course shopping. There used to be Korean and Chinese communities (roleplay of a sort) but that was years ago. Kowloon is still around. Where the young folk now hang out I do not know. I bump into Southeast Asians (Indo, Sing and Malaysian) now and then but haven't found any place in particular they congregate. (Sorry for the off topic - I think there was another thread on Asian communities but it was a while back)
  10. Akane Nacht

    Conversion starters

    some nice opening lines: "Good day, milady" "Excuse me, may I take your picture?" "If you hear some strange singing, it's just me..."
  11. Akane Nacht

    RP.... I don't get it

    I said it would be courteous for someone who made plans to engage with people online on an ongoing basis (ie opening an RP sim and inviting them to come play) to let said people know if they won't be able to be around (the reason they can keep private if they want to, far as I'm concerned). There is of course no obligation, but I'd tend to avoid such people once I know that's how they behave (ie vanish without a word). We all have tragedy hit us, and do strange things to us. I'm private about it too. However, it's also hurtful to be left in silence and worry by someone you trusted, even just an "online friend". That's the other side of the coin. I bet we've all felt it at some point.
  12. Akane Nacht

    RP.... I don't get it

    Especially when they are also the sim owners. I've seen this happen on several RP sims that I played on. First comes the worry - is this person alright? then frustration - we can't reach them, now what do we do about tier? then disappointment - guess we let it lapse, nothing we can do. In none of these cases was the missing person mortally ill or anything like that. They just were 'busy with RL'. Apparently too busy to send a quick message to anyone. Sure, they owe us nothing, but it's like inviting people to your house for dinner then when they arrive, you lock the door and don't answer. Lack of common courtesy 😛
  13. Akane Nacht

    Voice or Text?

    Text only. I think of my avatar as a character with her own story, and a much sexier voice than mine 😎
  14. Akane Nacht

    Long term story role players?

    I do this 😀 usually via passing notecards back and forth and, when stars and timezones align, doing a scene in costume in a conducive sim in SL. Sometimes these notecards were in the form of letters written from one character to the other, or just taking turns in the narration of a scene. If I am not able to be online for a while, I can go back and read and pick up where we left off easily. I've not come across any communities that do this regularly, so I'd say just find some individuals who like to rp this way and set up your own group.
  15. My non-coder layman's guess is because it's full of user-created content from 15 years back. Some of it's mine. 😈