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  1. the only person on my ignore list wouldn't stop doing that 😬
  2. not celebrated in the trick or treating or decorating your house sort of way (outside expat communities) but more an excuse to party. A lot take no notice of it at all. we do love the paranormal though .. but that's every night of the year πŸ‘» In SL I set out jack o lanterns in my shop and that's about it
  3. I've been seeing people wearing flexi skirts again, especially roleplay and period costumes, and they're still quite pretty. I occasionally buy old hats and veils and such, made long before mesh. One of my favourite shops for Victorian/ Edwardian accessories was owned by someone who unfortunately passed away years ago, but I'm glad the shop is still up.
  4. I don't mind it.. we all like to busybody in US elections anyway 😁
  5. some of my favourites.. https://spectacledchic.wixsite.com/spectacledchic-sl/dress https://www.flickr.com/photos/gocha-merlin/
  6. This kind of thing you describe already exists in open world games. For non builders like me, we can find rolling hills and grand forests to gallop across seamlessly already, at a tiny cost. I think, visually, SL's strengths are in the details of small spaces, and avatar customisation of course. Large sweeping landscapes.. maybe not so much. I definitely see more people shopping or holed up in private homes than hanging around in big parks. I don't know of any other game where you can find the perfect sprig of orchids for your sideboard or the exact shade of butterfly to hover over your l
  7. I've used OS a couple times out of curiosity, just to see how to set up my own server. It's kind of interesting to fiddle with but got boring fast as I am not a very patient or skilled builder. These days I prefer to be a tourist and SL has way more to see and do.
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