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  1. Much worse,when people like that just send you LM's of mesh parts stores while you never asked for that:)
  2. I had a friend named Mistress Nippietittie. 😂😂😂😂 Master Bob for the win!😂
  3. 2018 was a fantastic time for me.Maybe because i found nice hobby,later started to go downhill.
  4. I had a cases like yours and there was: 1)Guy just lost password on his avi,because it was an alt and he just forgot about me 2)Guy left SL due health problems, now he is doing good. But will not back to SL.So i hope in your case guy just forgot password and doing good :)Also you can see in any group you are both in when he was online last time.
  5. exploring places from my old landmarks
  6. i were extremely rude a couple of days ago in a thread , was taken down.I Apologize to @Skell Dagger for hurt and all my rude words from Genus thread.
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