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How does your avatar look today ?


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Went back to using the KURURU Irisviel Skin, which I've tinted using the Genus Universal Settings HUD

Using the lighter version of Izzie's Genus Blemish.

The Izzie's - BakesOnMesh Layers Baby Hairs V2 Hairbase, was causing weird dark marks to appear just under my chin. So I'm using the Omega applier version that came with the Argrace Kitsuno hair.

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Since you are all photographers here, I'll post something that I think you will understand... when I updated my viewer I stupidly didn't backup my settings. No worries, right? I had a backup folder from another time, not too long ago. Um, it was empty. Whaaat? And so, it appears I have lost years worth of custom WLs. Worse, I had some custom filters that I scripted and... for the love of gawd... cannot find a backup for those either. They took me forever to create and a couple were happy accidents that I couldn't replicate if I tried. My normal photography is now borked. :::stops for a moment of silence for sorrow:::

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