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How does your avatar look today ?


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for all my 7 years in SL i don t had Christmas tree(because most part of my sl i don t had home,and now, some hours before flight i logged on a couple of times for doing nothing,and try to set chrostmas home,maybe not in this day,but i wanna start soo much.And then i log on again and see how  supportive message pops up and grabs me from my deep sadness.Big 

heartfelt thanks  to lovely @momomoonusagi  for her support and love she showed with that Christmas tree gift❤️


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7 minutes ago, Conall DeCuir said:

That is Mother Road, a stunning sim i didn't knew before. I am really thinking to rent here


 I remember the "original" Mother Road. Similar and one of my favorite sims for many years. Took a lot of photos there. Have taken some at this newer one also.     Good memories.


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