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  1. Just taking a break to watch all the beautiful people. Not being disingenuous, in awe at what many of you do. Just need a break on a bike at times.
  2. Hmm. That it can actually can be sort of disussed now, without calling folks nuts for simply entertaining whatever notion. Doesn't make you a UFO nut to have a semi-open mind. I'm extremely sceptical, but I like the phrase "don't be a debunker just to be a debunker". Honest discussion etc. Seems to be going that way in a sense.
  3. Wow, it's so much easier to be a cisgender guy in SL (well, we meet a-holes too, of course...). But overall, we don't even know how easy we got it. I take folks as they present themselves. I chat with a zebra at times... No impertinent questions asked. I can live just fine with someone having hooves.
  4. I am 195 cm. About 6 feet 4 +. So yes, shower. Bathtubs are usually just too small. Love a jacuzzi, though. Shower afterwards. And possibly a gin and tonic after that
  5. Don't be a jerk and respect others is a good place to begin. Remember that there is a human behind all avis - some jerks, but most are not. Most just want to help. Go to the newbie places as suggested. Ask around. Don't be intimidated. If asked, respond to folks in those places. Have some conversations and see where it goes. It might lead to a teleport to a nice island or something worse. If you really feel weird, there is always an X somewhere on your screen and you can bug out if really needed. It's not a re-do. But most folks in the newbie sections will just welcome you back if/when you log back in. Many of those places have the option for you to set "Home" there (learn what "Home" is"). Begin by exploring a bit is my advice. When I got a bit braver I got a crappy Firestorm motorcycle and began exploring the mainland. Met a winged angel (a lady from Scotland, it turned out) who took the time to explain the differences between mainland and rentals to me. Long time ago, never seen her since, but still remember that
  6. Assuming it's not 256 MB I'd go with 1, considering the price. Possibly for the 1 TB as well. Storage is storage. The 2 GPU will last you longer in terms of performance over time, but 1 will do you well, IMHO. More room for RAM too (although might be an expensive update, as it's a laptop. Look around. My knowledge might be outdated). GTX 1650 should suffice. For SL, sure. Connection means quite a bit there, as I'm sure you know. And the larger screen will make a difference if you plan to do any serious work. Been there, done that. You WILL notice the difference. You didn't mention ports, cooling/fans, battery (quality and longevity) and stuff. Things to consider too. Also, keyboard quality and size would make a huge difference for me, as I've spent a lot of my life typing for a living. Albeit mostly on an upgradable desktop, on laptops as well Just my 2 cents, take it for that
  7. I tried an alleged (very much alleged) Napoelon Bonaparte quote on my GF once when I was in the Navy: "Don't bathe, I'm coming home." She failed to find it funny for some reason...
  8. 7. 6,4" in RL, so I am used to being the taller guy. Problem is that vehicles in SL are built for large guys, whereas builings are often not
  9. Might be a silly question but... Have you tried taking your AO off? Not just turning it off? Just to narrow it down. I have hundreds of bikes, and have seen this happen with passengers.
  10. I try to go for an aesthetically pleasing male shape. Besides the days I am planning for world domination.
  11. What is more sustainable? Importing less? Perhaps there are cases where the envonmintal costly total is importing is worth more. Eating less meat? Several of us have gone from factory meat to hunting. 100 % for ethical reasons. And we have clean shots. But what if too many of us do that? How to handle that? As a former bodybuilder, I can say that pea proteins have about 80 useful proteins. Not eggs or milk/beef like effect, buth with chococolate it can work I can eat ants for protein, learned it, it was a good thing to learn as kid to learn if I promise. Not nice.:) And not a militia thing. Scandicacian surviaval more kid thing 6-7 yrs old.
  12. Not a techie, but I've had the same issue as you for a while, at least for more than a week, closer to two. Sometimes I was able to log on with FS, but mostly not. Whether to my own home, LL Premium SIMs or a bunch of other places that I frequent often. Secondlife.com was just fine. Somehow I was able to log in yesterday without any issues, and things seem to be going OK for now, even TP. It was never an issue with my account, password or anything. Take this with a grain of salt, but somehow I feel like messing with your account settings won't help, possibly even make things worse.
  13. Buy less bikes. And be faster on the ones I have. And oh: Keep up with friends. Kinda more important
  14. It's the usual advise: Explore, don't be put off. Not by anyone. Soak up the new stuff. Be a newb and just take it in. Find places that interest you. From there it tends to build up IMHO.
  15. Not Jewish but - Happy Hanukkah. I know some in-world. They are here (go to a club or race track, go boating, whatever fits your fancy), but not wearing their heart on their sleeve, as the U.S. saying goes. And why should anyone before you get to know them? Not naming names in a public forum There are nice people here, nevever stop looking for that. I've even met some of them Wish you a nice holiday from Scandinavia.
  16. Thanks for the recommendation. At first glance it might seem weird and off-putting, but once you get past the unicorns and all that there is some really good driving up there. Very friendly welcome too. Will be going back.
  17. Never noticed, up to them. Maybe for tech reasons, maybe they want to make SL more like SL. Never got the point of voice anyway. Done that, and at times had fun (like racing), but afterwards I was always like "OK, going back to SL mode now".
  18. Best avoided, right? Building a 128x128 race track. Very simple but solid track. Just a fun project which I will take my time on. Tested and tested and tested, bikes and cars of all makes. Bought mesh and my own combined. Been asked to put it on the MP at some point or another, as folks seem to like it. All is in the the up-and-up on the bought mesh and textures (some are mine, so...), but all rights and parts are according to TOS compliance. My question is: I saw a bike seller been taken down by none other than Harley Davison. Yes, really. Perhaps deservedly, I am on the fence there, they have always done right by me. Will I be taken down by something like Pirelli or Goodyear for just using their signs? I can do well without. just looks a bit nicer, is all.
  19. This has been asked and answered a 1000 times already, do a search :). My friends are from Canada to Egypt, real people. What you get into in-world can be a bit by chance, for me I got into driving and boating, for example. There are lots of cultures in SL. Too many to mention. Someome will mention theirs, if you are lucky. Some regard it as role play. Some regard it as a game. Some regard it as a dating platform. All those are foreign to me. I regard anyone I meet as RL people. My SL personality is the same as my RL one, basically. But I keep I things in SL. As others have said, look for yourself
  20. Physics, for one? Ever done any driving, flying etc in OpenSim?
  21. The term “cisgender” refers to people whose gender identity and expression matches the biological sex/gender they were assigned when they were born. I think that's an OK definition that many would agree with, and it describes people like me. Non-binary does sound like a computer term, I agree. Outside the gender binary, does that work? Genderfluid? I'm not an expert, just a straight emphatic guy. And "sexual"... well gender-based or something like that is a better word than sexual as I see it, in so many contexts.
  22. Don't really know where to post this, but just wanted to ask you folks. I just uninstalled FS from my HDD (had cache on my SSD) and reinstalled it on my SSD. Seems to make a world of difference. At my home I get the same FPS, but much faster going up after login. One of the most laggy SIMs I know of, Slatanic, is still laggy but now quite surviveable. It was not really before. Is SL just having a good day, or does it make that much of a difference? I dont have a monster machine. Desktop with MSI GeForce GTX970 4GB GDDR5, an i7 and 16 GB RAM. Plugged in at 70 MBPS
  23. Perhaps you need to see more nipples if that's the case But some good points made.
  24. It depends. When I was quite new and renting a place, I had some real griefers drop by all the time who would not leave. The same people all the time. All that noise in local chat is just not something you can simply ignore. I got the landlord to ban them. Second rental, a guy dropped in and just stood there for a long time. I said "can I help you?" His reply: So sorry, I used to rent here and have been out of SL for so long. Mind if I stay until I sort out my LMs? Me: Of course not, stay as long as you need to sort that out. He thanked me and left after a while. In my first Linden home, a girl just dropped in. Quite new and confused. I helped her find her home and get her bearings, and we are still friends. In my current skybox I returned from AFK only to find some demon avi trying to push me out of my own window. That annoyed me, so I changed the orb which was only used to keep track of visitors to eject after 30 secs, and banned the person. I usually have an open house at ground level on my Mainland plot (not currently, setting up something new. But open access/no rezzing). My skybox way above has several floors, and orbs with different levels and reach. I don't mind anyone using my stuff when I'm not around. But enter certain floors, and you'll get a warning and be ejected if you don't turn around or leave. That's the way I do it, but I have full respect for those who just want to have full security. Just try to use orbs rather than banlines if you can.
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