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  1. Will this computer run Second Life?

    Not on its own, no. In other words: please list the whole hardware.
  2. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Only upon request
  3. Starting new Rp Sims

    Apparently, he's more interested in shopping now...
  4. Portable SL Viewer? One that installs to and runs from a USB flash drive

    ... and knifes are a common tool usually found in the hands of murderers. By the way, .avi and .mpeg files are common movie formats used by rippers. Don't get started on .jpg to share screenshots of serial keys, it's the uberevil. ... It's just another file extension like .zip or the mightier .7zip. Why do you feel the need to make up such an overdramatic description?
  5. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    I'd leave immediately on my behalf, if I had received a greeting of such kind...
  6. Your dream house

    So in short... are you planning to build a themed community with residential options?
  7. Well, the execution part could be fun ... what, no executions? Meh.
  8. Thanks UK!

    Why, because the lamers sucked in today's soccer match?
  9. Kiosk spam - is this something that can be abuse reported?

    Is it known who codes and sells such a circumventing system in the first place? Perhaps it might be an idea to report that person / their product as well, for violating the TOS.
  10. Asked to buy a gift card in exchange for lindens

    Generous != careless, ignorant, foolish, lightheaded, gullible, overcredulous ... and so on. If you only wanted applause on how altruistic and open hearted you acted, you should have thought twice - unless you're really being so generous that the chance of supporting scams, thefts and cheating is totally fine with you, just because of that fuzzy "I helped someone, I feel good" feeling. If you really want to help inworld, go join the staff of newbie help centers or such a thing, spreading knowledge instead of real money.
  11. Even if it did not qualify as a necro thread, would it ever stand a chance to die?
  12. What's with L$ Transaction fees?

    If your spending is somewhat on the same level each week, I'd go as far as purchasing L$ currency every second or even every fourth week. But at also depends on your need for impulse shopping ... or whatever you're spending it on.
  13. Types of people on the forum

    Quite a grain of salt to get such thorough research from someone with a single post...
  14. Stalking & Harassing

    I'm not a fan of the "pay for roleplay interaction" plan, but whatever ... why do you consider to grant such a troublemaker free publicity instead of giving her what she really earns? Which is nothing, especially no extra attention. Mute, freeze, eject, ban ... rinse and repeat. That's your cure.

    It's quite a curious thing. Why do some folks not grasp the pretty obvious idea that their criticism will stand a much higher chance of being taken seriously IF it is actually presented in a serious, non-"I don't like it, so it's not fair!"-reasoned manner?