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  1. Looking for people looking to own land in north western Jeogeot

    Greetings from the Eastern coast, fellow almost-neighbours! That's it, actually. Just wanted to send greetings.
  2. yabinati

    Can you check the texture control panel near the main entrance and see if that stone texture can be changed to anything else? So you'd have some sort of elevated platform in your house instead of the stone pit. If there isn't such an option, you can easily change to a different house by abandoning your current one and picking a new one.
  3. Dead computer, Sata drive, login lnfo?

    With "computer", do you mean an actual desktop case or another laptop? Several types of consumer ware laptops are not really meant to be opened and their cases might break in the process. For other laptops, you can get lucky and have a service hatch which will allow access to the hard drive or other components. Or you have to unfasten a ton of screws to remove the whole lower side of the machine. Laptop drives will most likely be of the 2.5 inch kind. making them very flat and thin compared to the bulkier 3.5 ones which are more likely to be found in a desktop. In a desktop, it's usually just opening a sidepanel, removing the two cables and take out the drive. To connect the drive to your new machine, you are probably best off if you get an adapter or a docking station. The linked ones are just random examples picked at first glance, no idea if there are better and/or cheaper ones. But just for the general idea... Whether the login credentials can be extracted from another install folder ... I'm actually not sure. Perhaps it would be wise to get in touch with the support staff and describe your situation. And let's hope that it wasn't the hard drive which died.
  4. Kleidung machen

    Die Suche nach passenden Tutorials wird auch einfacher, wenn Du Deine Vorstellungen präzisierst. Möchtest Du "einfach nur" Texturen erstellen, entweder für den alten System-Körper oder für Mesh-Kleidungsstücke, die man als Vorlagen z.B. auf dem Marktplatz kaufen kann, dann helfen Dir im Prinzip auch die uralten Klamottentutorials von anno dazumal, plus Anleitungen für Dein genutztes Grafikprogramm. Das Grundprinzip ist hier gleich: man pinselt seinen Entwurf auf die passende UV Map und macht so lange weiter, bis es gut aussieht, salopp gesagt. Wenn Du aber lernen möchtest, wie man komplette Meshes selbst erstellt mit allem Pipapo, dann findest Du Dich in der weiten Welt der 3D Programme und deren Tutorials.
  5. can breedables be rezed in a Premium/free house?

    ... except for the initial purchase price for that 512sqm lot, which doesn't come for free.
  6. Not Joking, Forums Helpful, Single or Not

    Bash me, if you like, but the first part of the original post strongly reminded me of a certain spam bot spamming a ton of "adult" groups every other day. Their message is like, "I know you will insult me, but I'm a single mother in RL, live in my parents house, can not has internet on my own, can not has a real job. So give me 100 to 200L and I'll be happy and because I'm so happy, I'll send you some nude pics I grabbed on the net, pretending they show me" ... recapping the text, not quoting. The impression changes quite a bit when reading on, but the start sounds awfully alike.
  7. An AO HUD

    If you're using the Firestorm viewer instead of the LL one, you'll have a very handy and easy to use built-in AO at your service. Check the wiki page. As an alternative, search the Marketplace for "zhao II hud" and you should come across two results for 0L. Those will come with instructions on how to fill out the config notecards, which is basically a copy and paste job requiring some patience.
  8. Core viewer tech: Multi-core processors and RAM

    True and agreed - just no idea how long the 1200 will remain on sale. Unfortunately, I just bought a full new second system the last month or else I'd be extremely tempted to get such a 2200G plattform and play around with it.
  9. Some basic Mesh Avatar questions

    That's something I'd also love to see confirmed. Either as good or bad news. I would love to bring some system texture clothes back to life, worn under jackets and such.
  10. Some basic Mesh Avatar questions

    Based on your list, it strongly sounds as if a seperate mesh head and mesh body combo might work best for you, starting with a mesh body - though it would already be wise at this point to pay attention that you can get compatible skin texture appliers for both components. I don't know if you are also into making your own skin textures for your custom look, but if you do, you can either get Dev Kits for appliers for the most popular brands or settle for the Omega solution, which works as an "adapter" for compatible meshes. In answer to the specific questions: 1) Honestly, that depends on each individual attachment. You certainly do have enough attachment spots to wear them alongside a head. But especially in the case of the teeth, the ears and the tongue, you should make sure that the head of your choice allows you to hide its original parts, so you can wear yours instead and align them. 2) Quite likely, though some adjustments might be needed to better align with a new forehead line or ear position. 3) I'm not aware of any AO incompabilities except for the issue of non-animated Bento hands which might look "splayed" on someone else's screen. But the system face animations which you mentioned will have no effect on a mesh head. Yet those heads usually come with HUDs and in some cases extra animations to add life to your feature. From my personal point of view: those face animations held me back for the longest time, because I always liked to mix and match the system animations. But actually, after giving it a try, I much prefer the mesh head animations by now. 4) Prim clothes will also quite likely need adjustments to better match your body, where alpha cuts from the body HUD won't help you. Texture layers cannot be reassigned from the system body to a mesh body. "Skintight" texture clothes can be worn via a texture applier from the original merchant. ... mental note to self: beg Darling Monday to consider Omega applier releases of the old Fri.Day texture clothes... 5) Agreed. And you know that popular saying, eh? Demo, demo, demo
  11. Need Better Hands and Feet for Classic Avi

    At this point, I would also suggest to entirely skip the "just hands and feet" part and to go straight for the mesh body with matching hands and feet solution. In the end, it'll quite likely cost less compared to a "double investment" starting with hands and feet before moving on to a full body. Plus... it'll keep you away from such, well, "business in a box" stores. I merely briefly glanced at the other ads of the posted store and immediately felt like playing "Creator Bingo": that skin comes from A, that one from B, hair by C ...
  12. Demos for makeup/tattoos/skins/eyes/other appliers?

    Tattoo demos are rather rare, me thinks ... your best might be grabbing a rather cheap offer or a gift to check the general quality of the brand, like how their seeming lines match up and such. Or check for bloggers or on FlickR for more pics from different angles than the original ad. For make-up, demos are quite common. In general, Omega based applier have the same "base" to start from. But still, the "skeleton" below that texture base might wrap it a little differently, depending on its own unique shape. So in theory, the same applier will fit on each compatible mesh. But a lipstick might not look the same on two different heads.
  13. what kind of computer to buy for SL in 2017?

    Since I owned a HD 7950 for the longest time and assuming that people looking at such basic advice won't be die-hard overclockers: a good quality power supply in the 450 to 500w range will be perfectly fine for those cards. For the R9 290 / 390 cards, something around 500w would be sufficient. Sadly, barely anything concerning graphics is cheap right now. Or available after all.
  14. Core viewer tech: Multi-core processors and RAM

    ... which is replaced by the Ryzen 3 2200G APU that immensely profits from fast paced dual rank RAM - that means a kit of 8GB or more with at least 2933MHz timings. That'll let the integrated graphics shine. It performs on par or better than a GT 1030, so quite worth a thought for casual users.
  15. Help for a friend required

    I'll leave that up for one's own interpretation.