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  1. 8.9 GB SSD... huh? Is that the remaining free space on that drive? At some point, hardware is so ancient, outdated, out of juice and depleted that you could rather burn your money instead of trying to keep that old crap alive.
  2. ... slightly off topic ... hope Riley didn't get scared by the literal double-sided "Two Face" koala in the wildlife hospital box...
  3. 1200 prims for merely 500L ... honestly, no surprise that those rentals went out of business. There is a hard-set base price of each piece of land inworld and that's what the landlord actually pays for it. This price may be cut down to "L$ per prim" or "L$ per sqm", but as long as they rent it out below their own cost, they're at loss. I'd suppose that your best bet would be Mainland rentals, as Mainland is quite the cheapest mass of land to hold, thus rentals are likely to be cheaper. A mature rating should be enough for your needs, especially if you do your modding on a secluded spot in a skybox high up. Happy searching.
  4. I'm mostly online to supplement my main roleplay in ArmA 3 with character and situational photoshots. Pretty much all important main characters to my story lines were recreated as SL avatars. This actually lead to a company of 3 female and 10 male characters, with the gentlemen refusing to look elsewhere inworld ... what a shame. Oh, and a NPC dog.
  5. Maybe have a custom design with a slogan along the lines of, "My ex is a stalker, that's why you're seeing these pics..."
  6. Just rolling a dice if this is a joke or a serious request... ah, ok. So: The ones you didn't try yet, because pretty much any head and long, sleek hairstyle should stand the challenge of looking as ordinary as the portraited look.
  7. IrfanView, for example, should easily open PSD files and save them as a single layer other format, so there's that. As for the rest... UP Map for what exactly? There is no universial one matching all kinds of mesh bodies and heads. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been such delightful dramas of the "OMG, they stole my UV MAP!!!!11111!" kind.
  8. Seriously... drop the ATI crap. It's almost as ancient as SL's engine, including its OpenGL code.
  9. Samurai as in Samurai Skins? Aren't they part of the Birth store these days?
  10. Are you sure you got the most up to date version of Tokyo Girl's? The original release was plain insane in terms of complexity. After an update, it dropped to a really fair value.
  11. Moving to a SSD will make a huge impact for certain, so go for it... look for a Crucial MX500 1TB, for example. In the meantime, you can give the RAMdisk thingy a try. Besides that, that old CPU will bottleneck you. As for graphics... well. You can definitely save those settings as "lowscale" preset ... see the save, load, delete buttons at the bottom part. But actually: give your GPU something to do! You should easily be able to go to high or close to ultra settings. Just manually adjust parts like draw distance, imposters and LOD settings to sensible settings.
  12. Inworld FTW, in this case... join the free group and get a reduced price. Also, the body skins are nicely cheap, around L$ 300, and a growing BOM support. Also a free head applier for a really aged look, on the upper level, left of the stairs, middle of that wall. Aeros ... yes, the genital business... has one of my favorite mature skins: Yum.
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