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  1. Aren't you already filling a niche when creating for an "under-served" body?
  2. ... which doesn't keep them away in the first place...
  3. I'm inclined to say if someone can't keep their character and themselves apart, the best they can do is stay the *ยง)! away from any kind of roleplay and spare others their potential drama.
  4. You know you're talking to other users here? But if you like, I'll take you money... Anyway... if the service does not meet your expectations, drop it. There are enough alternatives to renting directly from LL. And tickets also get answered for non-premium members.
  5. Yeah, stupid me, how could I allow open access to a sim not listed in search and not mentioned anywhere? Now I can add a new plus to the list of not living on maindland: my former plot got the occasional flyby or bypasser, but never was honoured with the horde of bots. It's so much better to have access limited to group and expect all the real folks to have room for an extra group and take the hassle of joining it before they may enter. Sadly, I cannot report how many more potential new friends I missed, though all of them seemed so shy and silent at first. What was I think
  6. LM notecard? Slow-*** teleport HUD, last time I checked, where you can't even select specific stores. ๐Ÿ™„
  7. Bless that certain male weekend shopping event where tons of stores can't even be bothered with some kind of logo. ๐Ÿ˜ถ Some folks don't seem to want advertising.
  8. Didn't get around to limit entry to an access list only, but will do ... all cool, I planned a place with the spirit of a resort, a Mediterranean island, where friends might chill and get away from crap. But ok, I'll hand out "keys". And just had another one appear on one of the terraces today. No info, no reply. No reason to be on my island.
  9. And what grants you the authority to be so much holier and belittle those pesky landowners?
  10. Bot hopping for the sake sim statistics does not justify that my private, non-of-your-business sim gets visited by at least 7 bots within an hour on my Friday night. N00b avatar, the youngest 5 to 7 years old, a blank profile with zip information spawning at random spots on the ground. I'm waiting for one of them to spawn in the firepit, actually, since you can freeze them for a little while. But no problem, I'll just make an allow list, if that's what social Second Life wants me to do. ๐Ÿ™„
  11. Rez the firepit, inspect it, see the creator that is listed, check profile... voila.
  12. Usually on the body HUD. But since it's Legacy, I'm not sure if you need an upgrade as an extra cash cow as... as ... extra.
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