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  1. Looking to purchase new computer

    In the same tone: get off your Intel high horse. I'm reading and watching reviews and benchmarks upon release and continiously keep comparing in order to maintain my recommended system configurations.

    Several potential starting points for troubleshooting... 1) I'm not familiar with the ToddleeDoo. But on a Maitreya body, I'd suggest to switch off the "neck fix" alpha. Do you see that kinda angled texture pointing away from the neck, its texture "bleeding out"? Check your other HUD tabs for such a neck fix switch... 2) Do the body and the head even use the same skintone / same applier? There seems to be at least one shade difference. 3) You seem to run on very low graphic settings. That may also affect your body's appearance...
  3. Changing Maitreya Shape for Pregnancy?

    Got it! Evolution's Eve mesh body.
  4. Looking to purchase new computer

    Ryzen! You aren't seriously endorsing the idea of putting a non-OC i5-8400 on the brand new and shiny ... err ... Z370 only mainboards? That combo is simply a stupid setup choice as of the moment. But anyway... I would also love to see proper reviews of AMD's Raven Ridge APU, Ryzen 5 2500U and 2700U, and the performance in SL. Not having great hope, though.
  5. Changing Maitreya Shape for Pregnancy?

    The Maitreya body only warps well to a certain degree. After that, a rounded belly suddenly looks weird. Have you tried using "add-on" bellies? The pretty common "Baby Bump" by Apple May Design doesn't really work well with mesh bodies, it seems. but it comes with applier support from several skin creators. Have a look at this (yes, specifically the older version, the newer mesh ones look like a train wreck accident) or that one, which appears very modding friendly. The letdown of those ones are the missing appliers, so you are more or less in a "do it yourself" boat and have to come up with a somewhat matching texture. Besides that ... I'm fairly certain that there's one body with an "included" pregnancy version. But which one?
  6. This hair

    A wild theory, but at least a huge part of the lower ends might have been (poorly) photoshopped. Notice that weird blurring effect on the right side...
  7. Looking to purchase new computer

    The good thing: at least you do acknowledge AMD's existence. Althought the "to go" CPUs for an average user are the Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600x, perhaps even the smaller ones for a tight budget. But on the other hand... some statements are flat out wrong or at least questionable. The "Intel is way ahead on overclocking." for example... I don't argue that Intel is mostly ahead in terms of IPC / "single core" performance, even though the gap has significantly decreased. Coffee Lake is certainly better off than Heiz-well, Skylake and Kabylake in terms of temperature during OC. They still rely on grease thermal compound, unlike the Ryzens. An average 1600x clocks to 3.8 to 3.9 GHz with no real hassle and don't melt away at those specs. The main speed advantage these days seems to lay in the realms of fast timed RAM. So the "The max memory speed is spec’d at 2666MHz. Word is that can be pushed faster, a lot. " part .. well, that'll need elaboration. 2666 MHz is the "better be safe" configuration. The real speed boost comes with 3000+ MHz and low latencies. In the case of a Ryzen CPU, it is also important that the RAM uses chips made by Samsung, which are typically featured in G.Skill Flare X and Trident Z 3200 MHz CL 14 kits.
  8. Looking to purchase new computer

    Define "struggle", please ...
  9. Looking to purchase new computer

    This, children, is a perfect example why you should not buy so called "gaming" prebuilt machines filled with OEM-ware. You'll only run into problems with upgrading later on, there are all sorts of nifty stuff blocking your way and you have to bend over backwards to fix stuff the way you want it. Instead, get proper parts straight away and pay your neighbourhood geek to set it up for you or something - a much better investment in the long run. ... In this case, I'm holding back on the advice on simply getting a proper new power supply, simple because I do not know if the mainboard uses some custom power connectors like numerous boards of that kind do. A new PSU would allow you to pick a non-crippled card, one unlike the rip-off GTX 1060 with 3 GB. But not much point in that if the rest of the machine cannot be connected. Still ... a SSD a la Crucial MX300 or a Samsung 850 EVO, 250 GB or more, for a fresh Windows install and the SL cache would be a fine match for more RAM and a new GPU.
  10. Upgrading to a refurbished desktop puter for SL.

    The 270/280s or 370/380 ... I actually didn't even mention the x90s ... are merely a hint what kind of AMD cards would be on par with the Nvidia versions and which seem quite likely to be found in such a used machine. If the cards haven't been sold on their own due to the mining boom, it's quite unlikely that it'll push the price in a full second-hand computer. Limiting yourself to 4 GB RAM? Can be ok for a second-hand purchase. In a new one, I personally find that next to negligent. Buy cheap, buy twice... I don't object to Seasonic in general, I merely stated that more than 500w is quite likely oversized for a midrange system. Neither am I aware of numerous reports of the CX-M series blowing up in numbers, even though it is low end. Yet it offers much fresher technology than your choice from 2008. And you hopefully don't seriously recommend such an old tech power supply like the S12II to be paired with a GPU of the 1080(ti) kind, with no individual power regulation and requiring an adapter to make up for the second 6+2 Pin string. The American power supply market seems to be pretty black and white anyway. Either complete crap on the low end or massively oversized, sometimes also crap, piecies costing a small fortune. Economic middle range? Good luck.
  11. Looking to purchase new computer

    Recommendations ... yes, indeed ... do provide more info. What do you currently have? Max. budget, do you have any equipment you can continue to use (monitor, keyboard, mouse, Windows license...).
  12. Upgrading to a refurbished desktop puter for SL.

    In terms of potential upgrades, you have much more options with the PCPartsPicker list by cyka. My only concern: don't settle for just 4 GB. A single 8 GB stick, later on adding a second one with the same specs for a total of 16GB is a smarter way to go. Well, and the powersupply is quite likely too oversized for such a moderate setup. Also consider this ... if you manage to save roughly $250 to add to your budget, you can get the base components for a fine little Ryzen system for roughly $565, see the attached image. Actually, even the Ryzen 3 1200 would do for $20 less, I simply prefer the 1300x due to its higher clocking. That's a base which can be upgraded with ease, the current AM4 sockets are predicted to run with future refreshes of the Ryzen CPUs. More RAM, a better GPU, a SSD ... unlike those refurbished office machines where you have to carefully check for compatible parts and upgrade possibilities. You simply get more value for your money in the long run. Please disregard any old crap that AMD offered... no FXes, no FMs... they are slow and absolutely not on par with their new technology. Monitor: something like this, , ideally, for roughly $90. Keyboard and mouse from a retail offer or like this, for $16. If you don't plan to continue using your laptop, your Windows license could be connected to a Microsoft account and thus transfered to your new desktop using the same Windows account... at least that works over here, but I hope it's also possible in the States. Would save $100 for a new license. You could also post links to offers you have found on Ebay and such and you'll get a review. If there's something starting with an i5-2400 or 2500(k) and one of the mentioned GPUs like the GTX 750ti or even a GTX 660 / 760 / 770 for Nvidia or R9 270 / 280 / 370 / 380 for AMD, preferably with 2GB VRAM or more, at least 8 GB RAM like you said, and the rest... that should show much improvement.
  13. Upgrading to a refurbished desktop puter for SL.

    $300 to $350 is tight and will probably limit you to very refurbished or privately offered second hand machine. On the upside: even a config in that price range should outperform your current APU laptop, even though it was a good idea that you added more RAM to it as that helps immensely with its performance. I'll browse a bit and see what's on the market... Do you feel comfortable to assemble parts on your own, guided by written and YouTube tutorials on how to setup a computer? That would allow you to handpick parts... though actually, if you managed to add more RAM to a laptop, you probably should be fine with replacing a GPU in a tower case and such stuff.
  14. names above head

    That depends on where exactly you want to display "Marcus' Baby Girl" ... If you want to change your display name, that means the bit that currently says "gemini1968", you can head to and open the "Display Name" category. Probably also possible inworld via editing your profile, not sure, haven't done it in a while. If you want to keep your gemini name and have the other term above that bit, you can either use a group tag from a group where you can edit the group role names... quite likely a group you or your partner created for custom group titles ... or you can use a so-called titler which attaches as an invisible object to you and shows a text above your head. Something like this should do.
  15. SL Viewer Crashes on new gaming laptops?

    Do you monitor your GPU's performance and temperature, Frank? And can you add the full name of your power supply as well?