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  1. Firestorm's back-up utility should be able to handle that, I'd say, even without the passwords. So once you've entered all your regular accounts, it's worth the time to store that login data, so you can happily restore it from your back-up. Despite that message shown in the original post, you can still click the OK button and manually type in your login.
  2. You do know that you can fine-tune the settings...
  3. You could try to monitor the load on your GPU and when exactly the fans start to spin rapidly. There might be a too aggressively set rule set for them by default. Chances are that the fans sit idling for 99% of the time with your card at 60°C, hence why you hear no noise at all, but fully kick in at 61°C. You might be able to fine tune it with a tool like MSI Afterburner to a more moderate speed, while still maintaining a carefree temperature.
  4. Unfortunately, a lot of the "to go" places are also named in the "no mod = no buy" threads around here, because a lot of styles have shifted towards styling and colour HUDs. Truth and Magika are still around.
  5. ... besides the explanation that texture decoding is an intense task for the viewer. But it's only coming from another viewer dev, one with a focus on heavy visual improvements that is, but heyyy... what could they possibly know? 😏
  6. If yours never sees any action, why do you bother with the extra script load? Keeping an extra outfit / folder with links to those private bits works rather well, for example.
  7. L$. Hospital services... various other threads.
  8. As a former loyal customer who bought about half of the entire system skin offers, it was a tad disappointing at one point that all new releases were pretty much Catwa exclusives and the very few releases for other brands felt ... well... as if they were lacking the same kind of detail and care put into them. Apparently, the majority of the strikingly attractive male head appliers have completely vanished as well, which is quite a shame. I don't remember a discount system (which might have changed in the meantime, though), but a couple of gifts for group members. My personal favourites were already named... so tossing in a few more options: Session. Clef de Peau. Essences. Pumec. Murray. Kooqla. Lara Hurley. Not.Found. And new to me: enfer sombre and Go&See. Also look at FlickR for skin groups and browse the photo pools. If you wear a specific mesh head, find groups dedicated to share new releases. For LeLutka heads, that'll be https://www.flickr.com/groups/lelutkadevelopers/pool/ . The brand creators will usually also have a list of skin designers on their websites. Happy demoing
  9. Looking at the temperatures in that thing called real world, I'm tempted to throw in "overheating" as a potential reason for the crashes.
  10. Jay, on the right, not even attempting to act any kind of cool. Dan, on the left, at least making an effort. Scotty, in the middle, "Guys. Step back..."
  11. Have you tried lowering your bandwidth? Like, significantly? Also, are you using any kind of flying helpers?
  12. How about lowering your draw distance in general and consulting a good doctor?
  13. Whenever you feel like it? I mean... why ... not?
  14. Bestandteile wie die Körperform (Shape), Systemhaare, Systemaugen und Systemskin lassen sich nicht einfach ausziehen, sondern nur durch andere derselben Art auswechseln. Daher am besten nochmal in Lumiya versuchen, diese vier Komponenten per Hand im Inventar zu ersetzen oder einen der Standardavatare auswählen. Holzhammer-Methode: Developer Menü > Avatar > Test Female und laden lassen.
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