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  1. Well, other bodies in that league don't have such an error - or would have fixed it by now. I'd even guess that none of the free or cheap bodies would leave this unattended. But well, it's Belleza, so... 😶
  2. I find that Manly Weekend extremely annoying in that regard... the webpage gallery lists no store names, no SLURLs, you're lucky if the preview shows a name.
  3. Where exactly is the difference between the hairstyle in the original pic and in the Monso pic?
  4. If you get anything worth that gift card's value is a totally different question...
  5. Did you try the Animation tab on the control HUD? That's the arrow on the left side of the panel, then hit that tiny dot on the right side, next to "Eye Control (Prio 5 - Static stills photo assist)"...
  6. I'd put Enfer Sombre to look much like Heaux, for example: Realistic looking skins in general... Not.Found. Amara Beauty. Lara Hurley. Perhaps also The Skinnery, but pay attention to the neckline - and it looks as if body demos have been withdrawn and are only available on request?
  7. So, in other words, advertising. Not roleplay.
  8. So besides posting multiple threads to confuse everyone and giving only parts of information... did you successfully change your main account's password, but you still couldn't login? Or did you try to change it and it failed? Details matter.
  9. Dead Wool still has their system body suits out.
  10. And even more deserve to be slapped around the block. Repeatedly. Dipped in honey and chased by bees and bears. Anyway, the reaction proves the point: franatically applauding the only post saying "go for your beloved body" and trying to mock others saying otherwise.
  11. Because a general General Discussions and a SL General Discussions boards would be impossible to maintain, yeah... bloody Politics bashing and slicing each others' throats would probably wash over, anyway.
  12. Why is the headline focused on the home location itself, but the rest is about walking around in public and drawing attention at events and other publci gatherings?
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