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  1. This is like, what, your 20th post claiming that you are a full time, professional mesh artist. Has it ever occured to you that screenshots of your work or a link to a portfolio might immensely increase the interest in your work, instead of repeating the same old text over and over again? Besides, just from a consumer's point of view: "high quality" and "I don't make rig" sounds quite contradictory, but just my two cents.
  2. Elsewhere and in a different context, a comment reminded me of another potential culprit: since one of the earliest Crimson driver versions, AMD has a so-called power efficiency setting, found in the Games > Global Settings category. A single line with an on/off switch, just above the Frame Rate Target Control option at the bottom of that tab (which should be off as well). Apparently, that option is switched ON by default and in that mode, the card will remain in an almost idle state and thus will perform horribly.
  3. Ah, ok ... "current computer" was pretty neutral and I thought the laptop would be the first one. Well, if the Asus one runs fair, the price sounds quite alright.
  4. It's about 7 years old, but at the time of its release, it seemed to have scored quite well for a portable gaming machine. The downsides seem to be a wonky keyboard, th low contrast screen and its glossyness. In general, it might be an idea to ask if the cooling is still doing fine or whether it needs a thorough cleaning. Anyway, I've certainly seen much worse ... much, much, much much ... for running SL. What's the asking price? PS: What's the problem with your desktop? Perhaps fixing it might be less pricy...
  5. Just saying: your website link is broken ... an extra space at the beginning and missing the : after https.
  6. I have no idea what kind of avatar that is, if it's merely named something with "Baby" or f it iis actually meant as and used as a child(-like being). If it's the latter, some scripted tool's rules would be the least of the problem here and the ***** banhammer should start hammering... The tool's settings allow for a wide variety of species and you should be able to tweak your settings as well, if I remember correctly.
  7. Errmm... who actually do you think should control which kind of avatar look you are currently wearing, when you're attaching that HUD?
  8. Well, happy waiting ... this is a user helping user resource, not a plattform monitored by LL's staff. No-one knows what you ordered, perhaps a Limit Buy which might take several days to complete, depending on the exchange rate you picked. You can check the status of your order on your LindeX Order History on your user dashboard. From there, you should also be able to cancel any pending order and get the paid amount of money credited as US$ balance. That balance can be used for a new limit buy with a lower rate or an instant market buy order.
  9. Did you check out Adoness yet? I usually know them for longer styles with lots of sidecut options, but that might work...
  10. OK, since you're so kind to focus on selective reading, I happily went and edited my original post, which did name the option in the last paragraph. I guess you can happily google it on your own then.
  11. 400?! Congrats, you made someone very lucky. Unfortunately, it wasn't you and your needs... Figuratively speaking, you bought a tank, when you needed a nice little city car to go shopping. Even if you wanted to avoid Win10, there was absolutely no need to buy 10 years old hardware.
  12. Short answer: yes, sure. Longer answer: What's your plan? Do you want to claim a Linden home? Or do you wish to purchase a plot of land somewhere on the mainland continents? You could also rent land from other persons, without becoming a premium member. In either way, I'd strongly suggest to spent a day or two reading about land "ownership" in Second Life, finding out the differences about mainland and private estates and eventually group benefits in terms of land holding. It's a topic that can easily get complicated and costy if you don't know what you're doing, so take your time.
  13. The irritaing bit is that the card performs well in Space Engineers and Skyrim, which I assume is still the case on your fresh Win7 install. Otherwise, I might have guessed that the card itself might be broken in some regard. The fresh OS install also rules out my other guess towards corrupted preference settings of your viewer. But well... at least you should get a nice little win if you sell your card on the second hand market, thanks to the Bitcoin Mining boom. I can't complain at all about my RX 480 and SL after all.
  14. Never ever share any info of your hardware if you wish to receive support for it. Much more funny if the helpers have to do the guesswork What's the matter now, since you didn't include any error message quote? You cannot download a file? >>> Network, harddrive, firewall issues. You're missing the graphics driver? >>> download the proper driver from the manufactor's website and follow their guides, both for setup as well as for removing any old drivers.