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  1. ExMachina and some Altamura products come with head and body. The rest are separate purchases.
  2. If that's your firm conviction, I might as well utter my observation: the majority of previously bought 1L demos showed quite unpretty flaws in the product. Bad rigging, too much clipping, ugly texture seams or being time limited on top of being plastered with demo signs. Such products led to a plain "trash the whole junk and never return to that store" decision and to the mental association that some "creators" really depend on the 1L income, because their faulty end product will not sell. Whose hypothesis is right or wrong now? ... not counting the 1L lipstick example. That's a cute dollarbie.
  3. The two most common excuses I've heard are a) so you can send them to others (mostly Marketplace) b) the vendor system is preconfigured to charge at least 1L. If you're lucky, you'll get a refund. If it doesn't do the latter, it's a good motivation for me to completely avoid that store. I usually don't just grab a single demo, but multiple ones and that lost money would pile up quickly. Pretty pointless for me, as the demo will get trashed anyway in the end.
  4. For deco purposes, Black Bantam's creations look far more appealing. They are usually released as gachas, but with a little search on the Marketplace, you should come across the right version that you want. Paying a "small fortune" for one of Zooby's interactive toys might have a bit of bad timing, seeing that they are setting up a new store with Animesh versions. Perhaps those will turn out less prim- and script-heavy. Plus that other creator, whose creations strongly remind of the Sims 3 pudding faces.
  5. What does "that didn't work either" specifically mean? Could you login at all? If you couldn't, then the mentioned Intel bug might be the cause.... Or could you login, but you crashed again after a while inworld? In the latter case: Quite likely that you're overstressing that laptop with your settings. Try lowering your draw distance from those 128m to 64 or so and turn off the Advanced Lighting Model for your average usage needs. The CPU is pretty lame, you only got 4GB of RAM and the integrated graphics chip is very low end as well ... and it's a laptop, which is quite likely to overheat under too much load.
  6. You will definitely want Omega for LeLutka, at the very least for the female heads. The two male heads, Guy and Andrea, seem popular enough to get dedicated applier support. But make-up and lashes, hairbases and such ... there are fewer and fewer dedicated LeLutka appliers, so you literally have to keep your fingers crossed that the creator at least considered an Omega option. Like Nextio said, Omega for LeLutka is a "one time installation". After buying a head or receiving an update, I usually run activation once on the freshly unpacked main copy. Then I set up subfolders with copies of those activated files - a "TEST" subfolder for trying new appliers and several ones for each character that I'm playing.
  7. So what changed since yesterday? New drivers, a different power cord, anything?
  8. Luckily, you can restrict both voice and object sounds ... if only all land owners would think of that.
  9. https://status.secondlifegrid.net
  10. Mildly related: I always find it intriguing how few people actually seem to save chatlogs or keep some sort of mental list of whom they have previously written to. "Hi, how are you? (pause) I see we are in the same group (pro tip: do not mention which one, there can't possibly be more than one interest). Are you up for (this and that)?" "Well hi... you do know that you asked the exact same thing in the very same wording 3 weeks ago and I already wasn't interested at that point?" "Oh, we have talked before?" "*dialogue closed*" Granted, I turned on auto-reply anyway, telling folks I'm busy or idling, and only reply to certain folks I know... but well.
  11. Could you be a little less precise in what you're trying to do and what exactly is stopping you, please?
  12. "Milan" was a skin store, mostly for ethnic skins. Apparently, it rebranded as "Bohemian". Facelights are baaaad, mmmkay? And why do you need those specific items? A dance tool (?), a facelight and a brow base all seem pretty generic.
  13. Quite likely painted on. There are hairbases with such fine "baby hair" effect as seen on the forehead ... but a matching hairstyle blending in so well with its parting? Nah.
  14. Not with her mainboard. But adding another 8 GB RAM for 30€ certainly did show improvement, not just for SL.
  15. There is a store on the Marketplace where you can get numerous "deformers" for certain effects. I find that stuff actually intriguing, as it definitely addresses some of my major annoyances with mesh bodies. No perfect solution, though. Telling by those deformers, my bet is that the 5k uber snakeoil body glory of all trades thing will quite likely run into weird animation mismatches, shoulders not in line and such... but hey, why complain after forking out that money, right?
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