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  1. All of GA.EG's heads are BOM - actually, the brand was among the first to switch.
  2. "Why are you so angry" (Lucio, Overwatch) Yeah, it's totally dumb and BS that previously used names get blocked forever. Give imposers and fake accounts a chance!
  3. Impulse buying isn't the best strategy in SL...
  4. Plot twist: it's just poor JPEG compression artifacts from ripped textures Nah, kidding... partly. But yeah, extra layers or the head's material effects probably come into play here. Or did you try plain, old sharpening tools? In other words: for my liking, the reference pic doesn't look good at all.
  5. It would be a weird coincidence if nothing was wrong with the skeleton or the shape, but actually just your camera zoom level distorting the sight. If it happens again, try to reset your cam ... ctrl+9 on the numpad should do... and see if that fixes things.
  6. A fine case where less is more: how about no walls at all?
  7. Just curious: what part of the description gave you the idea that the applier might work with anything beyond the repeatedly mentioned mesh part?
  8. ... and always save your shape edits under a new name. So if you mess anything up, you can happily return to your former shape.
  9. What you describe isn't a "Bakes on Mesh" problem. Try to use the "add" option instead of "wear". Simply wearing objects will replace the one already attached to a spot. Adding does just that... add it to the spot. Depending on your viewer of choice, you can change the default behaviour.
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