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  1. Catwa vs. Lelutka?

    In general, even though some skins are labelled for specific LeLutka heads, I found most skins quite compatible, owning Chloe and Spencer myself. Simone has simply been around for much longer, compared to the other heads, so you might consider that one the base. I found the most differences among piercings, rigged for specific heads. If that is a criteria of yours, make sure to try on demos of your preferred set. The general applier support isn't very large, sadly, compared to Catwa. Be prepared to settle for Omega appliers at times. Strangely enough, whenever I thank a creator for keeping up applier support for LeLutka, they are highly likely to drop their support with their next release.
  2. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    Black boxes
  3. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    It rather sounds as if you want a new system. You certainly don't need a whole new platform at this point. I even argue that you should look into that k version of your CPU, just for the sake of overclocking. Not even getting into details concerning "all in one" watercooling solutions, which are even likely to be the inferior choice when compared to high quality CPU coolers. A Crossfire/ SLI setup ... I suppose that's what you mean with "dual Graphic cards" ... isn't worth all the hassle it comes with (more power needed, more heat and noise produced, room taken up, driver hassles and so on). Your much better bet would be getting the choosing the strongest card on the market. Right now, you got your 1070ti and that should keep you happy for a while. Am I the only one to see black squares in animats' "you could even run..." line?
  4. keep crashing

    Several links to get started ...
  5. Scamming

    Alright, that's true. So true that I guess I considered it set in stone. There used to be gifts from a rather popular skin brand, usually during Christmas time, where the creator put a full vendor into the gift box. Upon rezzing, that vendor would - naturally - also ask for debit permissions, without any ill meanings. I always found that a little problematic, considering that lots of new folks got those gifts. The support group rather shushed all concerns, unfortunately.
  6. Scamming

    There is nothing in that screenshot which would explain how anything or anyone would take L$ off your account without any permission. Yes, that's one of the many scammer profiles attempting to pass off as a Catwa representative. And as it's been written before, there's nothing else you or anyone of us can do, except for abuse reporting.
  7. Does updating the viewer mean resetting graphics?

    To take a screenshot of your settings, you can use such basic ways as hitting the PRINT key on your keyboard to grab a snapshot of your current screen. You can paste (ctrl + v) to an image viewer application of your choice... Paint or, IrfanView, even into Word. Or use the Windows Snipping Tool. Inside the viewer, you can also save your graphic settings via the Graphics tab in your Preferences. Also in the Preferences, you should find an option concerning automatically downloading new viewer updates. Switch that off and I think you should only get notified from now on ... been a while since I used an official viewer, I'm afraid.
  8. Help: Preparing and packaging mesh clothes for sale

    At least you identify with your business, as I picked out one of the "features" you mentioned and not insulted you personally. But well.
  9. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    Well yeah, the original Intel stock cooler one doesn't help at all in terms of size and such. Hence why I asked for the case measurements. A 4 pin connector allows you to control its spinning speed via the mainboard, simply put. That's a standard for CPU cooler fans. Some potential choices as a new cooler, cheap and handy to advanced and yet only 155mm in height: EKL Ben Nevis ... no idea why they put "be quiet!" in the headline, those two brands aren't associated. Only 140mm in height. EKL Brocken Eco ... had the pleasure to put this in a few systems already, I like it as it is a nice average in all terms (size, cooling, noise, room for high RAM modules) Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. B ... the highest one among the choices, a classic revised. ... UK based was right, wasn't it? Coolers by Thermalright and Noctua also offer very good solutions, but are usually much taller, so they may conflict with narrow cases.
  10. Help: Preparing and packaging mesh clothes for sale

    I also sense a great customer support persona ...
  11. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    If you have the plain 4790 without the k, there is no overclocking for you. How did you install your Win10? Did you have both drives connected and powered? It's wise to keep your data disc disconnected during the install, so the boot sector won't sit on both drives. But it's only logical that you'll see the dialogue to choose between Win10 and Win7 installation, since the HDD remained untouched. What is your case or what are its measurements, to pick a heat sink?
  12. Help: Preparing and packaging mesh clothes for sale

    Nope, there's no excuse for that "I totally don't trust you, potential customer, and/or I have some flaws to hide which you might discover when looking at my demo for longer" crap.
  13. Help: Preparing and packaging mesh clothes for sale

    Congrats! Not even open, but already on a mental "do not bother shopping" blacklist.
  14. What should I upgrade for secondlife

    Based on your last thread, a good CPU heatsink would be a thought... And whoever told you that you need to upgrade your CPU should stay miles away from anything hardware related. RAM is overpriced anyway, no point in investing in more and probably unneeded DDR3 tech, which you cannot even reuse on a new plattform. I'm rather baffled that even your new SSD shows up as working below its expectation in that userbenchmark, along with your CPU and the HDD. That's something I'd rather explore instead of blindly buying any new hardware.

    You should probably make up your mind whether you're doing RP stuff or actual "gimme the L$" stuff... if you bother to read replies at all.