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  1. Creator be like, "Rigging is complicated, let's completely mess this up instead!". 🥴 That sounds ... errrm.. extremely creative, when putting it nicely.
  2. OK, 63° C isn't really critical for a laptop CPU. In theory. However, I still find it interesting that you barely notice any hot air being blown out. Especially after 3 hours under heavy load, it is simply bound to happen. So the lack of it still screams "thermal problem!" at me. Do you observe exactly the same on your husband's laptop? Now looking at the 73% as highest CPU load, my guess is that it actually throttles to avoid overheating.
  3. Frankly, if any of the mentioned or similar ones affect your game performance, you won't need any tool to come to the conclusion that your machine isn't running good at all.
  4. I actually find that pretty critical. The components will produce heat, despite of the fans underneath it. If that heat remains inside the case, that is problematic. So yes, please do monitor your temps and the internal fans running speeds. There are a lot of monitoring programs... CoreTemp, HWMonitor, Speccy, for example. Netflix isn't such a light task to run, either, especially for such a pretty dated machine which never was really powerful to begin with.
  5. You might be searching forever for that specific style - there are some clues about it hinting that it might be completely drawn own or at least photoshopped. Look at the hair strains blending onto the neck, the almost exact match line in which it follows the curve of the breast ... personally, I'd find Monso's Kula hair close enough.
  6. Can we please agree that a 1080 (Ti) is no mere 1GB VRAM card?
  7. If you wish to keep owning Mainland, you can "sell" your plot to a private group, owned by yourself and an alt of yours. A group can contribute the needed amount of tier to keep your Mainland plot. There are some services where you can rent that needed tier, as if you were paying "rent" in L$. Usually, those services will pick one of their accounts to join your land group and contribute the rented tier (you can make a plain group rule with nothing but contribution rights for that account). As long as there is enough contributed tier in the group's tier pool, you're fine. Been doing that for years now... If you're renting on a private estate ... well, it'll be business as usual.
  8. Actually, overclocking your RAM can bring a huge bonus for current Ryzen CPU. There are very handy tools to calculate safe settings and such, but usually, loading the preconfigured XMP profile will do. On topic: Draw distance at 512 ... I think we have a winner here. EDIT: "Windows Version Microsoft Windows Server (10.0) Datacenter Edition (Full) 64-bit" ... huh? Is that a CPU-Z bug or what?
  9. Did you check Session Skins by Angie Manners? Just one example of her creations: One of the M-alts wears a skin by Aeros: You can also try to touch up your current look with a couple of appliers by Izzie Button. She has various appliers to add blemishes and such to body and face. It might tone down the younger look of your new skin.
  10. Another one: Raonhausen.
  11. Stepping up for GA.EG... I find them extremely attractive out of the box, if their style matches your preferences. The brand supports Omega and BOM, so you got some skin options. As said, grab some skin demos along with the heads and take your time to test and tweak the combinations.
  12. Half the specs are missing, so it'll be hard to judge.
  13. First, I'd head to StrayDog. Then take a turn to MudSkin which might have suitable skins. And a few more at Vendetta.
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