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  1. Just a shot into the blue: did any of you play with the "global online status visibility", by chance? Other issues might relate to this WIKI page...
  2. Cool story, bro... at least you got something in your life. Seems there's really not much more worth living for, you lucky one, bless you. Care to share the details how you're jerking off to those shots on a daily base? 😘
  3. You watch Lara Loft (Trautmann for real)? Cool! I used to be in a community with one of her (former?) Twitch mods, so I started watching some of her content. A trained singer and voice-over actress who does a lot of work for Blizzard as well as in movies. She also was on "The Voice" a few years ago, but got dropped far too early for my liking.
  4. The Manly Weekend shopping event features quite a lot of poses for men, keep an eye on their website: https://manlysl.com One might argue that the pose packs tend to look the same every week, just with a different creator logo on the ad, but well.
  5. Boooooring! Once you've been through episodes of "I know that XY has childporn vids on his phone. I have proof for it... I'm not giving it away, though. I just want you to shower me with your sympathy!" girly issues, because XY called her a ***** for flashing ***** to get in-game promotions... so yeah, "he said she said" seems so lame in comparison.
  6. Local chat isn't saved to chatlogs by default. The forward to IM bit is useful for the future, indeed.
  7. Check your locally saved chat logs. You'll find the path to the folder in your viewer's preferences - in Firestorm, for example, check Preferences > Network & Files > Directories tab, then down at the bottom of that tab. You need to be logged in and then you'll also get a handy "Open" button to show the directory in your Windows Explorer. Now sort that folder by date and you'll see logs of all the latest dialogues.
  8. Pet Peeve: obvious alt account names always reminding me of some bloody hair brand ever-present at all male events...
  9. You are really posting a negative one-star review on the item, paired with a request for help because you don't know how to handle the product? 😑 That's pretty nasty. Switch on BOM on your head, use the BOM version of your skin and wear the "Tintable layer for classic avatar head". Otherwise, you won't get that hairbase to show at all, since it wasn't made for Catwa, as the item is made of the classic TMP stuff.
  10. Are you sure that you're in the spot you were looking for?
  11. The hair looks so fluffy! Not talking about the cat fur...
  12. Good job, LL, on making this personal and hurting feelings, instead of at least trying to pretend that the title was just something automatically given and a relict of the past which got elimated. 🙄
  13. Are you sure that it's an up to date rigged release and not something dating back to the Standard Sizes days?
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