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  1. Weird avatar animation( crouch walk)

    In such a case, clearing the cache is as useful as drinking a bottle of water in a single take. When you say that you tried to "kill all animations", may I suppose that you mean the option under Avatar > Avatar Health > Stop Avatar Animations? As well as the Stop Avatar Animations & Revoke Permissions option? Have you peeked into this thread as well? And just a stupid thought: the built-in, non-attachment Firestorm AO is disabled?
  2. SL Multicore CPU support?

    Just a quick rundown ... 1) cores != threads 2) Compared to some other ancient tech, the AM1 socket and that APU are merely 3 years old. But, for granted, they were always meant for media and very light gaming purposes. 3) I keep struggling with the math behind this, but I'm under the impression that an overall CPU usage of 25% can be an indicator for a hard CPU limit for a quadcore, because it indicates that one of the four cores is under full load with a singlecore-optimized software... I think. Hence why it's handy to have tools like MSI Afterburner which can show the single core load in realtime as a screen overlay. CPUID Hardware Monitor probably can log similar readings. 4) AMD vs. Intel sounds quite new and way less popular than the "get a Nvidia card, AMD doesn't work with SL" superstition ... and I keep cringing when I see the "do you have an ATI card?" in Firestorm's support chat. ATI has been dead since 2006, just let it rest in peace eventually. 5) Intel is pretty much struggling to adapt to AMD's new Ryzen generation. We'll see how Coffee Lake will end up in the review in early October...
  3. How does your avatar look today ?

    Limit8 group ... free ... join ... ok, note taken. As an alternative, if the 2500L for the AK animation HUD seem a bit steep and hte static look is too boring, perhaps look at Happy Dispatch's HUD for 600L. Literally look at it - there is a demo setup in the store which you can use. Pretty much like a posestand.
  4. What is Role Play?

    It certainly varies. It's all about the magical 18 in German context, for example ... except for a few exceptions in terms of juvenile law.
  5. Up and Down Voting

    You mean like this?
  6. Up and Down Voting

    What the heck are "brand experts" in this context?
  7. Land and Premium membership

    It doesn't really seem to be common practise, I take it.
  8. SL Multicore CPU support?

    GTA V is a rare example of plain brilliant optimizing even for low end hardware, so sadly not the norm. The beauty is that the FPS you mention for SL are absolutely fine for this kind of environment. Your AO animations might look a little smoother on your screen if you get to 60fps or above, but that's a plain cosmetic effect. If you had described serious loading issues inworld, some more investigation would have made sense. But in this case, I'd even forget about the OC idea, unless you seriously want to give it a try due to the real games. By the way, you do have a SSD for your OS as well as your SL cache? That'll help immensely with the overall feel of performance and faster loading times, yet probably not with more FPS.
  9. Land and Premium membership

    I'm seriously interested in someone correcting me if the following train of thought is completely wrong ... but when a group is the actual owner of a Mainland plot and that group has enough tier donation available, does it really matter whether the group owner is a premium member or not?
  10. SL Multicore CPU support?

    Short answer: nope, sorry! No multicore for SL. Longer answer: how exactly does the CPU bottleneck "show" in SL? Slow loading times which aren't network related? Crashes? Low FPS? I'm actually surprised that you get 60fps in a game like GTA V or even the single core lover CSGO. But thay may depent on what you call "decent settings". You might see mediocre improvement if you look into OCing that little APU moderately ... if your cooling and power supply is up to it. But keep in mind that it was never meant for serious gaming purposes and rather for lightweight activities which may need good on-board graphics.
  11. Land and Premium membership

    Renting tier is defintely an option... In addition to what Tari explained, you'll need a land group if you don't have one already, and typically, you will need to invite an account of the tier provider to your group. That account then deeds the rented amount of tier to the group's allowence. I switched to that way of renting, because it worked out cheaper in the end for me... originally, I was on the annual premium membership plan and added that $40 extra tier option. Now I may or may not keep up premium when it's due next year, but I'm renting the extra tier from Bee Rentals, whose owner has numerous offers here in the Mainland land forum. So do your math and do it properly to check which option costs you less. :-)
  12. SL still performs like a SNAIL.

    The irony is that that planned cloud feature might be exactly the point which may massively help non-US users, if the end result turns out well. But hey, in all honesty, LL isn't doing anything.
  13. SL still performs like a SNAIL.

    Charming fellow. Stepped into Koala poo after getting out of bed? What do you expect to see? The base requirements suddenly changing, thus tossing out like half the userbase on their classic typewriter hardware, just because you got a high-end setup and a new network connection? If your SL still looks the same, perhaps you need to visit other places and broaden your horizont. But that's just random thoughts from 10% of my brain. Maybe your full capacity can come up with more superior ways.
  14. OK, I got a like from Dakota on my first post. But I have no idea if it's because of the "kindly ask" or the "only outgoing sounds" part. Or if it may lead to this...
  15. Toolbar missing

    Looks like it... googling for "HP Envy intel drivers" produces quite a number of results. For example, here: But in another thread on the HP forum, someone reported how they defeated the install error: