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  1. please save your nerves for anything more important than others mistakes, thank you)
  2. never read anything that disturbs you, thank you)))
  3. it s funny to see people in SL who says OMG SL DIIIES,but for some silly reason they still play)p.s had same thing,reinstalled windows ,everything sems ok
  4. some people met RL partners there. But even if you visit any dance club or any theme sim, you always can meet werid people and rude DOMs
  5. My friend banned me after i foud out thst he is an alt of dude who harrassed people.And then he started the same talk about me and disturbed random people with "you re alt of Sam".
  6. once i saw one guy profile and LMs for Pedo sims.But was no way to enter (premium).so,,,,...it s what you want naked child avi? P.S reports on this guy and these sims seem not worked(
  7. No mod yes. I wanted to say that some creators uses photoshop too much on pics. faces are ok. but body is a big NO
  8. For example shape looks even nice on pic,but costs more than 200L,but when you buy it, face looks ok, but body is awful.
  9. I met some guy who had strange standards, like "i hate mesh avis, classic are the best, but need mesh hends and feet".People with too high standards in SL should get a life in rl, but they kinda expect that their friends will look-talk-behave like they want
  10. when random person calls you alts of any of his friends and cant proof
  11. you have big risk ti meet hysterical person who calls herself/himself emotional. I met one emotional dude, who cried about anything,lol
  12. the good moment is that i got refund, and thank you for advice
  13. Oh thank you,but it was short drama,I thought he will ban me without refund)))
  14. I m surprised he likes to tell that his rentesr are alts of (anybody). and then ban..
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