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  1. Welcome to SL. For 50-80 % of us this is normal
  2. Yeah, get in-world too. There are many who will help on this forum, absolutely. But don't be in a rush. Explore in-world too - see what is out there. Don't miss out on that experience. That's the main part of learning SL. While simultaneously never be afraid to ask here, of course.
  3. Don't transfer COVID, kids I'm a guy in my 40's still perfectly able to deadlift 250 kg for reps feeling like I've been hit in the head by Mike Tyson for two consecutive weeks now. Don't get this stuff, folks. No, I'm not afraid for my own sake, I'll survive, but avoidng my two sisters who have undergone chemo. Think about what this might do to your grandma. And please stop it with the conspiracy therories. At least for a little while.
  4. It's a complicated subject I guess. I have SL friends who have children, and that's very ok. It's just not my thing, I must admit that is is a little strange for me. Live and let live
  5. The toilet paper folks are stocking up on... is that for a runny nose perhaps?
  6. Official hijack of this thread for at least Western Europe, might be forgiven considering the times: We are not at war, supply lines are not under attack. Relax a bit. OK, if you are made to quarantine for 2 weeks you have to shop. But shops will be re-stocked. The next day at the latest. No need to stock up. A half-stocked store just means that someone has panicked for that day. They will refill. Go back the next day...
  7. I had to plaster warning posters up today. That was hard work, mind you!
  8. It's tight between drivers in SL these days . And yes, Ilona Kohime does a great job on bikes. As do many others, of course, but IK Bikes is certainly a nce option. Even for a starter bike.
  9. Welcome to SL. Lots of good advice given above, but I feel the best is go slow. Then demo and demo some more to see what you like. I'm happy with my my Aesthetic (took a lot of tweaking), but it's probably not a good starter body. Like others have said, Skell's blog is very informative. Don't be afraid to ask in the group of whatever body you choose to get - make sure to join, when unboxing you'll probably get an invite. Otherwise just TP (teleport) to the store and look for a group invite sign.
  10. I might not (usually) be the most likely guy to take you out dancing, but most of my bikes have room for two. Just for a scenic ride, of course
  11. This level of possitivity is approved
  12. I take the whole "I'm never bored in SL" thing that folks say with a grain of salt. However, I'm almost never bored for long. Caledon Oxbridge was nice in my early days, Builders Brewery I still frequent. Even met some nice folks while building in the Premium sandboxes as well, even if there are few people there usually. But once I landed in the 2RAW driving SIM I became hooked on driving/racing - even though I was terrible at it at first, I can now been seen on leader boards at several places on the grid. And I've made many friends and interesting aquaintances in the process. Have had, and still have long conversations that lasted until the wee hours. From there I got hooked on boating, and found several of the marinas pretty social. I've tried to see how far one can sail/boat in SL without interruption quite a few times, and have even been met with a few "nice to see you again" from landowners doing that. Even been invited in. My "Friends" list is fairly short, but I have lots of folks I meet and talk to on a regular basis who are not on that list, and I still consider them good friends. It's like they always say regarding SL - find something you like. A cliché becomes a cliché because there's some truth to it
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