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    Idle thoughts for idle builders

    I can imagine some people wondering "where can I download the QI viewer?" But yeah I would have said 16 too. Nice brain fodder.
  2. HeathcliffMontague

    SL Wiped out my entire inventory

    My groups are still lighting up over this. Some people are fine, but many are not, so you are not alone. Seems pretty random. LL are probably getting swamped with support tickets.
  3. HeathcliffMontague

    Why beginners don't learn the basics first?

    I tried to do some of that with Blender before I even tried it with the SL building tools, actually. Maybe because I joined at a time when mesh was really starting to take over, and while legacy builds were still considered sort of OK for the most part, they were really on the way out and starting to be frowned upon. SL building is now sort a "vacation" from Blender. Just so easy in many ways
  4. HeathcliffMontague

    what is the best way to find a roadside 1024 parcel?

    Hope I'm not necroposting but rather reanimating here... The above obviously presupposes that you enjoy mainland driving at least to some extent, if you don't, it's probably best not to ;). But last time I looked, not that long ago actually, it wasn't the worst way to look. I ended up further inland, but found my current place while out on my bike on the Mainland.
  5. HeathcliffMontague

    So You Make "100% Original Mesh", Do You?

    All mesh I've ever imported have been relatively simple meshes made in Blender. The first thing one was of course a cube. The second was a subdivided cube etc. Is this original mesh? I hardly invented the cube as a concept If Turbosquid models aren't allowed, btw, someone needs to take a closer look at the MP. I unfortunately bought a couple items that are so clearly from TS (won't mention any). Not optimized for SL at all.
  6. HeathcliffMontague

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

  7. HeathcliffMontague

    New player looking for advice

    The 1,024 sqm land size increase and prim increase was one of the main reasons I went back to being Premium. Having anything beyond that size (I've been there) is just not worth it for me, prices being what they are. Now I just pay a one-time fee (well, once a year if you renew) and you can run a business just fine from a place you can get with that, depending on what you sell. I've made a few thousand L$ in bike races (in total, over time), but that usually takes some L$ investment and always a lot of practice. I drive because I like it and have met some very interesting people doing so, not to earn. I *once* made some half-decent L$ on a land deal, but that was almost just pure luck (and a bit of daring to wait for the right time to sell). To earn real L$ on land you have to be much more invested in it than I'm willing to be. If you can learn to make good and usable textures (for builds etc, maybe smaller things too) there always seems to be a need for that. This is sometimes frowned upon (and sometimes for valid reasons) when suggested as a way to earn L$, but I did a lot of fishing when I was new. Was slow and not very rewarding L$ wise then, but I just tried it again the other day. Those XPs from back then add up. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but enough to rent a fairly decent place if I *really* had to do it that way. Not that I would want to, but it's doable. Probably not as great for those who have to "feed" the L$ to the bouys, though Just my L$ 0.2 thoughts as a quick comment
  8. HeathcliffMontague

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

    Animats, I don't build bikes, but I have lots of them. DM, IK, JFC, BGC, Moto Bazzi, The Legend bikes, TC... Too many to mention them all. The vehicles aren't really an issue here, as they all work perfectly on other roads. I think what I really need to look into here is the physics shape, as others have suggested with helpful tips. Another learning curve, but I'll get there eventually.
  9. HeathcliffMontague

    Do you use ban lines or those things that kick people out...

    Orb, never ban lines. I turn it on and off depending. But I always make sure that the range of the orb is set well within my parcel as not to hassle anyone, and always with ample time. As someone who enjoys the occasional flight in SL, I treat others as I'd like to be treated.
  10. HeathcliffMontague

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

    I'll try that, thanks!
  11. HeathcliffMontague

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

    My "physics" (if you can call it that) model was just what you see in the pic, but just very plain, no faces or anything. All "white" in any Blender view. One face. "From File" in FS doesn't give a lot of options. For my straights I used Firestorm LOD high.
  12. HeathcliffMontague

    Non-jumpy driving mesh

    I know this has been discussed in the forum before, but based on my searches it hasn't quite been resolved, it seems. I've managed to import some straights that are very smooth to drive on. Put one after the other and you won't even notice crossing from one to the next, even at very high speeds. I even imported them using the LL importer/physics options, and they still work. Corners are a different story, they are jumpy no matter what. Just how jumpy seems to depend on lag. Having finally figured out how to get a straight road texture to follow a mesh curve, getting said mesh texture ready and align friendly and getting the curves down to 2-4 LI (sides vs. not), whether convex hull or prim, my curves still might make you fly off the track. Even a simple structure like this. (Blender is a steep learning curve for me. Even the above "sectioning" took a lot of time). I've tried importing a very simplified version along with it as a physics model, but it remains jumpy. Any tips or pointers to relevant tutorials (there are tons of tutorials, but not directly relevant to this that I've found) would be appreciated. I've probably skipped a lot of steps here,.
  13. HeathcliffMontague

    Voice or Text?

    I kinda thunk your name alluded to that. Fellow Scandinavian
  14. HeathcliffMontague

    Voice or Text?

    Text is my default. Could switch to voice if needed. Need a new headset to do so, old one broke but easy enough to replace, but have actually just had *one* request for voice since it broke many moons ago. When I first joined SL I sometimes had to sit with a headset on for hours at work, often lots of overtime. Do that for SL as well? No thanks
  15. HeathcliffMontague

    Firestorm is one hell of a memory hog

    For what it's worth... Been browsing the forum as FS has crashed on me a lot recently. "Texture overload" seems to do it these days (was pretty stable before). I have a decent CPU, enough-ish RAM and a fast Internet connection, the GPU is very much my bottleneck (need to update). But I'm on a Win 7 64 bit desktop PC, and I just did a test, visiting my regular places etc. According to Task Manager the LL viewer (latest version) takes up slightly more RAM on average than FS - second latest FS version (about 50 % vs 47 %). But the spikes in RAM usage are much more dramatic in FS. That's after a relatively recent clean FS install. Haven't tried the most recent FS release yet. Those spikes in RAM usage *seem* (needs more testing) to be related to the crashes.