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  1. This is why it's always a good idea to check "More information" and/or "Show on map" before TP-ing to an LM you haven't visited in a while. IMHO.
  2. Just did about a 30 minute run on the Mainland, trying with it both on and off. Driving with it on made driving more enjoyable for me than with it off. Generally. But I'm happy I now have this option, as it obviously can be very handy at times. I will surely be using it when I need to. I see this as very useful for those who tend to crash into peoples' living rooms and front yards as well. I suggest you try it. Tested with low-lag JFC bike (not ACS/KCP). Should it be made default? Although I can see the point for it, I'm leaning towards "no". Also, great work Animats.
  3. You're in Scandinavia too, right? I have 100 Mbps and usually get at least 70 Mbps within Europe. Lately my Tucson tests have varied a lot. From 15 to as high as 60, depending on the server. Right now my lag is pretty low, but it has been really bad for the last few days. Ping is always bad, close to 200 and sometimes even way beyond. But that is to be expected in Europe, apparently. What's new is packet loss. Whenever I'm lagging (and it can be really bad, even at high FPS) it's always that. Never had packet loss problems before. Tracert used to reveal a problem just before Madrid, after I moved and switched ISP it's London. But the main problem seems to be close to LL in the U.S.
  4. Most MCs have regular rideouts. Only done a few, but they seem to take the slowest riders into consideration pretty well.
  5. I've read here and been told that building above a certain height poses problems. Was building a skybox at 3800 m, and things just would not stay aligned after linking. Building at ground level is obviously not always doable. so what's a good height for a building platform? Mesh build, btw. No idea if that matters or not
  6. Fair enough. Driving is kind of not that of a common thing.. But Animats' post here is actually pretty useful. If even experienced SL-ers find driving hard, how will drive-by SL-ers / potential new users experience it? SL driving will always be a learning curve, but there is a lot of sosialising within that community. Lots of very helpful and welcoming folks as well
  7. Good post. A few things I've found useful: Experiment with your draw distance a bit. Too long and you obviously get issues, but too short can be sub-optimal as well. I do best at the Mainland at 128 - 136 m. Better at 152 than 96, actually. But the rule of dimishing returns applies, of course. Finding the right bandwidth setting for you can actually make a noticable difference for SIM crossings. Enough info out there on that already. Practice driving your vehicle at driving SIMs. It will make your Mainland driving experience much less stressful. And you might even find it enjoyable enough to want to get back there and beat your previous time As has been pointed out in the OP, don't bring a racetrack vehicle to the Mainland. I mostly drive bikes, and while all bikes I have that make pretty decent times in driving SIMs are ACS/KCP, I usually only use JFC or Moto Bazzi on the Mainland. So if your current bike/car seems too laggy, it might help to shop around.
  8. Yes, I should have though of that, thanks. That did it. I unchecked enhanced audio options, and it worked.
  9. Hi folks. The FS group might be a better place for this, but this might be too long for in-world chat. I dunno. Plus I know there are FS experts here, so trying here first :). PC specs below. Since I did a (clean) Win 10 install (up from Win 7, where there were no such issues) I only (passingly and faintly) hear engine sounds in the left speaker when I turn left, and in the right speaker when I turn right when driving any vehicle - bike, car, boat or airplane. I don't hear anything when driving forward, total silence. To hear idle I have to zoom in very close to the vehicle or cam in front of it. Same with every scripted vehicle, whether ACS/KCP or other scripts. Vehicle sounds at 100 % where this can be adjusted. Master and Sounds in FS at 100 %. Tried with Media both enabled and disabled. With PC volume turned way up all SL sounds (e.g. teleport) are very loud, but vehicle sounds are sometimes barely audible. Everything sounds normal in the LL viewer, but strangely not in FS (tested with latest FS + the back versions I could find for Win 64). Specs: OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 17763.615) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX970 4GB GDDR5 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (2664.77 MHz) RAM: DDR3 16 GBytes NB Freq 2131.7 MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd EX 58-UD 3R Chipset Intel X58 Rev 13 Southbridge Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 430.39 Audio: High Definition Audio Unit NVIDIA High Definition Audio NVIDIA VirtualAudio Device (Wave Exstensible) (WDM) I'm probably missing something obvious here.
  10. Last time I logged into OpenSim (maybe half a year ago), there was an entire area openly and proudly so offering vehicles, buildings etc ripped from SL. I *did* take one of their motorcycles and tried it, I have to confess. Out of curiosity. Turns out SL has something OpenSim doesn't have: Working vehicle physics. I still like it for building, though. But SL it is not. Edited for spelling
  11. OK, made it to page 20 of (currently) 30. Wow, this has sparked debate in-world, on this forum and elsewhere. Glad to see the Lindens participate, though. And this has got to be the most intelligent thread in a long time here. Last time I saw a Linden in-world was maybe two years ago. Don't remember the first name, but he was pouring drinks... Should I decide to renew my premium, could I donate my extra 10 group spots to someone who is not? I'd gladly do that
  12. Guess I was lucky, when I lived at Meadowbrook I had neighbours that were actually neighbours a lot of the time when I was there. So I have fond memories of that, but come to think of it there were probably only 6-8 of us green dots on the map for several sims, though. Apart from 2-3 dots spread out here and there... Import/get a mesh cube on the MP along with some good textures and you'd have a nice set of walls and floors with very little LI and very little effort. So I probably never found it as horrible as some did/do. I left for the mainland as soon as the 1024 size hit, though, and have not regretted that. However, I've been boating around this new continent. LL really are on to something here. Even if I'm only visiting it seems to be a breath of fresh air for SL. Boating around there, there seem to be a lot of development areas for new housing. So maybe... As for cam positions, the default is not good for these homes. But you don't have to go all the way to "looking directly at your upper back". There are several middle grounds here, still experimenting myself.
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