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  1. Last time I logged into OpenSim (maybe half a year ago), there was an entire area openly and proudly so offering vehicles, buildings etc ripped from SL. I *did* take one of their motorcycles and tried it, I have to confess. Out of curiosity. Turns out SL has something OpenSim doesn't have: Working vehicle physics. I still like it for building, though. But SL it is not. Edited for spelling
  2. OK, made it to page 20 of (currently) 30. Wow, this has sparked debate in-world, on this forum and elsewhere. Glad to see the Lindens participate, though. And this has got to be the most intelligent thread in a long time here. Last time I saw a Linden in-world was maybe two years ago. Don't remember the first name, but he was pouring drinks... Should I decide to renew my premium, could I donate my extra 10 group spots to someone who is not? I'd gladly do that
  3. Guess I was lucky, when I lived at Meadowbrook I had neighbours that were actually neighbours a lot of the time when I was there. So I have fond memories of that, but come to think of it there were probably only 6-8 of us green dots on the map for several sims, though. Apart from 2-3 dots spread out here and there... Import/get a mesh cube on the MP along with some good textures and you'd have a nice set of walls and floors with very little LI and very little effort. So I probably never found it as horrible as some did/do. I left for the mainland as soon as the 1024 size hit, though, and have not regretted that. However, I've been boating around this new continent. LL really are on to something here. Even if I'm only visiting it seems to be a breath of fresh air for SL. Boating around there, there seem to be a lot of development areas for new housing. So maybe... As for cam positions, the default is not good for these homes. But you don't have to go all the way to "looking directly at your upper back". There are several middle grounds here, still experimenting myself.
  4. Found a "vehicle" that crosses sims rather effortlessly. Not sure I'll be keeping this look, though
  5. Well next time someone says SL looks boring or old I'll refer to this thread
  6. 9 out of 10 shark attacks happen in the ocean, they said... Happy Friday
  7. It's chock full of green dots on the map, so it seems people are definitely interested. It's a huge step up, nobody can take that away from LL. I see ban lines are already up, but that may decrease when folks stop TP-ing in en masse. The roads are a sloppily aligned - but if they will actually connect to other continents I might be interested. The continent itself is not driving friendly, I'd be worried about being a nuisance to others. The house boats with the moorings and sea connectivity will probably be very attractive, those look very promising to lots I'm sure. I'm not sold on it, won't be moving in any time soon. But I can certainly see the attraction.
  8. And some of the problems stem from that. I think this comes mostly from ignorance, not malice. I can actually see most sides of the debate here - and I'd think most would agree that knowing how wide your orb reaches is a good thing. To makes sure it doesn't actually reach beyond your parcel, for example.
  9. Yes, still happening. I have other bikes which do OK there, though. For all I know the JC Hill bike may have outlived it's usefulness (well, it did some time ago, but still...). Just a bit strange that it went from smooth to totally useless on SIM crossings. The problem could be on my end, of course, but nothing's changed on my part. Ping times, FPS etc. are the same as usual.
  10. SIM crossings are worse than just weeks or months ago, for sure. While they have never been great, I lost a bike for the first time in about two years recently, a Moto Bazzi one that has always behaved well on SIM crossings. I have the "Superbike" by JC Hill. An old bike which is worn. I've hardly ever noticed SIM crossings on that one before, now it won't even cross SIM lines. Not even the bridge from the premium Orville airport, probably one of the least laggy places in SL. Stops dead cold, it used to cross SIMs like no other bike on the mainland, as script and LI heavy as it is. PS: I haven't seen this many vehicles stranded/crashed on the mainland with the engine still running in a while.
  11. I hardly ever think about my friends list, although I really appreciate some of the people that are there. I've never regretted accepting any friend requests, either they've just evaporated, or we've had some nice times and/or still have nice conversations. Guess I've been lucky, probably easier for guys too. Having said that, the list of folks I count as friends is a lot longer than my friends list. I have absolutely zero interest in seeing if anyone's logged in or not until I actually meet them, or getting a pop-up when they log in.
  12. As has been shown on this forum before, ban lines can actually encroach on Linden roads on the mainland. Not often, but it happens. Someone inexperienced with security setups may cause them to go wider than intended and cause a similar effect. I consider myself a pretty experienced SL driver, and when mainland driving my scripts are kept low, I use vehicles suited for SIM crossings (not racetrack vehicles) and I keep an eye on the FS mini map all the way. I cruise. Still, if I cross a SIM crossing straight into a ban line or wayward security orb with 0 seconds I usually have little chance of recovering. If I had land bordering on mainland roads or sailable waters I'd at least bother checking how my orb/security setup might affect those traveling past it. But that's just me. Although, if you at least take the time to check that, I'd think most in the driving or boating community wouldn't really give a toss what your eject time is.
  13. I may have passed you on one of my motorcycles when driving on the mainland, as I've encountered folks horseback riding on the mainland roads on occasion. As in RL I'd slow down and make a wide pass Share the roads 🙂
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