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  1. Heh There are actually lots of cars and bikes in SL where if you hit the guard rail, things will come off. If your vehicle gets too broken down from your reckless driving it will eventually actually explode. Guys, find stuff that interest you. Whether that be chess, sailing, racing, literature, whatever. Probably the most often advice given in SL, but it's true. I've never propositioned a woman in my SL life, but have still gotten approached quite often. All times by someone who had been observing and interacting with me. All relationships I have, interesting friends with benenefits if you like, as well as all others, have been built over some time. I've also not sought instant gratification, but if that's your thing get your avi in order. Seems to be one way of getting some attention.
  2. "Have you ever tried naked motorcycle riding?" "Yes. But the scripts in my d**k slowed me down too much."
  3. Makes me wonder what you do in SL where that is too slow. I usually come to SL to get my adrenaline levels down, not up
  4. I have a lot of experience with my right hand When my right hand is exhausted OK, scratch that. I'll sometimes use WASD to move around. With my left hand. But arrow keys are my go-to. I guess I'm an old-old school PC gamer, starting with Doom type games and graduating more towards WASD as First Person Shooters got more advanced. I also drive a lot in SL, and am actually pretty good at it. Far from the top drivers, but good enough to get on leader boards regularly and winning a price or two. For a race or setting a new track PR it's always arrows. I can cruise OK with WASD, but that's it. But I also use good keyboards with the right support. Not gaming ones, but I've earned my income from typing for many years. Need proper support for that.
  5. I guess I know just enough about RP-ing to know it's not for me, and to respect the folks who are into it enough to leave them to do their thing while I do mine. Nothing wrong with people building up impressively complicated story lines and expecting folks to get with the program, put on an armor and help slay the dragon. And expect you to contribute to the overall story. I know that's an extreme oversimplification, but it's the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "RP". And "oh yes, yes" etc. isn't RP to me, just lazyness.
  6. Of course I've changed the head! First thing I did Although there are very good appliers out there for the default head now...
  7. Never been in an MC (been invited, but I like to be a free soul), but have been on rideouts with and am a support member of several. You get all kinds. The ones I've considered joining have some sort of driving tests (which make sense if you're joining rideouts). Some actually require voice (or at least being able to listen - for rideouts), some require you be a regular there, most require some kind of going through the hoops. And a few (with emphasis on few) are just plain misogynistic. Many 1% MCs (not my thing) have nice tracks. You don't have to join, just be respectful and enjoy your ride. And pick up your bike afterwards, of course.
  8. I'm horrible at SL photography, and for some reason my pics turn up fairly low res ATM. But still getting my Aesthetic closer to where I want it.
  9. This is why it's always a good idea to check "More information" and/or "Show on map" before TP-ing to an LM you haven't visited in a while. IMHO.
  10. Just did about a 30 minute run on the Mainland, trying with it both on and off. Driving with it on made driving more enjoyable for me than with it off. Generally. But I'm happy I now have this option, as it obviously can be very handy at times. I will surely be using it when I need to. I see this as very useful for those who tend to crash into peoples' living rooms and front yards as well. I suggest you try it. Tested with low-lag JFC bike (not ACS/KCP). Should it be made default? Although I can see the point for it, I'm leaning towards "no". Also, great work Animats.
  11. You're in Scandinavia too, right? I have 100 Mbps and usually get at least 70 Mbps within Europe. Lately my Tucson tests have varied a lot. From 15 to as high as 60, depending on the server. Right now my lag is pretty low, but it has been really bad for the last few days. Ping is always bad, close to 200 and sometimes even way beyond. But that is to be expected in Europe, apparently. What's new is packet loss. Whenever I'm lagging (and it can be really bad, even at high FPS) it's always that. Never had packet loss problems before. Tracert used to reveal a problem just before Madrid, after I moved and switched ISP it's London. But the main problem seems to be close to LL in the U.S.
  12. Most MCs have regular rideouts. Only done a few, but they seem to take the slowest riders into consideration pretty well.
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