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  1. This is the zinger for me. I get home from work, the gym or whatever, log on, and there are people from all over the world I'm very happy to see again. I count them as friends and sometimes even more. To me SL is a Second Life life that I enjoy very much.
  2. To be more practical for you: I you have too many scripts, start by removing any HUDs you don't need there and then and see if that does the trick. If not, go home (or to your log-on point) and see if you can remove any scripts from your clothing etc. Right click > Edit > Content. Do you really need a resize script for your boots after you've made them fit? Some creators have that option in the HUD too. Get something like this and check before you go out: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KTC-Script-memory-meter/2973346 Lastly, save different outfits according to script levels. I'm obviously very low on a driving track and much higher on a nude beach. Because, well… attachments.
  3. Several Tellaq mesh avis, while good looking enough, have had some issues with finding clothing. I'm happy with my Aesthetic, but it's not for everyone. I've got the muscle mass very toned down. Some (me included) would argue that a new head or a face applier would be... if not necessary, a rather good idea. There are some very good face appliers out there for it at a reasonable price now, and the head is Bento. Clothing is often very template based, but a lot of good stuff available too. I have friends who are happy with their Adams and Slinks too, and seem to find clothes easily enough. The newest mesh male avis seem to be easiest to find clothes for right now, though. Edit: Quite a few folks have reported problems with neck matching for 3rd party heads, but there are many very helpful folks in the Niramyth group for such things.
  4. Good advice above. I have few items in my inventory that can't be re-delivered. Some, but not that many. If all else fails, you might contact the sellers as well. If you bought it on the MP, you should have the details in your order history. Send the info in a notecard.
  5. Should work, but in my experience SL and Intel HD Graphics don't always play well together. Intel HD is not the greatest. Still a bit weird, though, as I've been sailing with even weaker specs. With settings tweaked, of course. Folks hate to hear this (I did. It can be expensive - but doesn't have to be, there is an online market for used parts/PCs/Macs), but sometimes you just need to upgrade your computer. I did, and SL as been a lot more enjoyable and worry free since I took that plunge.
  6. Thinking about getting some laps, as always, before I call it a day.
  7. A "Beginners" forum doesn't sound like a bad idea to me on the surface. Most forums I've known have had them. Beginners feeling free to ask Qs without feeling stupid and more experienced folks answering as best they can. Of course, "what's the best squat form" or something like that would be very different from an SL newb question like "what is this thing, what do I do here?"... I get the OP,'s question but see how it might go haywire as well...
  8. But still apparently kinda relevant, from what I'm reading here
  9. You should post your computer specs (GPU, CPU, RAM etc). Are you on Wifi or plugged in? Can make a huge difference. BBX make nice boats, and the owner is a good guy. However, in my experience they aren't the best on SIM crossings, especially on weaker computers. Also, when driving/sailing/flying anything in SL I will take off (not just turn off) my AO and keep worn scripts to an absolute minimum. You might also experiment with draw distance a bit (and other settings). Start low and increase gradually.
  10. Heh There are actually lots of cars and bikes in SL where if you hit the guard rail, things will come off. If your vehicle gets too broken down from your reckless driving it will eventually actually explode. Guys, find stuff that interest you. Whether that be chess, sailing, racing, literature, whatever. Probably the most often advice given in SL, but it's true. I've never propositioned a woman in my SL life, but have still gotten approached quite often. All times by someone who had been observing and interacting with me. All relationships I have, interesting friends with benenefits if you like, as well as all others, have been built over some time. I've also not sought instant gratification, but if that's your thing get your avi in order. Seems to be one way of getting some attention.
  11. "Have you ever tried naked motorcycle riding?" "Yes. But the scripts in my d**k slowed me down too much."
  12. Makes me wonder what you do in SL where that is too slow. I usually come to SL to get my adrenaline levels down, not up
  13. I have a lot of experience with my right hand When my right hand is exhausted OK, scratch that. I'll sometimes use WASD to move around. With my left hand. But arrow keys are my go-to. I guess I'm an old-old school PC gamer, starting with Doom type games and graduating more towards WASD as First Person Shooters got more advanced. I also drive a lot in SL, and am actually pretty good at it. Far from the top drivers, but good enough to get on leader boards regularly and winning a price or two. For a race or setting a new track PR it's always arrows. I can cruise OK with WASD, but that's it. But I also use good keyboards with the right support. Not gaming ones, but I've earned my income from typing for many years. Need proper support for that.
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