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  1. Oh, i know not all women agree with each other. It's a snakepit!
  2. Naa, thats just another bdsm club overrun by kinky girls.
  3. Btw, i showed some of my friends (women) this thread and they were totally put off by what they had to read, especially from some female members. Soooo, if women, who are no feminists at all, are already turned off, the men who would be interested to communicate here and in SL will be for sure too.
  4. Making SL more welcoming to males Maybe it's time to create our own regions?
  5. "Did you get thrown through the window of a viewing room at the hospital? Because that's the ONLY reason I can think of that you have that on your arm. Gods help the poor mother." That's my friends!
  6. I think we both have been on identical islands.
  7. The bolded part in the quote is what never works out in any rp setting when you put 'slave' in the keywords. It is often the only reason girls join the RP because its so much fun and then the sim is very quickly overrun by naughty slaves because everyone has the opinion that where the slaves are, the men will go. My experience is a bit different. Many men will not go there at all or even leave.
  8. It can be sexual and if it enhances the story, has a meaning, i am all fine with it. It depends at the people involved and when it fits its cool.
  9. If i would seek for sex, i would not enter roleplay and do all the work just to get a woman in my bed but would go to some club and say "hi". My roleplay is meant for deeper storylines, immersion, conflict and tension. Something with a reason. Preferably longterm with a slow build up. Oh, and no slaves .. please, no slaves.
  10. What would i want? Well, contrary to the believe that men want only sex, i am not one of them (neither is any of my male friends .. we all gladly skip that part). I would rather have a little bit more action, in my case in some roleplay setting maybe like skyrim, without all the mainstream bdsm stuff involved but something more gritty and not so lovey dovey. I would also like more sophisticated clubs where people dress up and not down when they enter. It is said that men need a reason to be interested to do. There is very little reason in SL if you take the SLex stuff out *grins* I am probably not the best to ask because i am having a good life in SL and am not really seeking. The only thing i miss is some roleplay at the side.
  11. Only sporadic. To see what the women will decide what men want in SL. Just to be aware
  12. I left when this was mentioned the 2nd time. It's just getting old.
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