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  1. In my case it helps when i throw in "I wonder where my boyfriend is. He should be here by now." I am mostly left alone at once
  2. It depends. For my clothes its black, grey, olive, sand and sometimes white. For deco and artwork it can be totally colourful and even include yellow.
  3. I thought the Linden Servers are located in America and not Canada 😎
  4. I don't need animations for SLex, not really. All the pixel bumping doesn't replace a great 'mindgame' with a likeminded person and some emoting skills.
  5. I could join too as i have a lot of free time. My day ends usually around 1-2pm SLT. I wouldn't describe me as a gentleman but have some manners (and a gun :D).
  6. Yes, it's what i always wore as well, especially since Aeros brought out their not-circumcised one. Birth isn't bad though, especially when you are in sims with a script limit because, if unlucky, you are TPed elsewhere by the security while you are texting *lol*
  7. It works well! I just bought it .. to add to my collection Easy set up, low script/complexity and its the first one i do not have to change the colour ... which is always horrible.
  8. That's the result of @Talligurl's sexy gown .. and the pose i had in my mind
  9. It's text only for me. I cannot hear well since polish firework (forbidden in germany because being extra loud) was thrown at me sylvester 2000. Luckily my face was not damaged. Since then i have already problems to understand my native language, let alone the english one. Smalltalk doesn't interests me anyway and i am more into some meaningfull discussion or ... Roleplay. I enjoy text also because i have more time to express myself, can eventually research a word and it's meaning. Voice is and was never activated for me.
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