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  1. It's a great piece of furniture and is available at Fapple. It's just a bit prim heavy.
  2. I saw your photo on Flickr and thought *wow* as i liked it very much. I even zoomed in which i do not so often! Love the hair colour! A great contrast.
  3. Totally exhausted after having been building since 2 days .. with little breaks *lol* .. and then she said "NO"
  4. 3rd day ... still wearing the same suit (just changing the colour daily )
  5. More than one partner for what? Playing football?
  6. Photos of the suit will come tomorrow. For today i was in a darker mood ...
  7. That looks great and i just went over to the store! I was also never happy with the old suits but need to check this one out. EDIT: Bought the Fatpack
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