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  1. Yes, do whatever you want with the buying L$ process through the viewer. Protect that at any cost, put that in your sole focus... ... that'll be enough distraction from harming all other operations.
  2. This was meant as a thread about perfectly acceptable child avatars and the not so likable version of them. What's for Heaven's sake is wrong with you to bring up such crap like "systemic racism"? As if that had anything to do with the thread topic.
  3. Cam sims don't solve the problem of the main sim probably being lagged to death and thus have the vendors not functioning due to scripts not running etc. At least that's my observation and a reason why I'm not bothering with shopping events just starting, cam sim or not.
  4. ... then the password change didn't make it through, quite likely, unless you already updated the saved one in your browser.
  5. In addition or rather prior to doinmg all the stuff mentioned in the post of 2012: Despite wearing a mesh head, make sure that you are wearing all common avatar components and eventually replace a faulty one. That being: a shape, a base skin, eyes, eyebrows/hairbase, didIforgetathing. ... and don't emply your trash in that case... ... and please do start a new help thread next time instead of using an ancient remotely related answer, please...
  6. What do you know about other folks' money?
  7. 32 GB are the new 16 GB and considering that RAM is currently one of the rather cheap components to get, that's a no brainer. Then again, I'd probably choose 16 GB RAM with fast 3200 or 3600 MHz instead of 32 GB RAM with merely 2133 MHz... well, I'd actually go for the 32 GB 3200 right away, but only speaking for myself. And supposing we're talking about a CPU supporting or profitizing from those high speeds...
  8. I really don't know why there is no "nothing, just closed" option under Lips / Mouth...
  9. If any of you had blocked the other one, how did you get in touch after all? The "group notice" could be a lot of malfunctions... first idea: does it show in the group's archives?
  10. In case you misunderstood me: don't you, random nobody, dare to tell me how I'm keeping my homestead and on top of all, have the guts to call me childish. I have friends living on the sim, I have guests... but there is no obviously valid reason why those "bots" should happily be popping in and annoy us. Should I perhaps move my entire ground layout, so they don't spawn in front of the houses? Oh, the irony... in Belli, they cry blood and murder when somebody dares to step outside the boundaries. Got your cosy place on your own standalone homestead? "You must let in each and every bot on the grid or only allow access to a few handpicked ones!" 🙄
  11. I don't give a damn about traffic. It's my home sim. Are you telling me what I must tolerate in my home?
  12. The candidate in question here has a Nova head, though, so in theory, appliers should stil work.
  13. Ohhhh, great. 😃 Just in the mood to tell someoneone off. Calling for mean and nasty, no problem... Oh poor, poor special snowflake, "Mama, people on the internet were bad to me after I told them to do my homework!" So sorry that the world doesn't completely evolve around you... actually not, but well. What return? Reduced? Hu? Nervousness? Are you drunk or what? What a selfish... ungrateful... brick-faced... self-centered something you are... You mean your failure to properly translate things that you wanted to know... Whatever.
  14. If you demoed and liked the applier (why does one still choose the applier option these days anyway?) on your current shape and your current eyebrow, do not wear the two files above the landmarks. Those will replace your existing choices.
  15. Why aren't you posting where it belongs?
  16. How many more pics does @Drake1 Nightfirehave to like before you finally hit on him?
  17. ...Buzzword buzzword buzzword artificial we buzzword money money money ... finish, happy cheering, done ...
  18. Guess mine is just a destination board, kindly telling folks to go read the profile picks. "Kindly" is up for definition, though.
  19. The limiting factor is the sim you're in. Next time you encounter such situation, you can bring up Statistics with Ctrl+ F1 and post the result here.
  20. Why am I thinking that they might have updated, but are still wearing their old bodies?
  21. That's why you ask BEFORE purchasing things blindly.
  22. That Athlon II P360 CPU is a more than 10 years compontent, which was already bare entry level material upon release. Now, at the end of 2021, you expect it to be able to run both the taxing CPU and GPU tasks of SL? Solid writing machines. Horrible gaming idea. Let me put it like this: Does your toaster cook you a 3 courses French cuisine dinner?
  23. The eye store is named S0ng .... Essences used to be a skin brand by itself, so at least for the older releases, I would have supposed that they'd use Essences skins. They advertised for them and the other way round.
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