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  1. Yeah. I get those two points. As for point #2: while I know that's an issue with the way I currently look, the two times I got the warnings were when I was regularly wearing an avi that looked like most of the rest of the posters in here (as in, not younger-looking). The other confusing thing was that neither post involved any sexual poses (was dancing in one and lying on a trampoline in a non-sexual pose in the other). Other posters in here often post fairly sexual photos (involving partial nudity and sexual single or couples poses).
  2. Oh, but it does matter. Twice I've gotten a warning and banned for 24 hours for posting photos in which my nipples and genitalia were not showing.
  3. The two offending posts got deleted quickly. I'm a little confused because they weren't different from the ones I usually post and in one photo, I happened to be wearing exactly the same bodysuit that another poster has worn and her photos apparently weren't offensive. It's also not explained by my wearing a younger-looking skin/shape as both times it happened were when I was wearing a skin/shape that looked older than my current avi. I also wasn't in a sexual position or situation. Was just dancing in my garden in one and lying on a trampoline in a non-sexual pose in the other.
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