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I was fed up with the MP, so I bought an outfit called 'Rose Tinted Glasses' for my Titchy and went to play the tambourine to my cats.  They weren't impressed. 

Titchy and Cats.jpg

I was fed up because I had to wade through hundreds of 'sexy' outfits to find a Titchy one, and I had a General setting too. 😡

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So, I don't do wet hair. I don't do wetsuits. I don't do flip flops. However, we have a photoshoot planned which means I had to dumb down from my usual smart casual, to dumb casual.

Even edgy maybe, I sure feel edgy like this. I feel Edgy McEdgelady in fact. And I'll tell you this. If I were to do a Malt, which is extremely unlikely for all sorts of reasons, I would name him Edgy McEdgelord. No I haven't been drinking. So there.

I carry a wetsuit quite well I think. In fact I was complimented on it only yesterday. haha.




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