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  1. The apple teaches us to understand that the best are always ripe. Always remember: You are only old when the candles cost more than the birthday cake!
  2. "Where's the tuna pate delivery service ...?" It is impractical to use the pet's name as a password!
  3. ... lazy on sunny Sunday on the small beach in the garden of my LH *** 174101 Evard Riverside, North Bellisseria ***
  4. or as an idea, I use Sliding doors on the ground floor of the house that open automatically when going through (2 LI each, from the Mp). If they are mod, so that you can change texture and translucent texture, all you have to do is find glass textures that you like and match the interior (or wood, but translucent doesn't look that great). I wanted doors in front of the bathroom and the kitchen on the ground floor that didn't need to be clicked to open.811Lord Resident
  5. "We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories, and those that carry us forward are dreams." Jeremy Irons in: The Time Machine (US 2002) I don't have any old pictures anymore, but I like the shared SL memories here.
  6. "Despite what some may want to you think - there is no get rich quick in SL. You need to invest in order to reap rewards." 811Lord Resident nods ... Very good point!
  7. Insiders report that there were intensive discussions about the color of the update ....
  8. Get Inworld demos and test what you like, but it is correct, for Catwa there are most accessories, I personally use the Signature Bento Mesh Head from the Signature Inworld shop for my Signature Body (Gianni), but because you have to like it. Test the demos!
  9. There are many RL and SL furniture, furniture that you also like is hard to find ... I see something in your picture that I like! Please be kind enough to tell me what this chest of drawers is, what it's called, and where you got it from ... is it copy? Would be practical in terms of furnishing ideas that go through my mind .... Greetings from Evard - North Bellisseria 811 Lord Resident
  10. "And where there is darkness, there is also light!" The current 811 desktop wallpaper.
  11. Let there be good old House ... has 811 in continuous loop on the MP3 player today: Clivillés & Cole Featuring Deborah Cooper– A Deeper Love (A Deeper Feeling Mix) Columbia 1992 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ1p0sRRfFQ
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