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  1. you live there!!!! I'm more than jelous now 😎 please... next time bring me with you and take a photo to me 😍 please please I want to see my avi with these sheeps I'll give you a wonderful gift in exchange trust me (not too expensive 😂) (I'm not a stalker even if once I've write that you are a cute guy 😉)
  2. I'm new in this forum and I found so many kind people that I'm really happy to be here but sometimes someone can hurt people without notice and without intention. For example for me not being a native english speaking means do a lot of unintentional mistakes when I write something, I'm quite sure to have done it and I apologize for this... (I think that someone know what I'm talking about) an other example, few post above I writed that I was jelous of Conall but was a joke, but I'm not sure that was clear enough.
  3. I see sheep everywhere... cool shots of sheep I have sheep in real life so trust me, is easier to take a photo to them than in Garrigua... 😁 so I'm starting to be jealous, especially of @Conall DeCuir I need to take a rest for thinking about the possibility to post a photo of my sheep or may be use photoshop to put them in the Garrigua landscape 😂 (ready to try again)
  4. trying to take a selfie (wishing to explore again Garrigua)
  5. after the experience of Garrigua I went to my favorite "relaxed" sim and taking a deep look in my inventory... I found two forgotten old stuff 😍
  6. inworld https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells End/128/128/2 market place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21429 😉
  7. well.. I tried to visit Garrigua but it was so crowded that waiting for the loading of the landscape was frustrating.. too lag. anyway I discovered a unique sim, not only because I love France 😍, but because there are so many photogenic corners.. happy to resume my old bmx
  8. thanks to @Angelina String for the lm such a gorgeous sim, unfortunately it takes to me 20" for upload properly but deserve the visit 😍 I wear new hair bought for 5L......
  9. wonderful... I suddenly remembered my visit in Moscow.. such a wonderful city and at that time the degrees was -40° brrrrrrrr
  10. good cleaning day https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secret Forest/244/184/23/
  11. cold in Sicily???? Now? 😂😁 by the way your outfit is wonderful 😊
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