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  1. blowing hard can make a dream come true? I hope so
  2. lucky woman, but you are less bear than me and in the evening you go out dancing 😉
  3. I felt in love with this place (is a pity that I always lose details in the distance) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mishiland/8/196/75
  4. I "want" to collect all your photos 🥰
  5. when I look at your friendship photos I miss so much my old friends.. is a pity that aren't anymore on sl
  6. many thanks to @Horus Salubrius @Zzevir and @Scylla Rhiadra (love your words) for having spent time on visiting my exhibit, I take care a lot about this enviromental problem, and thanks also for the tips 😊
  7. every time your photos amaze me .. they are really well done
  8. I have been very busy lately, in rl as in sl, so I rarely attend the forum but I take on moment to tell you that today I finished to work at my new exhibition that will open tomorrow I hope the lm works, like all the other stuff. Thanks to whom want to come and see 😊 Cave Hominem
  9. I need to visit.. Saskia do gorgeous photos. thanks Scylla
  10. it's always a pleasure spend some time with a friend 🥰 thank you @Horus Salubrius (that actually isn't a woman of course but is a great friend)
  11. the house is magnificent.. I'm curious to see your work and also what Littleme Jewell and Prokofy Neva have done :) good luck to everyone
  12. Interesting, is possible see the houses furnished? there is a lm? an other one stupid question.. how works? how you can participate? I ask for next year, thanks 😊
  13. thanks Scylla, you are so kind as always :) the exhibit is open just to women and only on invite so if someone want to see please send me a message inworld 😊 well done, going around on the different land with own horse is wonderful 😍
  14. stunning also this one is stunning 🥳 all your outfit and your avi are so stylish, love both 😍 love it stylish and fab
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