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  1. I tried several things but the only one that allowed me to solve this problem, for now, was use the terminal command and I found this suggestion here https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000133832-login-failure#DNS-could-not-resolve-the-host-name
  2. I've always thought that a good game doesn't last long... I don't think I'll buy a PC just to get into SL. (a real shame, plus now I can't even log in...)
  3. I can no longer log in to Second Life and I received the same message. Obviously I tried all the suggestions I read here, with an old account that I restored I was able to log in, so the problem is related to nothing other than my main account, with which I tried to log in from various places without success, I opened a ticket and I hope it will be resolved before Sunday because I have to open my SIM for a collective exhibition.
  4. thank you Scylla, as i always say you are too good to me ^^
  5. well, my video is a little bit longer and older, I hope it's still worth it because I love it and I had a lot of fun doing it 🥰 because I'm happy
  6. as usual you surprise me with your skills on take photos......
  7. There are days when I would like to blend in with the wallpaper...
  8. so many beautiful shot to watch out, is unbelievable how is growing in skill this thread 😊
  9. I wish the new year can bring shine to all of you
  10. I finally got a Lelutka head! I really need to have some fun playing with it.. and maybe I will smile more with this @Scylla Rhiadra as you always suggest me 😎
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