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  1. cool...now I stopped to read all the comments and go directly to you blog
  2. I'm like Marianne .. I have so many houses, from dust bunny, scarlet creative and trompe to 8f8 (my favorite) that I should have a gigantic land. But I finally managed to rent 4080sqm for a reasonable price and I build a place that I love, with my own landscape plus my new photographic gallery that I've put in a sky island. But surely in a while I will revolutionize everything and move house, choosing from my inventory the one that will inspire me in that moment 😊
  3. thanks for the reply, it was not my intention to advertise here .. it was a simple question about the right place to do it
  4. Hi dears, I don't know if this is the right place. I have double gacha and would like to barter them, does anyone know if there is a dedicated post where I can describe them and maybe find someone interested? Thanks for any suggestions 🙂
  5. pfiuuuu such an interesting post... I don't have time to read it all now but, unless it has already been said, it is not necessary to be premium to own a land. returned later with my homes of the heart. even if I already grown 😎
  6. I'm working hard on the next exhibition 😎
  7. I didn't know you could dance in such a colorful room..... 😎
  8. I'm sorry Rat, it would be a pleasure meet you.. next time 😉 what says the art critic about the exhibit? 😎
  9. I suggest this one.. very pretty Land Impact: 30 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Scarlet-Creative-Rainforest-Hideaway/15538959
  10. Thanks to both of you for everything.. It's has been a pleasure your visit 🥰
  11. I'll start with the last one, quite easy for me because I love green in all its shades 😍
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