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  1. Hi everyone. I'm searching for this shoes at the Women Only Hunt. with the new SL release I take years to upload the land.. I see just grey everywhere, every store looks the same, I wander without finding the Ohemo shop so if any of you know where exactly is please could send me inworld or write here the right place, I really appreciate. On market place unfortunately the fatpack didn't include the flower version and the hunt will end at the 30th of June.... 😊
  2. If someone want to know everything about the outfit there is the link 😊 https://www.flickr.com/photos/69389809@N03/49879020847
  3. love this outfit.. can I ask where did you buy it? thanks
  4. what to say… 
 I would have to write in my native language because it would be easier for me to express certain concepts. I hope all of you can understand, in case of misunderstandings ask me and I will try to clarify, if you want. I entered this community last year and never posted anything until the beginning of this year, if I remember correctly ,. a difficult period of my life has pushed me to find a small refuge on sl. it had seemed to me a place where the sense of community was very strong but not closed, indeed well disposed towards any new arrival and helpful. Among of all the various tread in the forum, this is the most popular because there is a desire to share and be followed. who doesn't pleasand to be told that the avatar is well done or that the photos and the outfit are amazing? None, I suppose, or rather few because there are also those who do not post photos and like to follow the evolution of others. there are those who post few, who much, who comment, who does not, who puts descriptions on the photo, who does not, who puts only "likes", who reads in silence, infinite variables like the human being. but lately it seems to me that something is breaking, that the serenity that has made it a pleasant place for me to spend some of my time is missing. what does it matter if you have pointed ears or have too many muscles? if you have huge boobs or are you flat as a board? if you are fat or thin, high or low ... if the photos are post-produced or not? as in the "real" photography it seems that this diatribe is difficult to overcome but we are all different so if you don't like a photo go further, or say what you don't like but without being rude. I personally do not appreciate all the photos that are there but I appreciate what is behind them and those that are not really in my ropes, most of the time for what they represent, I simply do not put "I like" and I skip them because I think that each of us must feel free to express who is, within the limits of the rules imposed by the forum itself. I love @Scylla Rhiadra photos because they have a nostalgic and melancholy mood that makes my soul vibrate, those of @Conall DeCuir because I find that he has an unquestionable ability to build the scene and a perfect management of her avatar (even if the new one is a thousand miles away from my ideal as a male), those of @TDD123because I see his delicate soul within them, those of @Eva Knoller for the sense of serenity and naturalness that they transmit to me by looking at them, those of @Panteleevafor raw shots, those of @taisiyakarpenkobecause I envy her clothes and and the use of ps and so on ... I don't mention all of you but almost for each of you there is a reason why in the pleasure I feel by looking at your photos. read all your comments is not always easy for me, for several reasons for example because I struggle to read everything, or because obviously not being my language and so many meanings remain obscure but from outside what I say is that it is a real regret to see how sometimes these dramatic moments come up. I would like to have more time to spend on sl but my poor connection erodes the time I spent on this world just to try to "see" what surrounds me. I was very happy when I received an invitation to join a pajama party in the world but I felt like "a fish out of water" because I upload very slow and I could not follow the speed of the chat. therefore I think it is really a pity that any kind of people decide to leave this place because are all them that make it special. and even if is not easy to understand the sense of humor of everyone let's try do do I would like to close with a banal phrase: "love is always the answer" I forgot to say that a big wish is meeting all of you in real life because I'm sure that all of you is simply a wonderful person
  5. Love this outfit, the cutout of the dress, the jacket that comes with an hud for dress, undress and hide (great merchant she has done a gorgeous work) the boot with so many possibilities to mix an match the colors.. The glasses are the same of the previous post but have different colors, the hair so stylish. Hope you enjoy as I do. Simone.. love freckles 😍
  6. thanks @Conall DeCuir☺️ @TDD123 love so much you latest photos, you surprised me
  7. I wish I could take photo like you @Scylla Rhiadra 😍 But I need to find a proper place for make experiment and a sandbox is not exactly what I imagine for doing it, I don't' feel comfortable. So this is my idea of a guide of stylish, I hope you enjoy.. in that case I'll going on lately this is one of my favorite dress 😊
  8. you certainly means careful πŸ˜‰ nice joke 🌸
  9. is spring time... wishing to walk with friends in a flower's field🌺 thanks @Scylla Rhiadra and @taisiyakarpenko 😘 Scylla, you are doing one of my favorite things.. post the avi with different dress, may be in the future I'll copy you πŸ˜‰ Annie Nova, sorry I cannot quote you, this is the link for market place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/28328 I've mixed two different type of hair
  10. I found short hair that I like very much, I started a collection because I discovered that they look well on for my face 😍
  11. I remember I was reading an article about SL on a newspaper and intrigued I decide to enter, it was 11 August 2007. I said to myself that it was the right occasion to know people from other nations, improve my spoken english and advertise my work. I spent a lot of time camping to earn some linden to buy clothes, I was very curious about the various sims to explore, I immediately made friends with two people, I am very sorry they have leave sl, I still remember their names, Barisone Amat and Hap Allen, we spent long evenings chatting while we dancing. Then I don't remember how I ended up in a land called Imparafacile and from that moment a beautiful period started because I knowed the owner, a unique person also in RL, and with Marinù Gausman, whom I met later in RL and she came to my house, we held a photography course, we turned together for the various lands to practice photos, I had countless clothes and all kinds of avatars, from the dragon to the angel, to change according to the sim and create a set to photograph. I remember that we had also made a calendar for charity with various models and different photographers, and once I have had an exhibition together with Mistero Hifeng, which I discovered when I returned to SL that is became a well known artist, I remember that we had great chats with him on skype (in the photos below we are quarreling for a car accident) I also remember you Fiona 😘 ...the photo below is yours, for the Camera Chiara group. It has been a good time, after then for many years I gave up, some sporadic log in but lately I frequent more, even if now my computer is obsolete and I struggle to load and see the beauty that gives me surrounds, I'm sorry because after all these years everything is even more beautiful. In the meantime, I also entered the online community where there are many kind and helpful people to give advice because the return with the mesh bodies and now Bom was not immediate. For me, SL is like a warm place to take refuge when I want to escape, I am only sorry for the lost friends and that most of the Italian sim are dead.
  12. lazy monday for me too.. I went to Fantasy Faire because I wanted t to see how works the new teglee horse but I cannot ride.. crashing all the time 😒 so I make a wish... that someone came to take a cup of tea with me but none on the horizon.. I was thinking to wear the proper dress, may be not 😎 anyway the fair is so huge and will run for some days that may be something will happen
  13. cool outfit 😍 such an interesting face... so real.. not a stereotype avi wonderful as most of people rightly says Love this... I wonder if it is a vision defect of sl or did you get it with ps, I've done something similar in my rl photos but with ps of course. I'm agree with Marigold, really impressive πŸ’™
  14. pebbles in the shoe (playing with windlight and sl filter) if someone think he is better than others and no matter what the others do, he simply have a problem. Ashlyn, if you don't trust yourself and your work and you are always looking for approval you will never have enough likes to satisfy your ego. what I understood about this forum is that it is not based solely, as others have already underlined, on the quality of the photo to get "like" but on the emotion that arouses you looking at it and on the relationship you have with others. I find that your photos are very well done, although some do not meet my taste, but if you then send me a private message whose subject is "hello ugly" and I reply "hello beautiful" and after this follows the silence it's obvious that I ask myself the reason why this and I look at your work with more diffidence. I lost the "future likes" of an other person (not you) simply because we had exchanges of private messages that obviously he didn't liked but not for this I am complaining and I'm asking every day in this forum "why don't you like me anymore?" (so for preventing other unpleasant message I disabled the pm button) I think the purpose of this forum is quite simple, share some photos of your avatar, ask for advice and look at how others are, if you like something just push the botton "like" , otherwise go further and above all have fun, there is already real life there out which is tiring. you can't spit on others and then want them to love you. I hope to has been enough clear.. damm my poor english 😎 ps. I will "like" the photos later,... too much to read now 😜
  15. thanks @Scylla Rhiadra for your warm words. your last photo deserve a wowwwwww, it's simply perfect. in the meanwhile I'm looking for an "old" skin but I'm not able to choose which one, both have something that didn't conviced me totally, maybe because it tooks too time for upload properly and I have to leave SL before seeing how they fit (I don't understand what happen, my avi is often "called" for an unrequested tp and I spent my time click "no")
  16. uhmmm in my opinion you were much better before, a matter of taste... anyway cool love this one
  17. none on the horizon, from sunrise to sunset... lost in the middle of NOWHERE
  18. I'm getting ready for a summer totally alone except for some natural presence... really? no, I'm not ready, for me summer is swim each time is possible, with this social distancing will be a nightmare go to the beach and I wonder if it will be possible and how...😒
  19. seems that the beach time is come πŸ˜… playing with wl and filter I saw so many wonderful shot looking the last posts, congrats to all 😊
  20. I feel in between the awakening of spring and the nightmare of the covid19... trying each day to choose the first one
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