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  1. blowing hard can make a dream come true? I hope so
  2. lucky woman, but you are less bear than me and in the evening you go out dancing 😉
  3. I felt in love with this place (is a pity that I always lose details in the distance) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mishiland/8/196/75
  4. I "want" to collect all your photos 🥰
  5. when I look at your friendship photos I miss so much my old friends.. is a pity that aren't anymore on sl
  6. many thanks to @Horus Salubrius @Zzevir and @Scylla Rhiadra (love your words) for having spent time on visiting my exhibit, I take care a lot about this enviromental problem, and thanks also for the tips 😊
  7. every time your photos amaze me .. they are really well done
  8. I have been very busy lately, in rl as in sl, so I rarely attend the forum but I take on moment to tell you that today I finished to work at my new exhibition that will open tomorrow I hope the lm works, like all the other stuff. Thanks to whom want to come and see 😊 Cave Hominem
  9. I need to visit.. Saskia do gorgeous photos. thanks Scylla
  10. it's always a pleasure spend some time with a friend 🥰 thank you @Horus Salubrius (that actually isn't a woman of course but is a great friend)
  11. the house is magnificent.. I'm curious to see your work and also what Littleme Jewell and Prokofy Neva have done :) good luck to everyone
  12. Interesting, is possible see the houses furnished? there is a lm? an other one stupid question.. how works? how you can participate? I ask for next year, thanks 😊
  13. thanks Scylla, you are so kind as always :) the exhibit is open just to women and only on invite so if someone want to see please send me a message inworld 😊 well done, going around on the different land with own horse is wonderful 😍
  14. stunning also this one is stunning 🥳 all your outfit and your avi are so stylish, love both 😍 love it stylish and fab
  15. Thanks for you visit and more 🥰 happy you enjoy I think I need to stop to be a bear and enjoy good music and dancing sometimes 😎
  16. Thanks dear Scylla for your warm words 🥰 I'm super happy that you liked and you have take a wonderful shot, as usual, that enfatize my work 😘
  17. ready and waiting for you, call me if I'm not here tomorrow here the exhibit
  18. relaxing... before finishing the final touches for the new exhibit's inauguration
  19. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” Friedrich Nietzsche
  20. lately I'm spending linden for the tier of the land and buy trees and rocks and everything you need to create the landscape, any kind of furniture and houses, if I wanted to change style, I have an inventory full of those 😎 (and I love Fanatik but is really expensive 😬)
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