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  1. I believe it's mainland? I am unsure, I stay in the Iris region on a houseboat. I am fairly new to house boats and living on public lands I've always been secluded on homesteads and personal regions and I decided to step out of that box. The main reason is because being alone gets quite lonely here. Me and my wife are looking to socialize more, meet more people, actually talk to neighbors, maybe organize a few game nights back at our place; etc. My name is Pharaoh, it's a pleasure to meet any of you that respond, or message me in world if you'd prefer. Hopefully I meet some new people, thanks for taking a read.
  2. I'm looking for a 30k land around 17k-18k weekly. Something large in size, I'll be placing 7-8 houses down It's not a community rental sim, but a sim where all my family members will be living together. Anything available? I'm looking to relocate Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
  3. Pleasure to meet you Jinny! My name is Pharaoh, I'm not new but I've always been in some kind of shell when it comes to socialization. I just recently began to change that and become a tad bit more social. I usually sit on my land decorating, landscaping, or playing board games I've purchased.
  4. Currently paying 14,888. Land rentals pricing just went up and looking for anything around this price, preferably lower. Or a 30k sim for a reasonable price, as we're already paying this much, a little bump for more prims won't hurt too much. Please IM SatanTM In-world.
  5. I'm sad that I read through this and saw so much blatant ignorance. I am Samoan, full blooded. I've watched tribal tattoos get thrown all over Secondlife with absolutely no regard, no knowledge, and no willingness to explain the meanings behind any of them. Now onto the more pressing subjects, does this mean I do not want my culture 'appreciated' at all? No, that isn't the case at all. It's a very simple concept, so I implore you all to delve into understanding it. Tribal tattoos in my culture, Fa'a Samoa, (The Samoan way), isn't just lying down to get tattooed by an artist. You have to earn these tattoos. So by all means, yes, I do mean do not go into some random tattoo parlor and ask for a tatau (tattoo), as that also isn't traditional. If you are going to 'appreciate' my culture, do it the correct way and the way we would honor it within our own culture. A tatau isn't just a tattoo, you are given the right and honor to have one by Samoan elders. No, you do not have to be Samoan, but if you truly want the tattoo, do it the right way and know the history behind why we get those to this day. As for 'dreads' yes, they have been found 30,000+ years ago, you can all have 'dreads'. 'Locs' are an entirely different concept, as African Americans were shamed and insulted in regards to their hair, to the point that historically they were called 'dreads' as a slur. (Look it up, I am not a history book.) You can become someone else, that's what Secondlife is. If you're going to become someone else for the fun and beauty of it, do some research and pay respects to the cultures you are 'appreciating', do things the right and traditional ways, etc. In those senses, nobody will be offended and we can all live happily as we 'appreciate' one anothers cultures.
  6. Correct, I'm hoping as this is the plan, people who want to interact within a community.
  7. That's actually a really good idea as well, I will discuss that with my wife. Thank you so much for the advice.
  8. Thank you. I have no intention of making a profit. It's purely to have a family environment and make new friends in a beautiful neighborhod we've created. So far we have 10 homes on the land, 2 are taken by us of course. Besides that we were decorating each home, lightly, not fully. Then leaving them around 500-600 prims. We do have a 30k region right now. I would love to have a discussion!
  9. So me and my wife are opening a neighborhood sim soon. (Yes we have worked out all the logistics, it's mainly to have a fun place to have families here and make good friends, not for money making.) We were thinking of hiring people for certain things. We have a daycare on land, a donut shop, a theatre, taco shop, post office, grocery store, and mini shops. What would be a good rate if we chose to offer people l's, small amounts of course, just for the fun of it all, (or larger amounts depending on the popularity). Obviously we would give out schedules, but it would be nice to add realism to our neighborhood. Again it's just an idea, so I'm just shooting for some opinions.
  10. Currently renting 20k prims for 13,988 from RGF estates. Looking to upgrade to 30k. Nothing bizarre, that I can find just going to a main renter.
  11. Yes, 2020 has been a huge upset for me. I guess I'm just trying to liven it up. For some reason decorating with some christmas music in the back always puts me in better spirits.
  12. You my good sir are a life saver.
  13. Anyone know any working christmas streams? I can't seem to find any that work. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  14. I appreciate it, I think that's what I'm going to end up doing with the individual bowls. I appreciate the link.
  15. Hey, so I am finishing up my family neighborhood and wanted to know if an item exists that allows you to click and receive a trick or treat bag or basket, and go around to collect candy? Essentially trick or treating. If not, thank you for checking for me!
  16. I will say shyness stops me, lol. I see so many interesting avatars but anxiety tells me not to write them.
  17. I am having difficulties. I am building a house in Sketchup (I know it's inferior but I'm a beginner) and I want to know how to add definition to the home. it's all white, but there are no defined corners and walls. Like it just looks like an all white slate with no defined shadows or lines for the walls.
  18. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.
  19. So I just started using sketchup, (I know it's inferior to other programs but I am just starting out building anything) and I used dynamic doors and windows but for some reason they don't open or close in secondlife. Pretty much useless outside of sketchup. This may be dumb, but is there anyway to import opening doors and windows with my build? Beginners level hopefully, as I have never built a home in secondlife until now. Hopefully this makes sense.
  20. Sure! Add me @SatanTM on here and Pharaoux on GTA.
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