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  1. Whether you believe in good or evil, afterlife or nothing after death, heaven or hell, flat or spherical Earth, big bang or 'let there be light' ... you are physically, spiritually and mentally part of the unexplained world around you. Like an asteroid floating aimless through the cosmos, but with the gift of inspiration. Shut down your thoughts and allow inspiration to flow through you. The infinity of the cosmos are jealous of your privilege.
  2. Sorry, but not sorry to post two in a row ...
  3. Is your AO working in-world and you just can't use the HUD? If so, make sure you aren't wearing something large and transparent on the HUD that is blocking all the other HUDs. Or that you haven't accidentally moved a HUD off the screen. Some HUDs use a large transparent area to store resources like button graphics and that can get moved in the way.
  4. AR will be the only thing that gains mass acceptance. Once they figure out how to pack everything into something stylish (or better yet, inject it right into your eyeball). That's when you'll be able to set the color & texture of your furniture and walls, bring a friend into the room with you, display data on everything you are looking at, or put a screen anywhere, any size. VR is just too isolating. You pretty much have to be alone in an empty room to truly use it. I feel like VR is getting all the bugs worked out and refining the technology for the future of AR.
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