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  1. We've got big evolved brains and an unevolved need for reproduction. It seems that nature wants us to figure out better power solutions and continue to grow. What if one day Earth is just a massive city? We've harnessed the power of the sun since we chose not to regress into obscurity and along the road solved all the terrible things. We would then focus on bigger things like dealing with the dimming finite universe instead.
  2. I won't eat bugs, but I would have no problem helping to fund test tube meat to make it affordable. If you can grow specific muscle protein in a container without having to destroy any potential souls, then I'll deal with it. I have no problem cutting the head off a chicken for dinner but something about chicken babies hatching out of eggs and travelling down conveyor belts to a meat shredder because of their sex just rubs me the wrong way. Buy products in glass and metal containers.
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