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  1. You are absolutely bein' a carin' about the price tag or you wouldn't have posted it. 🙃 (I feel so bad for all the people out there named Karen right now 😟 ) Yes, I will spend this much on a nice item that keeps complexity down. Comes with the added perk that not everybody has it! 😁
  2. The SL height skale is confusing and messy and I like it that way. 😁
  3. You say that you are "reasonably certain" that "they don't normally" draw their guns in those situations. Then you used the stat about officers actually firing their weapons as the fact to back it up. Am I reading this wrong? I've gone searching many times for videos and articles on weapons being drawn on black people during standard traffic stops. There are plenty. Those are just the ones that are reported or recorded. There is so little data on "how my experience went with the police". People almost need to be able to leave a review. I can tell you that I am going to listen to the enormous group of black people telling me that there is an injustice against them over the smaller group of police with all the power. We really do need a community driven first response force that can take care of most of the things you mention. They need people skills for all that, not military training. Soliders and SWAT (relatively speaking) have no business pulling people over for out taillights.
  4. So many people think they are just going to stand up in front of protestors and say "Look! I put together this pie chart that proves once and for all that you don't have any concerns. Go on home and enjoy your lives! Better go quick. ... here comes the tear gas!"
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