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  1. Valid concern. I wouldn't want that either. Lumiya got it right in that it added touch control where needed and converted the floating windows into pages, but didn't try to change the way the 3D space looked. It was also ready for things like Dex and Tablets with different aspect ratios & resolutions. It's disappointing that the developer didn't include an advanced mode where a person could crank up the settings and see just how far their device could go. As it is I have all the highest settings set in Lumiya and the observed framerate / download speed is great. I have an HP OMEN that does fairly well with SL but I love to run SL on my Surface GO. I used to run it on my Samsung TabPro S Gold (Windows 10, 8GB model) before it melted and that was like 3 years ago. I feel like the higher-end mobile devices are ready to start handling SL in it's entirety for those of us who turn down the settings or are willing to deal with a lower framerate. After all, SL has always tried to be accommodating to older machines. That could translate to mobile devices today. I feel like the sacrifice should be made by the user. Unfortunately as everyone piles on the 1 star reviews for "Terrible framerate, total garbage", it encourages exactly what you fear Kimmi. I guess what I am asking for is an Android / IOS viewer with a mobile interface that doesn't try to change the way things work. The suggestion I made earlier about viewing the first part of neighboring regions could be an option in all viewers, but I don't know how it all comes together so that could be totally impossible. As was said above, it's a niche thing right now and just doesn't have the userbase to support it. I get that. I FEEL like it could be a bigger thing in the future though as more people realize that their mobile phone is as powerful as their laptop and by docking their phone in a shell they essentially have a laptop. And once hardware catches up they will start putting video cards in the laptop shells so that the mobile becomes a gaming laptop ... blah blah blah ... MSFT starts punching themselves in the face because they invented, and then immediately gave up on the next best technology in order to put more focus on ........... github? Anyways you know the story. This post is long.
  2. This explains why some of the animations in my AO won't work. Hopefully the developer will go open source. Right now Lumiya is limtied to 96 meters and does not communicate with neighboring regions. There must be some way to render just the first few meters of neighboring regions so that you can at least see it and walk into it. This way (after reading the neighboring regions) you are only talking to one region at a time. I don't have any idea how the API works so this might be impossible. It seems to me that LL would have better success supporting mobile rather than VR / AR.
  3. I wish that Lumiya was still being developed.I still have an old version installed on my Galaxy S9+. Heres a screen from my Samsung S9+ running in Dex mode via an HP Lapdock...
  4. I'll bet this kind of thing doesn't help first impressions either.
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