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  1. I hear Saturn is nice this time of epoch. 😜
  2. Yes. I will never understand why I have no problem with Furries either.
  3. EDIT: You are correct that I wasn't thinking about how you can be premium and downgrade to basic without losing anything. It didn't even cross my mind because it didn't need to. This would be a separate system set up specifically to encourage new sign ups and retention if that need actually exists. The inventory purchased in this case would have been purchased with new arrival credits. A balance that can be used to purchase no-transfer items only. Any UUID purchased under this account would be subject to removal. Those items would become officially yours after some time (proving your resident status). By that time you probably wouldn't even care about those items. I sincerely hope that LL is run by people that understand being overloaded with customer demands. I don't expect customers to come to my rescue. I want constant complaints and demands and I enjoy the challenge + reward of meeting them.
  4. I don't really think that the classic free trial would work in SL. Take Eve Online for instance. Last I knew about it, you'd get a "free 30 day trial". You would put hours into research, and possibly hours of travelling. You would build up your ship and start a modest inventory. You'd join a group and start making a few friends. Right as things would start making sense and you were getting the hang of it, it would be time to start your subscription. Otherwise ... you don't login anymore. SL is even more forgiving in that you still get to login and go at it yourself if you want. It IS possible to do it without fraud. Whether it's actually worth it or not? I don't know.
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