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  1. Is anybody forcing anyone to give up information? It's give and take for me. For whatever the reasoning, the person who asks and the person who answers should know that whatever they say is going to change the dynamic of the relationship. I see this the opposite way. The "entitlement" is coming from the side that chooses to lie and then continue on with the relationship. Well since we all know that everyone changes over time, a little honesty among fools would be awesome!
  2. It's not okay to deceive people that are growing close enough to start asking those questions of each other and then continue growing the relationship on a lie. Not only are you deceiving your supposed friend, but you are also setting the whole thing up for failure. If the intimate relationship is going to fail anyways, what's wrong with telling the truth right away? I mean, at least then you have a chance, and will most likely be able to remain friends afterwards. I can only think of the worst forms of selfishness to lie about something so fundamental to someone you supposedly care about. If you care about them and can't tell the truth for whatever reason, then don't get intimately involved with them! Many fish. Control yourself. I mean unless you are in RP or some group that says "No telling, who cares?" but that isn't what we are talking about here.
  3. In SL you aren't really buying a thing. You are buying a license to use it. The original creation still belongs to the creator (and most likely LL) unless they choose otherwise. The creator could still port their creation to other markets. Would you want to take that away from them?
  4. If someone were highly motivated they could purchase a domain with a similar name to some popular image hosting site like flickr.guru or use a bit.ly link. They could join up in some conversation at a regular place where you hang out and gain a tiny bit of trust among the group and then send a link of a picture of something relevant to the conversation. If you clicked it, the URL would resolve to their own server and, assuming you aren't on a VPN, they could collect your IP.
  5. Perfect. I will keep on working on it then. This is a great idea. Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep you updated.
  6. Attempting to build a server based NPC management system. I've written a script that downloads and buffers a set of future actions from a server based on the object's UUID and ownership. It's set to check the list for new actions every 30 seconds and buffers the next 30 seconds of actions. It uses a 1 second interval timer. If you tell the object you want it to move to some far away location, the object picks up that action. It splits the movement into 1 second intervals so that you can move smoothly across long distances. (working on adding character properties for pathfinding). You can also tell the object to talk or do other things like apply an animation for animesh. Since it's location is stored on the server, the objects interact with each there instead of in SL. The server sees where all objects will be in the future so actions can be sent down to the object (like talking) 30 seconds ahead of time. You can control the objects from the server. My questions: Are 1 second intervals bad? Most importantly, is the ability to control objects outside of SL scripting against some scripting TOS? Anything I've mentioned here set off alarms? I don't want to continue if it's going to get banned. Thanks!
  7. The moment that ex's start texting pictures of the things they are doing to the AV with your likeness ... it becomes a problem. Imagine what a stalker could try to intimidate you with! Videos of you in the situations they wish you were in. 😬 This was illegal on DS9. 😆
  8. Your work or the people you know. I know nothing about you or the people you work with.
  9. Naturalistic Intelligence 100% Musical Intelligence 100% Logical-Mathematical Intelligence 100% Existential Intelligence 100% Interpersonal Intelligence 100% Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 100% Linguistic Intelligence 100% Interpersonal Intelligence 100% Visual-Spatial Intelligence” 100% Self-Awareness Intelligence 0% Now multiply for my compound intelligence.
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