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  1. I've realized I rarely ever leave my lands outside of shopping really, so I'm making an attempt to change that. This isn't me saying 'no one likes me' it's just that I don't put myself out there enough to socialize. I mean I see people and their avatars intrigue me, but then I go about my day lol. Bad habit that I'm hoping to kill; so here goes. My name is Pharaoh, guess I'll list random facts and hobbies I have lying around. By lying around I mean I extensively thought out this list. 1. I'm Samoan and Jamaican. 2. I'm a published poet/pharmacy student. 3. I love mythology, specifically Chinese and Irish. 4. I'm a history fanatic. 5. I think my sexual preference is Hozier.
  2. Oh yes, I definitely CC'd our franchise owner already and he's being spoken to/fired, who knows at this time.
  3. I manage a best buy and still have to come in daily to do intake... on an empty store. My boss decided to email me a pdf list of 28 employees and told me 'fire them, effective immediately' that's it. Leaves me to fire 28 people who have families and bills; yesterday was the worst day ever lol. Hearing the sadness over the phones killed me. Needless to say, mental health is going downhill for me.
  4. Queer person of color here, hello! IW: SatanTM.
  5. Hello, my name is Pharaoh. I've only been actively on SL for about 3-4 months but I'm looking to meet more people. I have tended to drift to more urban areas, but conversation usually lacks there. I figured, there must be forums and alas! I found them. I guess to get a feel of who I am, look into my instagram: here or my poetry page: words I am a poet, a recluse, and sometimes a fool. Introduce yourself? Or anything? I don't know.
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