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  1. hey everyone! hope you guys are having a great weekend. top photos - raw shots bottom photos - edited shots
  2. currently giving my avatar a new makeover, she's almost finished and I'll post a photo update.
  3. Devil and Angel theme party 💞
  4. Look for today. For the first time I use shadows and might say I love.
  5. Hey Guys! Again All Of Your Avatar Looks Amazing As Always! Today I Am Decided To Try Out A New Hair Color And I Have To Say I Love It Anyways Have A Great Day & Week Everyone!
  6. Listening to music and decorating and decided to take part in the challenge
  7. I've been in these clothes for a couple days but this how my avi looks today. I'm currently at a my second football game. Everyone avis looks so beautiful as always ❤️
  8. Yesterday/ This Morning I Took This Photo. So This How My Avatar Looks Today.
  9. Hello! I am interested in being apart of your family. I can not PM you in world at the moment but i will definitely PM you tomorrow or Wednesday. My in world name is fth29288 in world -- Sooyaa
  10. Anyone Hiring Models or Hosts? Hello. I am Sooyaa(fth29288) . I am currently looking for a job. I am 4 months new to the game. Is anyone looking for a model,hosts or photographer? If yes please IM me inword Sooyaa(fth29288).
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