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  1. To anyone who wants SL to be more like Roblox, Minecraft, and whatever nightmare Zuckerberg creates: Why are you here?
  2. Agreed. You've got to know your hive. Some people work better face-to-face and others work better from the park. If deadlines are met and tasks are completed, it shouldn't matter. It's a pet peeve of mine when a manager is one or the other and can't seem to play both sides. Hopefully this whole thing has opened some eye though.
  3. I find it sort of confusing when I am the only one tipping ("Am I tipping a re-run of last week's show right now??") I wonder if people choose not to tip when someone else in the room is consistently tipping. I like to give to sploders because I feel like it gives some tipping L$ to people who might not have tipped otherwise, but I'm probably just mostly giving to the club's bots. Either way, it's going to the cause.
  4. Remember too that humans are a force of nature which includes everything they create. It's all natural. Aside from nature's move toward big brains, humans were never officially tasked with managing the Earth. If anything, nature is still responsible. She still needs to remove some of the carnal nonsense from the big brains before blame can be assigned.
  5. Education is #1. If people know the actual cost of things, they will find alternatives like hunting, farming, or eating bugs (their choice.) So long as the bug eaters don't try to take the rifles of the hunters and the land from the farmers. You'll hear that "more trees in the last 40 years" stat, but an established forest is so much more valuable than trees in a park. The same percentage needed to vaccinate for herd immunity. I swear if "they" didn't take advantage of this fact and stop reproduction or something then "they" are idiots who don't really exist. I've learned that it's okay to be annoyed with scare tactics AND understand climate change at the same time. People use the "entire population of Earth could be housed in the state of Texas" theory to try and prove that there isn't a population problem. All that does for me is make me think of a creature the size of Texas roaming around consuming the planet and trying to survive. I don't think it would last long.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFca8sTbbkg
  7. Imagine the power you'd poses if you could create the second coming with holograms!!
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