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How does your avatar look today ?


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41 minutes ago, Skell Dagger said:

If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes...


@Skell Dagger you so remind of Grindelwald; just minus the mustache from current Harry Potter films alas was dragged to watch them by my Potter loving friend; keep hoping Chronicles of Narnia come back on big screen. However I do admire you creativity in your looks; I have to admit you do inspire me!  :) 

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7 minutes ago, Cristiano Midnight said:

Great picture - I'm a huge fan of your blog. It's been amazingly helpful in helping a long time SL person navigate the craziness that is mesh avatars. Thank you :)

Thank you! And you're very welcome. I'm glad it's proved helpful to you :)

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Requiem for Passchendaele

So today, apart from being the day before what we (in Canada) call Remembrance Day, is also the 102nd anniversary of the end of the Battle of Passchendaele (or Third Battle of Ypres), which was fought between 31 July and 10 November 1917. British, Canadian, and ANZAC troops fought for possession of a nightmarish landscape of crater-pocked and blood-drenched mud in a battle that has come to exemplify the futility and horror of trench warfare in the Great War.

Allied casualties during the course of the battle have been estimated at close to 300,000 men; German losses were likely slightly higher.

To His Love (1916)
(Ivor Gurney)

He’s gone, and all our plans
Are useless indeed.
We’ll walk no more on Cotswolds
Where the sheep feed
Quietly and take no heed.

His body that was so quick
Is not as you
Knew it, on Severn River
Under the blue
Driving our small boat through.

You would not know him now . . .
But still he died
Nobly, so cover him over
With violets of pride
Purple from Severn side.

Cover him, cover him soon!
And with thick-set
Masses of memoried flowers --
Hide that red wet
Thing I must somehow forget.



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