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  1. Just need the Ziggy Stardust make up then your all set! Sorry I <3 Bowie
  2. Grey wet day for boat ride but not feeling blue because it Monday or wet! Yes, puns intended but what can I say other than I love blue!
  3. Awww @BelindaN I'm not out in sense of leaving thread, meant on what been discussed as still gonna post so not leaving you! *smoosh hugs your face!*
  4. Okay; I'm fairly new to this thread but knew Orwar pre here and I met a few and friended some from this thread; if honest I found them nothing but very friendly and easy to talk however I really appreciate the fact that they don't get annoyed I can be quiet as I admit I am an introvert but I do like posting pictures on here and if people like that then it bonus and if they don't then I won't sweat it because I take pictures simply for my enjoyment! I'm outs for now!
  5. Sometimes I like to feel cutie in look but today not so much!
  6. I'm making cookies ready for my host set at 8am SLT; and if you're lucky I might share some with ya'll before I work!
  7. Reminds me of Hermes, funnily his Roman name is my ruling planet however I love this!
  8. Thanks, it just was idea I had and I thought this was good place to share it!
  9. Same photo; 3 different Windlights and not sure which one I love the most.
  10. I will not be tempted by the yummy looking cakes in bakery which I'm going past whilst on my bike ride; LOL!
  11. I tried using Blackdragon but got totally and utterly confused so removed it and shall stick to doing my pictures in Firestorm; they not may be amazing buuut ya know what I have fun regardless and to me that what matters!
  12. I think I stick to my usual Fall look; jumper/hoodie/zip up hoodie with t-shirt, jeans and trainers like so much easier and plus comfy and practical!
  13. My best friend; Angel since I was a week old in SL and they always been by my side and a true friend though our last picture of us was out of date so we did new one yesterday!
  14. I was gonna suggest that next once you shortened it to edit the event post; you're welcome!
  15. Many years I remember telling my ex Cali Dom (jokingly) on voice to shut his gob, I'm from UK, he goes quiet for few seconds then goes babycakes, is it on show? Cue me losing it for 45 minutes of laughter; my real life mom had to physically to take headset to explain what I had said because each time I tried, I would start laughing again and luckily for me; he enjoyed talking to my mom as much as me but once he got told meaning; he saw funny side too!
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