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  1. Okayyy. soo ya really want to know how to de-render all the males in sl? It pretty simple; press Alt + F4; job done!
  2. @Katherine HeartsongI know Carol G released some cat tattoos recently, think likely to be at her mainstore now as was at few round back at Cosmo.
  3. Taken at Snowdrops: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cottage Grove/220/146/22
  4. I'm one trying to escape as I don't like to sit around!
  5. Looks like the left eye not sitting flush like other eye; looks like needs pulling forward a bit as looks really odd sat back in eye socket like that.
  6. Can I set up like a neko basket for me in here and have catnip?
  7. One of the eyes looks odd in Mother Goose picture and it perturbing shot because of that.
  8. Zombies are people and need love too!!!
  9. Thought so as posted in it; thanks for confirming my feeling was right!
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