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  1. Anytime! I looked through my vast collection of shoes, Carrie Bradshaw I repeat has nothing on Seren and her shoes though my wife jokes when I buy yet another pair, do you really need more shoes? I'm like yes, I do!
  2. Try ChicChica or Gos as they do gold shoes and hope that helps you!
  3. Thank you, yes I'm an introvert and don't talk a great deal but my friends are my world for me as are my sl husband and wife.
  4. Two very close friends of mine who I consider sisters; Holly with me in green and Mika with the bunneh ears. Holly has known me close on 10 yeaars, Mika close on 7 years however both are very dear to me and stood by me through my ups and downs plus both were maid of honours to my two weddings (Holly as MoH for my wedding to my husband and Mika as MoH for my wedding to my wife) and I treasure the bond I have with both as we have such fun together.
  5. Depends on what style pose you want as many poses out there on MP; whether you want bento poses or non bento poses as depends on style pose you want as my poses vary to the photo I'm shooting.
  6. First maybe Doux Playful; and third one possibly Doux Carla but only guessing.
  7. As some of you know; I got married again yesterday (I'm in triad relationship, it works, the 3 of us are very happy together) and made Sneak my wife not just my girlfriend and she now sits proudly in my partner box which is really for me a big deal as first person I had in that box since my ex husband Master left SL for RL reasons and other reasons disclosed privately to me 6 years; so yes been in other relationships but nothing has amazing and as special as this triad relationship. Anyways enough rambling from me, here is the pictures of two brides so presenting Mrs Sneak Stormdragon and Mrs Seren Stormdragon.
  8. I so need a copy of this as it is beautiful!! ❤️
  9. Taya recommended this sim and we ran into each other! The tale 2 of Alices....
  10. As recommended by fellow forumer; Underwhere. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campton/48/36/3664
  11. Can find some at vintage fair on going currently and is some made by Belle Epoque, Just Because, Dead Dollz, MooH, Kaithleen's off top of my head.
  12. MrsSeren


    Seren wears crotch pasties on her naughty bits if she wearing skirt or dress then is no VPL - so much easier than worrying about VPL!
  13. This photo for photo challenge I entered; I'm recreating when Satine makes her debut in film Moulin Rouge; not exact recreation however I'm more than happy with my attempt.
  14. As RL me is writing my blog entry and thought to reflect that.
  15. Further info found at my blog as linked; https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2020/06/neon-fever.html
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