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  1. MrsSeren

    Skin talk

    Okay; I'm slightly tanned as Seren but my freckles came with my skin and it is by Lumae.
  2. I finally started decorating my place for Christmas and I'm happy with how it looks though debating to ask my landlord to temporarily till Feb to make sand snow texture!
  3. I love having manicures and pedicures on Seren; then again being a neko she needs long beautiful nails!!
  4. I was actually enjoying reading you two discuss your different points of view as both of you were so polite to other about each other's view; shame that can't happen more often js! Back on topic; I still love and enjoy my Maitreya despite shoulder thing; main reason I'm reluctant go to Legacy is cost as can only afford to buy lindens twice a year as treat as on RL low income and what I make as hostess I generally save and do okay with that I get.
  5. Okay; I'm keeping well however I'm bloody cold at keyboard so in my RL pjs, slipper booties with socks on feet, and my half dressing gown but I'm still cold!!!
  6. Only time I spam my photos in Flickr when it related to my blog; otherwise for fun shots then not so much.
  7. Another good day, did some studying, managed to re-colour my real life hair and finish off two colouring in pictures so good day!
  8. Today is another good day mentally wise; otherwise I am feeling good and planning a photo with a close friend for a photo challenge then we do her photo for same challenge; we met because of this person who hosts these monthly challenges. So I look forward to see what her idea comes out like as I'm excited about mine too!
  9. https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/12/baby-its-cold-outside.html
  10. Yyou click your friend's name but that starts a private chat, but have you clicked the phone icon in the im box to start the private voice call?
  11. I shop alone, for events I will stand in one spot and cam; I rarely let anyone join me and my partner gets the fashion show after so win win!
  12. Seren was found dead; surrounded by bags of catnip; presumed death by overdosing on catnip.
  13. I hit 100 posts with this entry to my blog; http:// https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/12/quiet-moments.html
  14. Today is good day with my mental health, I'm feeling good mentally though full of a cold! But I had lemsip; and been keeping fluids up so I be okay but in meantime I'm enjoying being snuggled under my duvet!
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