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  1. MrsSeren

    Where are all the black people...

    Same here.... just varies to house like it does there - somethings on both sides of pond are same and somethings are not.
  2. MrsSeren

    Where are all the black people...

    Most Brits have bath too, well do in house I live in and reference bog, you may found odd British person using the term however to me it the loo; lol!
  3. MrsSeren

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I updated Seren last night, she still same person however I just decided to update her so how she looked last night when hanging out with her one of best guy friends.
  4. MrsSeren

    Help neck issue - RESOLVED!

    Update..... did a relog and that fixed like PHEW!
  5. MrsSeren

    Help neck issue - RESOLVED!

    I'm wondering what caused this and looked at Maitreya hud and no neck not alphed out there so yeah; HELP! EDIT: I'm wearing a Catwa Kathy head if that helps https://gyazo.com/f3010e9758edb86ad4d51c0a7de143aa
  6. MrsSeren

    Giving You What You Want?

    Nope! The River and Benny farts too; which is funny for the VIPs, alas not for us staff who on stage with him when he lets one rip!
  7. MrsSeren

    Giving You What You Want?

    Yeah, best thing to do is make the tip jar FUN so staff can have fun with it!! We have Benny the Gator complete with his girlfriend; Betty the Beaver and our staff (I'm a manager for said venue) love having fun with them both and that how it should be; I think.
  8. MrsSeren

    Giving You What You Want?

    I can just say something; not ALL clubs take a cut from your tips as I know from a few I worked and currently work for do not take cut of my tips.
  9. MrsSeren

    Female avatar Skin tones

    Personally Seren uses Lumae skin because what I love is you get head, body applier, shapes all in one so you dont have to hunt around for a match! I am sure others will chime in with their opinions but once your girl is fully set up, all I ask for is lovely picture of you both all dressed up and looking lovely as your such a sweetheart to do this for her!
  10. Each to their own but I don't regret doing it, like I said may bite my butt later however for now I'm happy as I am and if seren ends up looking dated then I shall cheerfully just say; she not dated; she just vintage - lol!
  11. MrsSeren

    free DEMO clothes question... changing script?

    Demo is short for Demonstration; so yeah short answer is no and long answer is pay to buy non demo version and then you have no banners etc !
  12. I been here coming up to 6 years in Sept; I am just over 40K worth of inventory items and I will say mine is pretty well organised. Clothing folder has many sub folders, some basics like tops or dresses have sub folders of style top or dress and then outfits like denim outfits or non denim outfits have sub folders of pants or skirt style so I really enjoy being able to put outfit and know what I want where it is roughly. Only a year back I got rid all of clothing with system layers, and just 6 months back I got rid of clothing with appliers as only applier based things Seren wears is her nails, make up, tats and skin however my decision on deleting the system clothing layers outfits I own and or applier clothing outfits may come back to bite but honestly, I prefer seeing mesh clothing on Seren as I think it looks better.
  13. MrsSeren

    Where are all the black people...

    Exactly on last line however reminds me of recent conversation I had with person in club I work at, as I'm a neko/kitteh girl... he said he had to stay away from because he's a dog boy; which amused me and still does.
  14. MrsSeren

    Best Mesh Head for realistic reactions?

    I found the program PaintNet; a great photo editing program plus it's FREE! I included two photos; on I took in FS and how I edited it in said program. Original photo I took PaintNet edited image below;
  15. MrsSeren

    Not good enough

    Noticed OP hasn't come back and clarified what the issues come under so till then will be assumptions left, right and centre.