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  1. I just finished hosting for my friend who was my DJ at club I used to work at; we went to step off the stage however I got down but my friend got stuck on his tip jar and only leaving region and coming back would fix it but I managed to get picture for future giggles and this was almost 3 years back - still makes me giggle!
  2. Just curious how many times since you got your mesh body and or mesh head (you can have system head for this thread too as not anti system head); how many times you changed you look since you originally got it. I got my Maitreya Lara in Apr 2015; since then I changed the skin 4 times; originally was wearing WoW skins however since gone to Lumae; had elf ears but since discarded however found some cute ones by Swallow which I may get and end up changing my skin yet again - we shall see. Number of changes: 4 to date. If you can suggest a better title for this thread; I'd be grateful as can't think of one so this will do for now.
  3. I'm a terrible RL singer but I love hearing Amforte, Cori Darkhorse (I think that her name ) and Savannah Rains; those my faves!
  4. I believe Vista does this already as bento AO if you choose to wear a phone!
  5. I will take pictures later and add to the appropriate threads!
  6. Blueberry have blouse called Blaise too
  7. They need to fix FB posting that was linked to your viewer as I miss being able to post pictures and not upload to separate SL album on FB but now I have to do so.
  8. Just slightly off topic; not every host uses gestures like crazy when they host; personally when I host I can honestly say I hardly use them but each host has their own unique hosting style so easy to stereotype hosts js.
  9. Ponders, for me I guess what I like on myself comes into play a lot as well as being able to wear stuff I physically either don't have figure for or self confidence and being able to carry off in pixels more with pride as can be more daring or should say skimpy however currently seren not that skimpy in her current outfit.
  10. What funny, I can be scrolling through Instagram and I follow a few designers on there and mom will either sat next to me as I do as she can either coo at cute cat picture or video (as she likes looking at the cat pages I follow) and then suddenly something from designer I follow will come up then she will say helpfully or not so; that Seren needs that or no that not Seren style.... guess she likes to help me style my pixels! Seriously though, I do not mind her picking out things for Seren as she generally knows my style; so it fun because in way she helps and gives me new ideas for looks.
  11. My best friends and mom know i use SL; mom understands that is actual people behind the pixels and she loves that I get to meet from world wide plus some now have become friends in real life so for me that is amazing. My best friends love seeing my pictures I take, what work I do on my blog and help give me fresh ideas for said blog.
  12. You mean people still like and actually use the TMP; like who knew? Wow, amazing and guess some folks have lindens to burn but each to their own.
  13. MrsSeren


    One I linked is mesh however it is skin tight that can assure you of as I love it plus works with bento hands great!
  14. As I said Lumae, have freckles included so can either have no freckles or freckles so don't need to worry about layer in use.
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