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  1. Bloody hell, I guess someone thinks they you know what don't stink! I think I give that place a wide berth!
  2. https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/10/daddys.html
  3. When I post events as hostess, for DJs I choose nightlife as category when I post events and I agree with Kimmi; DJs need their own separate category.
  4. Sadly I have to agree with you! Thanks for giggle, I sorely needed that!
  5. Can I just all the posters in this thread inspire me in my photos and help me push myself further so can I just say thank you for that. I'm learning paint.net editing skills so with thanks to you all being so supportive and encouraging along with few in world friends; I wouldn't of had the confidence to start posting in this friends so yeah i really appreciate that. I'm so going to continue this, I am having way too much fun to stop now! This when I had to dress for friend's early Halloween party a few days back; as she going away and won't be back to November so I made picture and use as current in world profile picture.
  6. I love using Flickr, if people feel happy enough to follow and give a fave my pictures then I take as compliment as I admit I have improved a lot plus still learning more all the time!
  7. https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/10/wet-windy-evening.html
  8. My close friend who I'm hosting for today; we decided to be bloody Nuns!
  9. https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/10/there-is-worse-things-i-could-do.html
  10. When I first started using virtual worlds, I was Serenity but my Welsh friend kept shortening to Seren as she says I'm her star of a friend as Seren is Welsh girl's name meaning star; Mrs because when I first came to SL on this account; I came with my then partner from another virtual world which very behind in terms of animations, clothes etc who I was married too but he since left SL for RL and other reasons 5 years back. So I guess I'm technically MsSeren now; LOL!
  11. Either as Emily from Corpse Bride or Zombie Kitteh!!
  12. If I'm just grabbing a nap, I leave Seren on at home where she usually relaxing on her sofa with auto-response on where as if I'm going anything like grocery shopping then I log off and for end of day when done with SL then I log off again.
  13. https://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/10/think-pink.html
  14. This picture I took today is for Halloween themed photo contest; it had to be taken a certain theme and be Halloween themed obviously. I call i; I told YOU not to call ME a BUNNY BOILER!!! Anyone know any decent Halloween sims, feel free to add in here with any pictures you take!
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