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  1. MrsSeren

    Bald Hairbase?

    Should be on your Catwa Master hud, if you go to hairbase tab (see the screengrab below) and hit clear - that should clear said hairbase. https://gyazo.com/d09c23a19b5b31e9334a68c68149f603
  2. MrsSeren

    Looking for modeling position

    Can always share on sites; like Plurk, Instagram, Flickr but with Flickr unless you pay you are limited to 1000 shots to give few examples.
  3. MrsSeren

    Dark Theme for forums please. :)

    Oh, sorry I can't read black on white without my glasses one (which currently being repaired) so I write in a colour I can see which happens to be purple; as white background really gives me bad headache so been using chrome thing temporarily till I read about it however I still find easier to write in purple.
  4. MrsSeren

    For everyone in SL who use Flickr

    Drake Tiger, where the catnip for me? As you know I prefer catnip and other goodies
  5. MrsSeren

    Looking for modeling position

    I know periodically Candy Kitten looks for in world models but rare a store has in world models from what I seen.
  6. MrsSeren

    Dark Theme for forums please. :)

    Now that was super sneaky but I will say this: THANK YOU!!!
  7. Please note all DJs and Hosts have to be 30 days or OLDER in SL and DJs must be able to use a mic too!!
  8. Well, be so boring if we all enjoyed same thing as for me that beauty of SL that we can be anyone and do most things!
  9. Seren recently in last few months hit 5 years old; I enjoy being a hostess for various venues I worked in that time period; I enjoy dabbling in photography and blogging for fun and designer I blog for. Recently got inducted into SL DJ & Host of Fame so I must be a pretty good hostess to get in there so that was accolade I was honoured and flattered to get. i love to play CaH with my friends and tiny empires with my fellow Hirilorn loonies as can be usually found curled up as neko does with my friends and eating a catnip cookie or two!
  10. MrsSeren

    Hide or change the birth date in SL

    Don't care if I show my SL age or not, like me or not I won't lose sleep over it as at end of day I am happy being just myself and those that know me accept me for me. For reference seren hit 5 years few months back and this not my first SL account either.
  11. MrsSeren

    Best VIP groups for gifts

    Candy Kitten: the VIP group costs 400L$ to join however get 300L$ gift card every month exclusive for the VIP members, MM board for VIPs, plus regular group gifts and two lucky letter boards in store for VIPs though don't see many lucky chairs as once did.
  12. MrsSeren

    I ask for your opinion

    As fair skin, dark red hair in SL and life, I would go far right chocolate brown one (or as you called it; Rust but rust is more orangy than that) as it adds warmth to our fair skin as well as providing a pretty contrast to our dark red hair as black can be too harsh close to face (my school uniform was black, was very harsh on my skin) and nude colours can just make us look even more washed out however good second option is silver grey/gray (spelt both ways as not sure if your UK or USA as that reason I wrote both ways) so chocolate brown or the grey would work nice on our skin tones with our hair. You can see example of silver grey on seren in my picture on here; I will try to find something chocolate brown that seren owns; near my face later so you can see how it looks. Edit: the Rust looks more chocolate brown than rust personally and tan comes under aforementioned nudes. Rust: is more like this which can work but not always.
  13. Yes, I learned that one hard way as I once accidentally enabled before hosting and was 3 months old - was like like why can't I move and my friend worked it out and told me solution luckily!!
  14. MrsSeren


    Dead Dollz has few Chinese and Japanese style outfits in her world store, which are stunning as I own them!
  15. MrsSeren

    Hibernation Termination

    When not working at The River or Turtle Coast; I can be found randomly sim hopping or at home or shopping at event if one has opened I want to explore.