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  1. In other news, i'm feeling like myself again; doing few hours of colouring in and just talking to my mom helped so here's a happier shot!
  2. Just having one of those days, where I feel meh so jeans and hoodie day; plus B&W just fit my melancholy mood. I go back to my corner now; sorry I haven't posted for few days; just been not feeling like myself but I gonna soldier on and feel like myself eventually.
  3. I think they mean the extreme big bums, not ones you mentioned.
  4. This my SFW forum version; the none NSFW version is here: https://www.flickr.com/…/…/48083527148/in/dateposted-public/ and my friend's version of same themed picture: https://www.flickr.com/…/1633…/48083480786/in/dateposted-ff/
  5. Since opened or unpacked them; grand total kept: 6. So in two minds whether it was actually worth my time clicking but was planning to attend the event anyways as was fat pack of nails I wanted!
  6. I got most of them (albeit still unpack ones I got; lol); found 2 were no gifts no available from what I told was in local by gift, ignored the guy ones and rejected the Genus ones as I'm Catwa user though if honest I thought wasn't that bad a system and yes requires patience but don't most things in some aspect?
  7. Just saying in Firestorm, you can still save nearby chat and here is how: Preferences > Privacy > Logs & Transcripts then tick the box that says save nearby chat transcript. Tada; nearby chat is saved!
  8. Thanks, my friends are quite divided on the two pictures but interesting how both same shot however a flashing lightning can add such a difference!
  9. First shot I took, was at lightning flashed which took a lot of trying and second is after it faded and I'm using a night setting as felt it fitted theme of shot better! First shot: Second shot: Personally I'm not sure which I like best but included both so yo could see difference!
  10. Exile have one, I own it and it's called Iron Maiden! @BelindaN
  11. LOL; same here and boots are never hardship for me!
  12. In past played Gachas machine, like few rounds back at Epiphany was dress I wanted and matching shoes and I admit I was lucky; got within in 3 pulls however honestly, Gachas don't really have a big pull for me and if I see designer as released a fat pack to buy separately as part of it then I am more likely to spend on that since more designers are including fat packs at the event from what I have observed. I know The Arcade is open, I have few items I want which I may look later on MP for and might give what I have to Gacha re-seller to resell as not really sure how go about doing in world myself so be willing for help on that but anyways as i mentioned said event is open and not feeling inclined to go!
  13. Thanks, your so kind to let me know where! Weeee; that be pair 3001! I agree boots can be easily make outfit AF plus every girl needs pair of F-Me boots!
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