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  1. I'm glad someone found useful!!
  2. I work as hostess but don't use greeter hud, I type my greetings as my radar tells me when someone comes in the region then chat range but the club I work does have chat extender so it can be seen however I wait a minute to make sure they won't tp out because it gives them time to rez and decide if they want to stay or not.
  3. I wear Majer Soft, I found some of my new and older Doux hairs has bleed through but found Izzie's - BOM Layers (Omega Hairbase), which now comes in BOM fixes that issue. I can now happily wear those odd few troublesome Doux hairs again, so I'm happy and I copied the hair base into folder of the hair so don't have to rummage and included pictures. Deliberately included hair names so people know what hairs are so they don't ask; LOL! May be more the hair base works with but these few Doux hairs I found that hair base fixes the issue. Mishi Before: https://gyazo.com/22f4a8112
  4. Okay... now for results on pictures. Top: backdrop Bottom: a sim (yes I do have the SURL if anyone wants me to share it); I had DoF in world on. Proves, you can never really always tell with a picture and Doc, my rental had palm trees round it till I asked the land owner to remove them.
  5. Honestly varies as sometimes I explore a sim for a photo, other times I sent up a backdrop and try make it look less backdrop. So, tell me if you can tell which is the backdrop and which is where I went to a sim and I will confirm which is which in another post.
  6. I mentioned because albeit OP didn't find useful, someone else might!
  7. I know Deetalez has about 5/6 for Catwa HDPro heads and they are BOM.
  8. Touching on what @Scylla Rhiadraposted; this was my first ever serious photo contest I have EVER entered (was nudged by my friend; @Lusus Sauleto enter); and honestly blew me away to think I placed as a semi finalist and I may even finally stop saying my photos are just okay, may even say they are good!
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