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  1. I'm finding the best places to rest while sim-exploring with the bestie. ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Went around to some spooky places with my friend, and I'm not sure if the animation broke or what but for a fortune teller I sure look bored at my friend's misery. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. I discovered the Foxwood hamster fatpack. I am in love. If only I could pile more hamsters on...
  4. Been away for a while but it didn't take me too long to figure out a look I really liked upon coming back!
  5. The first and strongest thing that came to mind as a response was Ninety. Which can be found - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curemore/75/140/1501 - they make all sorts of kawaii backdrops for photography. They have some more, solid and serious ones, but they have plenty of the popping neon colors and pastels you'd associate with the pinks and cyans of Second Life's more popular aesthetics. Majority of their backdrops are direct purchases, but they do have a few gacha machines for accessories. AMITOMO:HAIKEI is my immediate second thought, and it can be located - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LoveCats/148/150/300 - They sell a considerable amount of decor and clothing under the same Asian aesthetic, and quite a few skyboxes and photography setups. They follow the same beautiful vaporwave aesthetic, but they also have a significant amount of more natural and even horror-themed set ups you can get. This is the store I'd die in if I was a millionaire, honestly. They're more gacha heavy than Ninety. Foxcity's main business is photography supplies, and they have a lot of things that would fall into the category you're looking for. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FOXCITY/201/78/23 Anxiety http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anxiety/78/77/778 is more dark colors and themes, but has plenty of things that may appeal to you. They have some of my favorite aesthetic gachas, like Psychowave and Motel Hell. Hope these help.
  6. Despite owning Genus Baby and Catwa Hanako, I still feel like this look off Catya is my favorite Korean girl so far. Also as much as I love this phone the fact that it's rigid as all hell makes me think I'm going to end up clobbering people while on the dancefloor. lmao. ๐Ÿคฃ
  7. Feeling like a potato today but I'm slowly putting my old Comtesse dress back to work. ๐Ÿ‡
  8. Hi loves! We're live with DJ ใ—าฉโ„“๏ปช at Club K-wave! She's playing a mix of K-POP and taking requests from 12 to 2 PM SLT! The party is started and we're looking forward to seeing you! โค๏ธ Click here for a taxi! โค๏ธ
  9. Drive and Only God Forgives are two of my favorite movies. From there, Hotline Miami (which was inspired by Drive) and Ruiner (same company, but cyberpunk) are two of my favorite games. Although Drive takes place in California and OFG in Thailand, I do enjoy the Miami setting of HLM and the tie ins from Payday concerning Jacket & Scarface. ๐Ÿฅฐ Given the nightmarish qualities of the settings and the fact Jacket is most certainly a nightmare in Miami due to being a masked killer, I ended up sticking to the name when I needed something on the fly. I'm also an aesthetic nut for retrowave and vaporwave and whatnot and suffer nightmares in real life which end up being pretty over the top sometimes. So it fits there too. ๐Ÿคฃ
  10. I don't like things restricting my neck outside of hands in very specific situations where the emotion outweighs my brain wanting to freak. So, no collars in real life here. Just a ring from an older relationship decorating my headboard next to a treasured plushie. ๐Ÿฅฐ
  11. I made one a while back in order to see some of the photos and feeds unavailable to the anonymous or NSFW-free crowd, since there are a few designers I love that have those settings toggled due to a need for maturity. I have yet to actually start using it to store any photos of my characters, but I thought about starting it like some of the others I've seen once I get a better grasp on second life photography. Right now I haven't cared much about how my photos look as long as I can show people the look I had going for me at the time. Lmao.
  12. Thanks for the replies! Definitely going to check them out once I get my butt back to a computer. ๐Ÿฅฐ
  13. miaminightmare


    To start, telling me to open the marketplace and start searching doesn't help me. Obviously I already did that ๐Ÿคฃ I wanted to know what other people's favorite place to get eyes was! I've heard of {SONG} and such. But I'm using a Genus head right now and am mostly looking for Genus appliers. Secondly, omega if not straight up genus. I don't like mesh eyes because of the hassle of having to place them but I'm willing to put myself in hell if it means a cute pair of eyes. I believe 89HZ/Ringohana has a ton of the mesh eyes I'm thinking of, style wise. I'm very fond of the eyes used in stores aimed towards kawaii/asian. Unicult and MEOW had some things I found super pretty but didn't quite fit what I was looking for. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I get back on the road tomorrow at the buttcrack of dawn so I'll be checking back on the forums when I can!
  14. That's like 56 dollars a month for a house on a RP sm. Nearly 15 dollars a month for HALF a room with a absurdly low amount of prims to decorate with because someone else is in charge of decor. That's insane. I was paying at most 30 a month at one point for nearly 4k prims on a decently sized parcel I was sharing with my best friend, and that definitely didn't limit me from interacting with different roleplay communities. Hell, I'm paying 5 bucks a month for the community I'm in now and I still have more prims than I would renting at your place. ๐Ÿคฃ Unless this community is showering the inhabitants with lots of perks that make up for the absurd price... I really hope nobody takes you up on your offer. Good luck!
  15. It's pretty solid, given it's age. Yoshi really drug it out of the dirt it used to be pre-ARR. They moved the story on and there's references to the original story here and there. My particular favorite was the fate of Yuhelmeric. The writing is great, and the game world is a lot darker than the graphics and such make it appear to be. I enjoy fantasy worlds that have dark and depressing realities, but that's because I'm weird. If you ever get into it, I'd recommend switching it to the Japanese audio and just using the English subs. The voice acting is MUCH better. The Vault in Japanese is one of my favorite dungeons. The only real flaws I had with it aside with getting burnt out on the endgame stuff was, it puts a lot of emphasis on being able to level up all classes on one character. But if you're chasing the gear treadmill, you are stuck behind a weekly currency cap for the items required to get the gear. The hardcore endgame only lets you one shot at a roll per stage a week. So if you lose, you're S.O.L until next week. The guild I was in had so much drama because people kept getting pissed we had a set group so we could get loot sorted faster without someone coming in and taking a piece and not showing up again, or coming in after they had cleared for the week and forfeiting one entire box of loot for the rest of the raid. It's definitely not alt friendly either, which sucks if you're like me and enjoy multiple characters with different looks and whatnot. Can't visit my home on any of my alts, can't mail items or gil between them, et cetera. Their housing system is simultaneously great and absolute *****. You can decorate your house how you want, BUT, there's only so many houses available of each size. Once a ward fills, they don't auto-make new ones so you're left waiting until Yoshi decides to add more wards. It used to be so as long as you had the money and alts you could buy as many houses as you want and sit on them or flip them for massively increased prices. I remember on Mateus there was a couple who had about 20-something homes and refused to give any of them up because "Their neighbors might make them ugly" ๐Ÿ™„. They changed it to one house per world per account, but there's still a couple hoarders. I find DAOC did the neighborhood theme much better... let people pick their plot and what size of house they want and throw more wards at them so there's empty spots at any hour of the day. They're also bound to whatever the current Playstation is. So, they dropped 3 and we got mount speed increases and no more split into two major cities as a result. Now it's tied to 4 until 5 comes out and they deem 4 too old to continue supporting. I remember Yoshi said he wanted to put the game on Switch and I am just.. ew at what limitations we'd end up with as a result. Inventory size and some other stuff are questions that are frequently met with references to how they have issues with available data space and whatnot. My biggest peeve right now with ESO is they've just pooped out their "buy this piggie for 10 bucks and it gives you 5 extra inventory slots on one character" item and people aren't acting like that's going to be a mudslide once Zenimax realizes they can start getting away with more things down the line. SWTOR did that years ago and now look at them. Though I guess I did see it coming, since you can already sell your store currency crowns for ingame gold and then give said gold (or get more crowns) to buy clears through raids and dungeons for all the gear or achievement unlocks. Whatever gets them more $ in the end. ๐Ÿคฃ I was super rambly sorry.
  16. Yaaaaaaay, finally have access to a computer while I'm at my relatives for the week. Felt like digging one of my older avvies out for a picture. One of my favorites even if I don't use it much... surprisingly (๐Ÿ™„) the wings take up too much space for my usual activities ๐Ÿคฃ
  17. I've had ffxiv since beta. They supposedly made crafting easier in the latest update but I'll never enjoy it. I mostly focus on pve and decorating my house. But I'm low key hoping my manor has popped by the time I get home so I can drop my sub for other stuff. DX Lack of income sucks butt right now. I played wow from vanilla to 2014 and quit for good before the first draenor raid. Just too ugh. Leveling in wildstar wasnt bad. Endgame was pretty *****balls though, I remember the place I needed to farm with my claws regularly had ***** rng on the route and the pugs couldn't cope. Wildstar also had the same issue as SWTOR, theorycrafting mathematician dev's who never actually played their own game but shot down everyone who had because "their data speaks otherwise". Lot of their classes in both games versus the content were kind of wonk. I did not like the way gear and stuff worked in eq2 but I did love the detail they put into their dungeons and whatnot. The halloween manors is still one of my favorite things. I absolutely hate the graphics tbfh but I looked past it because of the content. I've heard there's a new LOTR mmo coming out, so I'm curious what it will be like compared to the one that's still going. I liked farming in that game. Lmao.
  18. Candy Kitten and Pink Pearl Designs have strippable clothing. Femme too but I haven't really looked into them.
  19. Lots of teeth. Some stores I like cater to both ends of the spectrum. Some don't. I don't go back only if I don't like the style, quality of the textures, or if it only fits a body type I don't use for the look I am going for. I'm glad that sl has so many creators making stuff. Lots of choice for feminine types. I do mirror Drake, in that buying clothes for my masculine characters is an absolute pain in my ass. I do a lot of nitpicking and bouncing between stores because the majority of them don't appeal to me as an item I could wear with just any other combination of clothes. I've had an easier time picking out eyebrows than I have clothes, which is terrifying ๐Ÿ˜‚
  20. I have been playing eso again. Although they're definitely greedy with majority of things coming off the market, at least the costumes and cosmetics and mounts can be used by any gender any character on the account. I actually really hate ffxiv crafting. Which is why my friend is the multi gillionaire and I'm not. Involved crafting systems, sure, but it's a pain in the ass having to do rotations on top of bouncing back and forth between each class to be able to craft something. I remember enjoying eq2 and daoc. And both wow and eso have braindead easy crafting. I've never liked housing that has plugs. Like swtor. Too limiting. Tie that in with the only way to get real decor is to blow chunks on RNG or credits is... ugh. Best housing has been wildstar. I had a country barn house on a pleasant upside plot with nature, with a industrial club underneath in the bunker. I loved it. Ffxiv is okay but their item selection is pretty *****. Sl plays hell on my wallet but at least here I can decide what I want instead of being limited to a certain selection. The freedom of choice and differing creator styles is nice. I'm also a hoe who has to collect anything and everything cute and SL has enough of it to be the heroin to my system.
  21. If etsy users can make a living off selling lil costumes for such a part I'm sure somewhere in the depths of SL there is such a thing. ... I dont think I want to search though. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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