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How does your avatar look today ?

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This photo was actually planned out 3 or 4 days before I had actually taken it. I wanted to make it more red, but it looked really bad. So I decided to go to with this lighting. But the inspiration was mainly by the morgue backdrop and the halo that is in the picture. I wanted a sterile/institutionalize and bloody look. I think I met my mark. I hope you all enjoy xD

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3 hours ago, momomoonusagi said:

Oh, look! An outing! n_n



Thanks to you and Miyo for a great day out. I had so much fun. And Riley made a new friend - her first! We should so make this a weekly thing!

Rally the Bellisseria parents!

And this is Riley and I at Pal Park today.


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Digging out some older system skins and having another crack at BOM.  Rather pleased with this one (Elysium Elias on Catwa Shaheen with Nivaro beard and Izzie's freckles).


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