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  1. Thanks for the replies everybody! We've liked all the stores suggested so far and I actually lost her for a while to FIN once we ported to the inworld store due to how much she loved it. LOL.
  2. Hello, it's nice to meet you all. I'm 27, trans, and live in the US. I am a caregiver to my relatives in the first life and my very first attempt at joining the SL community was about ten years ago as something to occupy my time with. But, because it never really clicked with me and managed to hold my interest I faded off into the void for several years until I created my current account eight months ago. Due to anxiety I tend to be a major hermit, doing a lot more people watching than interacting with, but I've been trying my best to stick my leggies on out so I can become more sociable and make some new friends. Due to my current status in real life, I own a bunch of hamsters that have been basically my pack of support animals. I love talking about hamsters, looking at hamsters, collecting hamster things, you catch my drift. I have been spending my time so far in SL playing Barbie and Ken dolls with my avatars, as I absolutely love window shopping and can't resist snagging up items I find adorable or must have, and while I have been a text based roleplayer since 1999 I haven't really caught onto it yet in SL due to my lack of knowing anybody and nervousness about heading out into areas. I'm always up for meeting new folks even though I can hit the ceiling as a first response to being pinged, and I love exploring new stores and whatnot.
  3. Can confirm was sitting here ready to dig into some window shopping and everything's down! AAAAH.
  4. Thank you all for the replies! I'm totally going to drag her to the different stores and check them out! These are new to me so I'm pretty 👀 to go looking and see what she thinks!
  5. Hi everybody, I figured I'd ask here because I personally haven't had any luck. My real life bestie decided to start in Second Life and move in with me, and would like to decorate her area of the house and parcel to her tastes, which is a mixture of midcentury/modern and industrial! My understanding of midcentury/modern is it's modern furniture but holds the appeal/design of stuff from the midcentury (1940s to 1960s). Sort of like, what you'd see in the Fallout series but more clean and not post-apocalyptic. I am admittedly god awful at finding decor for myself and have no clue what kind of stores we'd go check out in order to find the styles she likes. If anybody knows some stores to recommend for us to go look at, I'd be very appreciative!! Thank you for reading! 💋
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