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  1. Detach them and reattach one by one to make sure one of them isn't faulty and conflicting with another. Detaching also means if you have a invisible box taking up a slot, and its preventing you from being able to click on a hud, you can find it and get rid of it. Huds also do not work on land that has scripts disabled.
  2. I don't know what I expected. But I went and looked anyway.
  3. I feel like attending a nude beach would depend on how comfortable I felt, in regards to how I would dress my avatar. Would I be bringing one of my boys, or one of my girls? Do I know people there or is it somewhere I don't visit often or am visiting for the first time? Are the glasses a key part of my chosen avatar's appearance in other outfits? I feel like it depends entirely on the context. I tend to do the whole swimsuit shtick first and see how I feel about that going on. I do have quite a few moon elixir pieces I'd love to wear more but they have my b00hs right out there and would probably do well for beachwear if I wanted to be fancy and semi naked.
  4. Been slowly working on this avvie for most of the day, popping between editing the shape and the brows and stuff. Slowly making progress. @.@ Fueled by this remix of Lana Del Rey.
  5. Oof. Yeah, I got lucky where I live. I'm literally on the edge of the cut-off bubble they've got for my neighborhood. One thing that really drives me nuts is having to change doses on medications, or that and adding a new one or taking one away altogether. My ability to do anything ends up flying out the window and I've had a few bad reactions that ended up in full on Squeaky-McRage-Hamster episodes. I hope your father gets better quick. It sucks when they're away in rehab or at the hospital. We have miserable health care for elderly here so we took papa back when his health started declining and switched to at home caregiving. Outside of my uncle, my entire family pretty much lives together and has lived together for years. So, there's me, my dad and my stepmom, then there's my grandma and formerly my papa. I think it'd be too stressful to move away (even a short distance) from them. I'm too attached to my grandma (she's like my adopted mom because she took me in from the neglect of my birth mother) that I'd be uncomfortable if I couldn't see her every day or know that she's there for me in minutes if I need her. One of the things I have been talking to the therapist about is what will I do when grandma passes away, now that papa is gone.
  6. Lol. I live in NorCal. The right to refuse treatment she keeps bringing up the CA version of depends entirely on if you're an adult and are considered competent. They can force you to take medication if they feel you need it for treatment. It's not some amazing thing. Not sure why she is ignoring all of that. Kind of frustrating. The right to refuse hasn't done me any good, in some places I didn't even get a treatment to make a choice about! How can I refuse treatment if they won't even give it to me? LOL.
  7. I feel like I need to ask what's with the repetitive California stuff. It doesn't help people who don't live in that State.
  8. This avatar's account is too young to meet the requirements, but pretty designs and hope you find who you need!
  9. I too have hidden acreage. It's just up in the sky above the parcel so you can't see it. MUWAHAHAHAA. 👀
  10. Arata is Japanese, so I'm not sure that would fall under Caucasian focused. Unless you mean the skin tone, which would work fine with different shapes.
  11. My ex was like that, in a way. His fictives had roleplay characters, and their own way of writing and stuff through them. The only issue I remember being was when his alters "went to sleep" for however long, their characters ended up rotting. Which was kind of sad.
  12. I found some difficulty in trying to explain to my best friend after they met my ex, they didn't really understand it but were okay with it. The only issue I personally had was my social anxiety had me getting locked up around every alter I didn't know when they were in the drivers seat. Time helped, but yeah. There was one overly cheerful alter that downright terrified me when they interacted with me and I still can't explain why to this day outside of maybe my paranoia was just having a bigger head than usual. I find it neat when you learn someone in RL is also in SL. Makes me feel more...? I don't know, we now have something else similar. I found it a pleasant surprise when I learned my long time F-list roleplay buddy was also actiive in SL. We were able to yip yap about all sorts of stuff.
  13. I'm back with another TMI post. WOO. I have major depression, anxiety, and avoidant personality disorder. I am also transgender and have ADHD. I've been fighting for two years to get medication again for my ADHD and having to deal with the constant swap of medications and dosages for the other things so that my anxiety doesn't end up so high I go back into OCD mode a second time. There's other stuff that's tied into it all but I've found out over the years that there's only so many things you can share with others before they think you're some stereotypical tumblr freak or must be lying to get that welfare $$. Which, I may add, is hell to get in - deal with - and get out, and I'm ashamed in needing government assistance because of the way people view it. Without it I wouldn't be able to afford a single medication, so, ***** me, right? I did the whole work thing earlier this year after my papa died. I had the great honor of being told that if I made more than like, 16k a year, I'd get booted out the window. I was making maybe 500 a GREAT paycheck and I was working as many hours as I could possibly mentally handle in order to max out what hours I could take before I hit the hour cap for the week! 28 hours and I didn't have the privilege of getting assigned a full 28 hours each week!! I maxed out at 18 a few times! 216 bucks before they take withholdings! I chose to be none of these things, and god the amount of people I've met that insist that they're choices and I just need to man up and get over it... drive me up the wall! Oh, I did exercise and that made it so much easier for me to go out and talk to people. That's great, exercise helps me keep my weight down in contrast with the side effects from my medicine, but doesn't really do much more for me other than wear me out and make me want to go back to sleep. I didn't choose to struggle with insecurity so bad I sabotage my own relationships when stress gets too great, and I sure as hell didn't choose to feel like I have episodes where my skin doesn't fit or I suddenly get bombarded with I feel like I'm filthy and NEED to drop what I am doing and immediately go shower. My panic attacks cause me to go blind because my eyes won't focus and make me want to bail out of the area I'm in immediately. I go mute and I can't talk when I'm upset. I ghosted my ex and friends after my papa died in May because I spent the last 5 years taking care of him as a caregiver and couldn't cope with the fact he's no longer here with me every day and it became too much to handle with everything else. I'm not proud of any of it, and I'm not trying to excuse what I did, but christ. I don't want any of this and I've been trying so hard and it's just defeating when you see people who are like "Well if you do this you can get over it..." or don't consider it a *****ing mental illness because it doesn't meet their standards or ideas of what the hell qualifies as a illness. Without the medications I'm on now, I wasn't functional. I "existed" and that was about it. I can't tell you how many times I didn't go to a college class or an important appointment because I couldn't even step outside my house or get enough brain together out of the fuzz in my head to get ready. Hell, I'm still barely functional and I'm on five medications and we're still trying to figure out which dosages and what kind of medicines work for me and what aren't and then how to make sure they don't conflict with each other. I'm not proud of that number, and I'm not bragging. I'm able to converse with people online and go out for groceries once a week or meet my therapist or whatever but I still get burnt out or have days where either all I want to do is sleep because there's no point in being awake or I just have no interest in... anything. Medicine can increase suicidal thoughts, yeah, that's a side effect. It's one of the things you're warned about that you NEED to talk to your psychiatrist or whoever if you start having them so they can adjust the dose or remove the medication altogether. Medicine works different for everybody. Wellbutrin, for example, works great for my family but my best friend and my ex both ended up briefly institutionalized due to suicide attempts because of it. The difference for me between before and after medication is I no longer TRY to commit suicide. I get suicidal feeling, but I can back myself down rather than feeling like I'm teetering on the edge. My ex has DID. Mostly his alters are fictives. Many of them were made in response to trauma or because he could not function without them. His main, was a supportive one, and that alter was the one that dealt with the real world. There were several I barely or never saw because he was never comfortable enough to let them take over. "Oh hurr hurr I kin as a rock XD XD XD" garbage that infests most peoples minds when they think of multiple personalities. That, or if someone has DID they're immediately Kevin from SPLIT and are an uncontrollable mess just waiting for the opportune moment to pop. God. I remember we got kicked from his former "friend group" because I had the audacity to get pissed at someone telling me that "i just thought I was a guy" and then upgraded to manipulative in their eyes because I got extra mad when I had to listen to my ex's DAD YELLING AT HIM FOR FOUR MINUTES about "You just think you're a guy you are a WOMAN and need to stop living in fantasy land grow up" like it was some thing we can just flip the switch on. Through my relationship with him, I found that people are extra assholes when you are transgender and have DID, because they believe you're faking it because "surely it just must be one alter that feels that way". Anyway, I feel like I've spewed too much when trying to add my own two lindens to this thread. Here's a hamster with a lollipop for people to enjoy.
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Iro/128/124/22 - It's a shopping area that has dami/ondo/online/offline/700/uzu/nino/sugarjam. Lot's of clothing/accesories and skin and related things that fall under the look you posted. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chu Chu/125/148/27 - The Chu Chu shopping area has more stores that give the same type of clothing and accessories. Ni Ni Planet here has skins and eyes. More More has skins, eyes, and make up. You can buy shapes separately at More More, if I remember right. Both shopping areas have a lot of gachas. They're mostly for Genus but there's a lot of Catwa too. Nomi had at least two skins but they've apparently imploded inworld and I don't see it on their marketplace store. Hime-Dream makes at least one non anime skin.
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