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  1. My avatar is my inner child. She was β€˜born’ in same month as I, so, we share the same traits. The only real difference between my avatar and I is that she is more impetuous and daring. πŸ™„
  2. I haven't read all 8 pages of posts... anyway, I have revealed the real me a long time ago. BIG mistake. That 'great revelatiion' opened the door to a couple of stalkers. One stalked my in my rl. That was a very scary time. SL is like RL.. nice people but lots of crazies and stalkers too. I prefer to keep my rl unclutered and safe. I will voice with only people I have known for yrs.. same with exchanging pictures (faces only). If someone sends me an unsolicited d*ck pic, they are immediately muted. Better safe than sorry. I go to sl to play, create and relax.. not to drag my sometimes complic
  3. Furi Kuri is my fav anime.. this is when I started following the Pillows. Yoshiaki Manabe is an amazing guitarist.
  4. omdamn I love this! Love Christopher Walken.. might sound crazy, but, always thought there was a "something" about him (The Deer Hunter). He was a dancer before he was an established actor.. far out!
  5. Great comment.. I do listen to all the songs.. this is how we learn about each other. Music is the great equalizer.. imo πŸ˜ƒ I sorta know people on this forum by the music they post... and seems like there are a few of us that love the same era!
  6. I got chills, they're multiplying and I'm losing control !!!
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