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  1. Wondering... this forum is P.G; bordering on.... being said, is it possible on this offical SL forum ... to host naughty/artistic photos.. like the Monty Python skit... candid photos..wink, wink, nudge, nudge.. say no more...sshhhh.. ...
  2. Hi Roxy! Thank you..😘 The hair is Dawn (black and whites) by Stealthic and the outfit is Anais Silks (Pearl) by Caverna Obscura
  3. I usually take my shots into photoshop.. The only editing on this on is I darkened the edges juuuuust a little.
  4. Hugs yer neck! I love you, Rhonda!!! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi Scylla.. thank you so much for your kind reply. This picture is just a good edit thingie. I googled 'fantasy room' and found the background image. I used a green screen as a background for my avatar's picture then took it to photoshop and chroma keyed it to remove the green background. I did several enhancement to make my avatar's color and shadows fit the color of the background image. .. This is probably more information than you asked for LOL.. There is a place in sl that reminds me of this background.. I have never been abl to find it again. Here's a picture of it that I took many yrs ago. If anymone knows where this place is let me know ok? Its a beautiful place for picture taking..
  6. I LOVE that dress!!!! I've been looking for one like this for a long time.. would you PLEASE tell me where you got it? Please, please, please!
  7. I dropped Sukie into a lovely scene.. lots of editing fun!
  8. I'm up for it .. Avatar Realism..sounds like fun 😉
  9. I’m right in the middle your post and have to say... wow 🧐 and now I’m diving back in to finish it. I’m hoping that I’ll have a clever response.. something eclectic and slightly controversial 😋 cheers!
  10. Hi Scylla .. I played round with the windlight and had graphics jacked all the way up.. then I did some post editing in gimp for light and shadow.. then bump mapped a little 'noise' to give it a suggestion of skin pore ..etc. My avatar uses a mid physic for the breasts and about 80-85 on the gravity slider.. I think that gives them more of a natural look. 😉
  11. Hanging out at a nudie beach with a friend 🤐
  12. Thank you thank you thank you! 😍
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