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  1. oooOOoooo 😳 Your secret is safe with us, Mr. Dorian Gray
  2. I must be the oldest person on this thread.. I remember when there was real racism. I was a little kid when the 1960s riots were happening. I was injured very badly when a brick was thrown at my mom's windshield on the way home from school. I didn't understand how people of all colors can be so horrible to each other. I still don't understand why God's children want to hurt and kill each other. I'm white and live in the South. Most of my life has been lived in varying degrees of poverty. When I was younger, I was homeless for a long time. If I wanted to eat, I had to raid a McDonald's dumpter right after closing time. I was always on the verge of starvation. Not all white people experience the bliss of "white privilege".. Life has been hard for so many of us. Black Live Matters has been hijacked by crazy self entitled white liberals who are being paid to burn, loot and beat anyone who disagrees with them. People are donating to BLM and most don't even know that the money is going to various Democrat campaign funds and not to impoverished black families. It's a damn shame that most people don't investigate things and think for themselves. Love one another.
  3. I'm extremely attracted to intelligence, snarky sense of humor, and someone who can hold up their end of a conversation.. someone who respects my wanting to have alone time is important too. 😏
  4. 11 yrs ago, I used to dream about SL all the time. Back then, even when awake I'd actually think "I need to tp to the grocery store to buy some milk" .. I would dream about making SL clothes on my RL sewing machine.. fun time, oh yes.. fun times πŸ€ͺ. I haven't had a crazy SL dream for yrs.
  5. 🍰πŸ₯“πŸ”.. these emojis made me hungry! is that weird?
  6. Thanks you guys! I'll give it a go when I log in ☺️
  7. I'm now using a laptop to go inworld.. everything looks like viewing thru a fish-eye lens. When my old desktop was running, SL looked great (no fish eye). I use Firestorm. Anyone have a cure for my problem? Regards 😁
  8. I finally finished obsessively tweaking my new build.. so, naturally, I had to take a couple of pictures. My builds and I always have to have matching themed... textures. πŸ€—πŸ˜‹πŸ₯°
  9. thanks so much Clover! I'm glad you like that tattoo..too πŸ€ͺ I made it almost 12 yrs ago. It's held up with hardly any fading at all !
  10. took this at my forest.. can't remember the windlight.. something foggy. No post edit and no makeup.. yikes!
  11. I finally have the forest of my dreams.. Now all I need to complete my home sweet home is a Big Bad Wolf 🀩
  12. All my yrs.. almost 14..to night I was systematically stalked followed and kicked out of a club Ive been going to for 14 yrs. (WW)I had no idea that.. found it was ONE person and their alts. Can someone tell me how my avatar is physically booted off the sim. I wasn't obscene . I never am anywhere on sl.I was ganged up by 3 avatars.. out of nowhere.. on said that they hoped I got corona virus and died... wtf" If this is going to be the way it is in sl after 14 yrs... f**k it... I love sl. but if the crazies are invading.. just because what my profile says... the fu*k it. Im outta here. I love you guys. but I wont be attracted by ravenous crazie... an**tifa. Im hurt.. I have put so much creative .. I have build and helped so many. Ive been a mentor. I given money to help disabled. My heart is broken.
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