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  1. I finally left my old Lel. Simone head for a Ceylon Evox. ☺️
  2. Sexy old men... Robert Plant and Jimmie Page.. Oh my damn.. and Bonzo's son on the drums... hot damn yeh
  3. When I think of Peter Sellers, I always think of "Birdie num num" 🤣
  4. Enjoying a beautiful day at the forest...
  5. First time here.. I remember the other covid thread.. didn't go so well. So tell me, are we for double/triple masking and 2 vax on this forum? Or are sane people posting here? Curious minds want to know..🤔
  6. IMO there are a few .. degrees of relationship killers. I'm speaking from an sl to rl .. crossover. By that I mean not sl to rl.. but sharing some rl stuff to keep an sl relationship interesting.. If I have a relationship on sl like that, Infidelity is number 1. But how does a person really know if the significant other is faithful? No one really knows. I don't get upset about alts. Ok.. here is another one that rubs my fur the wrong way. It's copy/paste sex. In sl, passion is a main driver. If my person can't or won't be mentally intimately, I lose interest. Guess that's why I don't have rela
  7. @Darklotch Relax, explore and don't take anything too seriously.. just enjoy yourself for months. You will meet your "other half" in time.. probably while you're exploring. Here's some advice (just my opinion) .. nude beaches are cool but not for newbs..K? In the coming months you'll remember this advice. Cheers and have a lovely drama free time on SL 😊
  8. Been watching lots of Gorillaz.. I'm thinking that .Shi hair in sl got some of their idea from GORILLAZ!
  9. Damn! I forgot the street light and the bottle of Jack .. 🤪
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