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  1. what he said .. Seems like a long time ago, there were more ppl to hang out with.. but, maybe I'm the one who has changed. One becomes very jaded after 11 yrs on SL. Nowdays, I'm pretty much a loner, taking pictures and video. Good luck, Delphinia .. I hope you find your friends and have lots of fun!
  2. Playing around with Orwar's SOL lighting.. love it and thank you, Orwar, for the freebie!
  3. Remember.. Im giving away this skyboy..32x32 or 22x22.. all for my darlings
  4. Don't you just love it? So so many oppertunities for fab pictures... Thank you for kind words..Just enjoying it all.. The song I'm listening to right now... Dragula.. sometimes sh*t just happens
  5. Talli you just do it.. all your pictures.. you make me crack up!
  6. This Persian fantasy palace is making me feel all belly dancey 😚
  7. I while back I made a post needing help to find a lovely Persian type palace that I used to take pictures at yrs ago.. I decided to make my own palace skybox. As I was taking my picture to post here, my cat 'Ignatz' rolled into frame on his Roomba 😊.. Lovely builds can still be made with prims.. its a 32x32 (modifiable) and only a handfull of prims.. so not very spendy! If anyone would like a copy of the build , let me know. I'm giving it away free to friends and forum members. Send me a note in SL and I'll ship one your way. Cheers! 🥰 ***Edit.. I just shrunk this build to 22x22 (26 prims) for smaller areas
  8. Wondering... this forum is P.G; bordering on.... being said, is it possible on this offical SL forum ... to host naughty/artistic photos.. like the Monty Python skit... candid photos..wink, wink, nudge, nudge.. say no more...sshhhh.. ...
  9. Hi Roxy! Thank you..😘 The hair is Dawn (black and whites) by Stealthic and the outfit is Anais Silks (Pearl) by Caverna Obscura
  10. I usually take my shots into photoshop.. The only editing on this on is I darkened the edges juuuuust a little.
  11. Hugs yer neck! I love you, Rhonda!!! Thank you so much!
  12. Hi Scylla.. thank you so much for your kind reply. This picture is just a good edit thingie. I googled 'fantasy room' and found the background image. I used a green screen as a background for my avatar's picture then took it to photoshop and chroma keyed it to remove the green background. I did several enhancement to make my avatar's color and shadows fit the color of the background image. .. This is probably more information than you asked for LOL.. There is a place in sl that reminds me of this background.. I have never been abl to find it again. Here's a picture of it that I took many yrs ago. If anymone knows where this place is let me know ok? Its a beautiful place for picture taking..
  13. I LOVE that dress!!!! I've been looking for one like this for a long time.. would you PLEASE tell me where you got it? Please, please, please!
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