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  1. Walelu Summerwind

    SL Wiped out my entire inventory

    oh yeh... right now i look like Im wearing 2 bodies of different size.. my belleza and a random flat footed gray body... can move at all 😵
  2. Walelu Summerwind

    IMs & email

    Thanks to all who replied. I changed my email address and that seems to have worked so problem solved. Thanks again
  3. Walelu Summerwind

    IMs & email

    Hope this is right forum… For the past week I have not been receiving any notifications in my email from the forum and only a couple from my in world groups and friends. Nothing has changed in my account settings for email notifications. I was wondering if anyone has or is experiencing the same problem or if anyone has a fix for this. Thanks
  4. I've been on this earth for longer than I care to admit... so I've seen my share of pain and have experienced a lot of pain too. But right now, at this moment, I am not caring about what you or anyone else has to say about this subject. It's like beating a dead horse. In my last post, I tried to convey my empathy for other peoples pain and struggles. I was turning off bit*ch mode, but, that's not good enough for you. So all I can say is bye bye and have a nice day.
  5. It's a shame that all people can't enjoy second life with happiness every time they log on. I do understand that people bring their true selves to SL and do log on to find a sympathetic friend to listen to them. Their SL is RL, so, maybe it is therapeutic for unhappy or troubled people to use SL as a way to relieve some stresses. In my line of RL work, I am a hospice councilor and listen to peoples problems and fears all day and watch patients die, so, I'm real touchy about what others complain about. I see the big picture and to me, avatar pixel shaming is rather frivolous and silly. But to each their own...
  6. I would say that one person with 2 accts posting to make the same point as attention seeking. Got someone in mind or are you just inferring something? By the way, I have one acct on this forum. I'm not Purrrkitten or any other mystery forumite. If a simple typo gets your wheels turning then I suggest you go take a nap.
  7. we agree that SL pixel victim-hood is ridiculous. RL victim-hood mentality and attention seeking is also ridiculous. Forum trolling over ridiculous pixel victim-hood is ridiculous. You can carry on with this silliness, but, this self secure, non-victim pixel operator is finished with the childish bickering.
  8. .....munchausen syndrome (and by proxy)
  9. Are you serious???? I am callous for telling ppl to lighten up so that they will have an enjoyable SL experience??? Yes, I do like to please my friends because it brings pleasure to me. I don't mope around and whine about how ppl are body shaming my avatar in a virtual world.(weird) .. Maybe I'll create a fat, blue-haired, enormous glasses wearing avatar so I can experience this so called virtual body shaming thing that's being discussed.. who knows, maybe I'll love the misery and drama. But, no thanks. I'm a rational, mature person who doesn't give a lot of %#*@s about what ppl think of my avatar. There's way too much drama over stupid sh*t that doesn't really matter when looking at the big picture. SL is a lovely escape from reality where IF you happen to be body shamed in RL, you can be drop dead gorgeous in SL. Why bring your RL problems to SL when you don't have to? Don't bring low self esteem and victim hood to SL. They just don't mix well. Just be happy and have fun. That's not a hard thing to do on SL.. that is, unless you have emotional/mental issues in rl. Lighten up, don't be so serious about things that cannot happen in SL and just have fun.
  10. Personally, my dear... I don’t really care. I have an opinion just like everyone one on this forum. Are you “post shamming “ ? I don’t have a safe space, so I’ll just have to say go bugger off in a nice way, of course
  11. The real world has lost its frakking mind with overly sensitive "feelings" that is making it so a person cannot have a differing opinion for fear it will hurt someones feelings.. and now it appears that this insanity is slowing creeping its way into SL. Who cares what a persons avatar looks like?!? I change mine all the time to suit a person I'm spending time with.. if my avatar is taller than a gentleman friend's avatar, I make mine shorter or taller whatever the situation calls for. I change skins and hair styles to please a special person.. I don't say "You are body shamming me!" and run away to my "safe space". It's just Second Life. Leave the dramatic in rl, if you want to have a good sl experience.
  12. Walelu Summerwind

    What are you listening right know.

    Is it Saturday yet??? Here's an old Mothers of Invention that is so inappropriate but so damn funny. I think you may have to be from a different generation to understand this.. I frakking laugh every time I hear it 😁
  13. Walelu Summerwind

    What are you listening right know.

    oooOOoooOOoooooooo.....this is a rush! me like .. there isn't a proper emoji for this LOL! I haven't been to a trance club for yrs.. now I just might go to one tonight