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  1. I’m right in the middle your post and have to say... wow 🧐 and now I’m diving back in to finish it. I’m hoping that I’ll have a clever response.. something eclectic and slightly controversial πŸ˜‹ cheers!
  2. Hi Scylla .. I played round with the windlight and had graphics jacked all the way up.. then I did some post editing in gimp for light and shadow.. then bump mapped a little 'noise' to give it a suggestion of skin pore ..etc. My avatar uses a mid physic for the breasts and about 80-85 on the gravity slider.. I think that gives them more of a natural look. πŸ˜‰
  3. Hanging out at a nudie beach with a friend 🀐
  4. Thank you thank you thank you! 😍
  5. hey Janetosilio.. yeh thats what I thought too.. but.. thanks for trying to help 😘
  6. hello, friends, I found some hair that I'm obsessed with in an ad.. I asked the owner if she could tell me who created the hair.. and even tho the ad was brand new at an event..she couldn't remember..mmmhhmm...😏 So, I'm hoping someone here will know.
  7. I never fail to get lost at Hangars Liquides...
  8. oh yeh... right now i look like Im wearing 2 bodies of different size.. my belleza and a random flat footed gray body... can move at all 😡
  9. Thanks to all who replied. I changed my email address and that seems to have worked so problem solved. Thanks again
  10. Hope this is right forum… For the past week I have not been receiving any notifications in my email from the forum and only a couple from my in world groups and friends. Nothing has changed in my account settings for email notifications. I was wondering if anyone has or is experiencing the same problem or if anyone has a fix for this. Thanks
  11. I've been on this earth for longer than I care to admit... so I've seen my share of pain and have experienced a lot of pain too. But right now, at this moment, I am not caring about what you or anyone else has to say about this subject. It's like beating a dead horse. In my last post, I tried to convey my empathy for other peoples pain and struggles. I was turning off bit*ch mode, but, that's not good enough for you. So all I can say is bye bye and have a nice day.
  12. It's a shame that all people can't enjoy second life with happiness every time they log on. I do understand that people bring their true selves to SL and do log on to find a sympathetic friend to listen to them. Their SL is RL, so, maybe it is therapeutic for unhappy or troubled people to use SL as a way to relieve some stresses. In my line of RL work, I am a hospice councilor and listen to peoples problems and fears all day and watch patients die, so, I'm real touchy about what others complain about. I see the big picture and to me, avatar pixel shaming is rather frivolous and silly. But to each their own...
  13. I would say that one person with 2 accts posting to make the same point as attention seeking. Got someone in mind or are you just inferring something? By the way, I have one acct on this forum. I'm not Purrrkitten or any other mystery forumite. If a simple typo gets your wheels turning then I suggest you go take a nap.
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