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How does your avatar look today ?


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11 hours ago, miaminightmare said:

Been a little blegh on life the last day or so but I've managed to do some work on my guy avvie + I LOVE THIS TATTOO FROM DAPPA? IT'S EVERYTHING PINK AND HGNGGNGNGNg. 🥰 Time to dust off my Cureless skin and see what monstrosity I can come up with. 👀



He looks like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. 😍

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New boots (Katalin), and another color on last night's dress :)  Also, I did a close-up of the (Shiny Things) Industrial Necklace I love.  It drives my complexity up by 20K... sigh.  But in low-lag areas, I have been known to wear it. Otherwise, the only jewelry I wear on a daily basis is my wedding ring.

I actually did try on my old (Shiny Things) boots, but they drove my complexity up to 96,000.  Sorry, they weren't cute enough for that, especially as I can get nearly the same effect for 20K less with the Katalin boots.

Lighting is Annan Adored Realistic ambient.  I remembered Skell mentioning ambient lighting tends to work better for photography, and I have learned to Listen to Skell in all Things.  I swear, at this point I'd just about get a tramp stamp tattoo stating exactly that :P


Ajay Shiny Things_016.png

Ajay Shiny Things_014.png

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9 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Wow also. The colours and crispness of this, and the pose and composition. Really lovely and striking, Elora.

Thanks so much. That coat was a PITA to deal with. I had to do some post editing on it. 

No. Not some. A LOT. In fact, I also had to wear the version for a different body because the one for Maitreya was not working for photo purposes with me holding that cat. Put on the Legacy version instead which covered that arm better. Additionally the cat has several poses and the one I preferred just wouldn't work with any version of the coat. Ugh. I must have done like 20 versions of that image before I got one which wouldn't have to be edited to death. 

The outfit underneath has minor problems too. The mesh was breaking on the right thigh slightly and the Maitreya alpha cuts were all too large (wish they would come out with an update already) to fix it. At least that was a very easy correction to make but still. 

Being on pain killers last night from dental work certainly didn't make this all easier 🤣 Shocked I managed to complete it at all.

Edited by Elora Lunasea
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6 hours ago, BelindaN said:

Your girl avi is really cute. But when I see your guy avi, it gets me wondering if maybe I should have a pop. Guys don't need many clothes, right? So get the body, head skin and anim and you're done? What could possibly go wrong???

What body and head do you use??🤔

Thanks! I use Daniel from Catwa + Signature Gianni for my main guy. I use Daniel again for my guy using Belleza Jake. I'm sort of a potato and haven't really looked at other male heads.  I found there's a reasonable amount of clothing for each body but I'm picky so shopping is hard. 😂


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When Master's Away

Last night, I had an epiphany. I need to change the way I blog, and the frequency of my blogs. Lately, it's been quantity over quality. See an outfit, ooh like it. So let's blog it. But as of today, and slowly into next year, a lot of changes will be happening in that department. Ones that I hope everyone enjoys, and likes. A lot of it has to do with quality, and how much time I put into photos. Also, I will possibly be rebranding myself. From The Inside Looking Out, did me just fine for the year and a half that I have been blogging. But I am Just Sammy, so as of next year. I will have a whole new looking blog. Yes the name of the Blog will be Just Sammy. I hope you all enjoy xD

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5 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

This is a pic that did not do quite what I was hoping it would, but it's presentable, I think. (I feel @Elora Lunasea's pain: the struggle is real, but mine ended last night not quite so happily as did hers.)

On the Yorkshire Moors. Thanks to Salty Newell for the LM!



Oh, Yorkshire Moors is still around? Pink did such a good job on that. One of my favorite places. I need to put that on my to do list. :::looks for list, thinking I need to make a note on list to find list:::

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