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  1. Unedited version in another thread, this is the edited version and using this as my current in world profile picture:
  2. Well everyone who owns a cat, please give them cuddles and ear skritches from mes as not allowed a cat!
  3. My pleasure, glad I could help. Just sorry; didn't work out for ya!
  4. Also by Addams, called Bunny but these are ripped too as seen below. @Emma Krokus
  5. My wife (Sneak) and mine's little boy; Damien Jack having his bottle before sleeps.
  6. Awww, what a striking pair of red tabbies! ❤️
  7. Maybe spoiled, Envious, Candy Kitten off top of my head.
  8. Blueberry has shorts with phone in their pocket and wallet/purse in another; can't remember the specific name of them but that may help you.
  9. Pout do a cracked doll look for applier for most heads and BOM layers.
  10. I average in a basic outfit with my usual add ons (my RLV necklace, spanker and feel her curves) from anything to 40,000 to 60,000K, I seldom break past 120,000 complexity if I do because I added something very old from my inventory on but that rare.
  11. I had attempt with BD, still getting used to it but sure I will eventually.
  12. Reign has a few shoes with this style heel but can't think of which ones off top of my head as not in world currently.
  13. Indeed it is a Doux hair.
  14. Unedited version is in RAWr Creativity thread.
  15. Sweet Thing do neko or cat ears but they don't have piercings on them. Anything else, I'm sure other posters will chime in.
  16. In 6 years I had my mesh body, not changed but in last 4 years I had 3 different Catwa head, (non bento then when bento came out went to bento then now went to HDPro when Majer came out) and updated my skins and shapes a few times in 6 years to fit my various heads I had at different times due to head I had at that time. Then when I finally went fully BOM; I updated my eyes to BOM but otherwise I don't change my skin or shape or eyes however my hair colour can vary to my mood.
  17. This very much "EWWWWWW" and I admit that I woke my mom slightly with my squeal.... stepping on a SLUG at 4am in BARE FEET! https://tenor.com/view/eww-ew-gross-ew-gross-eww-gross-gif-12557887
  18. I simply love this shot that my Dom took of us on his sofa last night, so credit to him.
  19. Yay and thank you for making me feel less geeky for knowing what game I was on about!
  20. The middle one looks like my Imperial Agent's companion; Kaylio from Star Wars the Old Republic.
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