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  1. I do but it funny and I thank my awesome mom in real for my kick ass genes! Though can't borrow her jeans, they like capris!
  2. Exactly; that main point of my post and hell I been taker for younger than my actual physical age in past which kinda proves my point!
  3. Cam or Skype still isn't foolproof as Drake said, all to easy find software that distort or changes your voice and facial can only tell so much.
  4. As far I'm aware is no official legit way to age verify within Second Life, perhaps one of the Linden team can confirm this for us?
  5. Limerence have a few hairs that has a streak you can change but generally you need to buy fat pack, Truth has some that do this and Runaway has one too.
  6. Personally @bobbiestarrz; this just what I think and this is me being polite: I would like to see some variation over same kinda style which is either at beach/doing a work out; maybe possible play about with EEP/windlights and temporarily push up your graphics for the photo to add more "depth" (not sure if depth right word, someone correct me if I'm using wrongly even though I'm native English speaker, I struggle with my words). Not always necessary to make your upper half of your body; the focus of your shot either and most of all have fun with what you take picture wise.
  7. B&W version in challenge thread and this is colourful version.
  8. When you been toaster; I thought of Red Dwarf sketch: the talking toaster.
  9. Found a third and fourth one and this another from my blog I pose other picture in another comment
  10. MrsSeren

    Skin Questions

    This why I save a naked base of Seren with neko tail, ears, and any huds I regular use or jewellery plus my skin appliers I always has on is saved in favourite attachments so much easier than having several outfits.
  11. Not bad, 3 years off actual age as almost 36 but I take 33 happily! https://gyazo.com/5a3f2fe2ce8389001a2bbf381e1a14aa
  12. I found another dance picture I did but this one is from my blog and dubbed it: "Kitteh Lake."
  13. I posted this picture a while back in how does your avatar look today thread and fits this challenge. I was inspired by the Bowie song; Let's Dance which is apt again for this challenge!
  14. Looking at my history, I was asking how to post to events (which I know how to know and asked in Nov 2013 so I was only just over a month old in SL) prior to the change we have now regarding event posting, then asked for Glam rock looks which I always looking for even now.
  15. How many of these places still actually EXIST more to the point???
  16. I been a redhead, blonde and today I'm brunette though frankly not sure which hair colour out of 3 I like best as they all to me (anyways) all looking amazing on Seren and show how pretty she can be at times!
  17. I miss LoveCats as one my best friends who is like sister in and out of SL we met there, Virtual Attire and Avid though still have my Avid short pixie red hair which similar to my RL hair just minus the curls!
  18. Most likely found in world as sounds like MP store not been updated.
  19. I really love how this came out and so proud of it.
  20. I took a few of my own RL looks and placed in Seren but otherwise she don't think she looks like anyone though only thing I have in common with how I look currently; is the green eyes and the freckles as temporarily gone back to being blonde again!
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