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  1. http://katniptimes.blogspot.com/2019/05/shh-do-not-disturb.html
  2. I adore Lumae personally but that just my opinion, and beauty of opinions we can all differ however up to you what you choose ultimately!
  3. Thing with mesh heads; you may find some with some same make and type of mesh head but we will all style differently so no one will look like everyone else by default. Sorry; just had to say that.
  4. This top just made me think instant Harley; so I did my twist on Harley!
  5. At moment till the the 25th May (I believe) is a Cyberpunk Fair on going (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Flair for Events/120/130/40/) and is mix of punk and Cyberpunk but worth check out; shop wise I am not sure but will watch the thread with interest.
  6. You can get Zooby and is another maker of prim babies and then name them those names.
  7. I just adore these socks, my newest fave purchase!
  8. I totally agree, I'm old style host, I love having fun with the VIPs and my DJ if they have fun then I know I done my job right and then that makes me happy!
  9. Interesting how each venue differs in what requires to be promoted during a set; example one I'm current host; I have to mention DJ, venue - naturally plus currently RFL related donations, any RFL related events we may be hosting or any club related events like concerts, what is on sim and any shops we have and where as another venue I used to work at we had set times tor use the gestures for set things.
  10. I'm 35, mentally who knows as honestly depends on my mood that day or what we talking about as sometimes I can be playful and feel younger then other days you can talk to me I can be serious. If I'm not hosting, I can be either found quietly relaxing at home either playing one of the two Tiny Empire games or both at same time; or working/planning a blog entry or randomly being creative and make a profile picture for myself in future use. I admit I do love to shop because I love studying fashion and fashions (considering I don't see myself as girly girl I find quite amusing.) but I don't just shop for clothes, i love buying decor, poses and even houses! I do enjoy my music but not big on clubs when not working, I do try to play Greedy but not very good at it though I have a laugh with my friends when I do try and I'm terrible gigglesnorter when I play CaH (Cards Against Humanity for those who don't know) however that what I enjoy trying to spend time with my friends and have a laugh!
  11. I thought of few new ways already so I will do when I next host however I do ask for DJ when hosting plus all other stuff I have to promote.
  12. That the thing, I loathe using the word: TIP and at club I work for as hostess; we can not ask for ourselves like most clubs.
  13. Makes note not to say that if I seen Rhonda when I host! But I don't use a gesture to be fair, so challenge accepted of thinking of another original way to say it!
  14. I think in my photo; I look like quite literally the cat who got the cream!
  15. Seren don't have the Monday blues! My other fave colour on Seren, as I love her in bright blues, greens, reds, purples, oranges. Edit: I caught her smiling, that was without trying too!
  16. I love seeing people getting inspired and that is beautiful because sometimes someone else's work on a picture can inspire so yeah, I think that beautiful watching someone have ding moment!
  17. I love purple then I love most neon colours hence this look!
  18. I do have that but it doesn't work in that situation; as tried that and it failed so you have to painstakingly removing though I'm lucky my footwear and clothing folders are pretty well organised; in this my footwear as 5 sub folders and many sub folders within so didn't take too long and please call me; Seren.
  19. I wasn't first to see it but more than happy to explain and share funnies if needed as they don't always transmit well so happy TGIF to ya and will remember that for future posts of mine if it happens!
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