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How does your avatar look today ?

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5 hours ago, Angelina String said:

...and as if there were any doubt!


Reminds me of a joke I heard.   "Mommie, sis called me a hoe.  So I called her a shovel."  hahahaha

Photo of me showing the leggings I won in a contest...woots!   And, yes, I have an AO...I just wanted to show the little dot leggings I won.  

Snapshot_924 (2).png

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I'm waiting to go to a therapist appointment and felt like wearing some pink. What better way to spend my time other than scurrying through the Heart Garden Center's flowerbeds? 🤣


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It's 50L friday and I went shopping. Everything was 50L except for the bangs and bracelet. Also got a nice piano and some deco for my home while I was at it.



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After some playing around and demoing skins I found this wonderful skin by Lure that once applied covered the head and body at the same time using the system applier.  My body has  6 layers not including the skin. 
I am really loving BOM!!  

Truth - Ambience 
Yasum *Lara* Ennie skirt & top
Ariskea - Pumpkin Spice Latte
ZOZ - Neon Polish
Catwa Catya V4.0
Maitreya V4.1
WL: Nam's Optimal Skin & Prim Advanced

Lure Rebecca skin Honey
Letis Tattoo - Adrasteia
Izzie's Catwa Natural Eyeshadow
Izzie's Catwa Freckles
Izzie's 10 Neva Eyes Wheat
[session] - Tan lines
[session] - Body Freckles
[session] - Body Moles
[session] - Veins 

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Dawn run in Magdeburg Neustadt

One of my animesh NPCs, running in a park at dawn. Magdeburg Neustadt has a large park winding through the town. I gave Cindi here a few waypoints, far apart, and she runs between them, avoiding obstacles. Fast. As usual, this isn't posed; it's a snapshot during testing.


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