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How does your avatar look today ?


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8 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

I love how you managed to work it out to stay true to what you wanted and still fit the theme,  That is an awesome look.

Thank you so much, Lil :)

I do own formal suits (most men in SL do) - I have both black tie and white tie, as well as a classic tuxedo - and if the occasion truly called for it and was one where I wouldn't dream of taking things a little off-piste (for example: a friend's wedding) then of course I would wear what was requested. For this event, though, I didn't want to compromise. The Bloggies are all about celebrating bloggers, and - to me, at least - that meant staying true to myself and my style and not changing just so that I fitted in. I kept to the spirit of things but not to the letter, and that's kind of how I blog, too ;)

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I was just hanging around at home and this camera view happened so I took it, and just added a standard filter. The sea view picture, even on a sloping wall gives the outlook I wanted. I love the sea, but live a long way from it, both here and in RL.


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Took Riley Trick or Treating early. We visited around twenty five regions and parcels tonight, initiated by the PAL Park Trick or Treat hunt. Some homes are amazing!

Would have been nice to dress her as a mini-Medusa but had to make do with a baby Skeleton instead. Clearly she doesn't mind.


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