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  1. Releasing this Trad now: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cordwainer/207/208/80 Located on a flat hill all by itself; train tracks and a bridge on one side, neighbours on another (all at a lower level). Sorry couldn't take pics, have to run an errand. But released now. In Maintenance as we speak.
  2. HB and Camper on LP right now. EDIT: Both gone. EDIT EDIT: Camper stuck on LP. Has been for the last few minutes/rounds of refreshing too.
  3. Camper on HP now. Still saying Racoon Run is in maintenance so... 😕 EDIT: Camper still there. Releasing House Boat at 10:45pm SLT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port Laury/160/164/19 EDIT: Released and GONE. LOL @ the new name. You're welcome! 🤣
  4. House boat on LP. Has been for a few minutes. EDIT: HB GONE. Sending Trad back in 5 minutes (10:30 pm SLT): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raccoon Run/76/140/30 EDIT: Trad released and still in Maintenance.
  5. Log home stuck on LP - and has been for the last 15 minutes or so. Interestingly enough, Bellisseria is NOT showing as the first option automatically. If I didn't manually check the Theme options I wouldn't notice Bellisseria was there. It's been showing Meadowbrook first continuously. And it's been that way all night so far for me. Odd. 🤔 EDIT: Log home GONE.
  6. WOW! Okay, I am the proud owner of a good majority of Lelutka and Lelutka Evo heads, but seeing this made me strongly consider going back to Catwa for the first time in many years. Catwa used to feel somewhat dated to me and pretty much left behind in the Bento heads race, so I shied away from it, but this looks impressive enough to have me optimistically curious and a tad excited too. I expected the cost would be high as is the case with most new heads, or at least with more advanced features etc than what we've already seen. Yes, Second Life in general is starting to become expensive for the big-ticket items (eg; heads, bodies, animesh, AOs, etc) and I seem to be spending an awful lot more now compared to what I used to). But again I think its likely due to the fact there's a lot more included or involved in things now compared to the comparatively basic items and objects available years ago (and yes, this a generalized statement of MY perception before someone gets offended and has to prove how wrong I am). As a consumer, I have come to expect more, whether that's detailed mesh, original bento animations, or a degree of realism that gives objects one-up over competitors. Of course these advancements come at a cost; the creators are businesses after all, not charities. But if something really "grabs" me then I'll pay for it regardless (eventually). Knowing me, I likely will purchase this, and hope more is released for it in the not too distant future.
  7. Just released a Victorian back into the pool: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Overbight/160/168/39
  8. Camper up now. And a Log Home. Both gone now. EDIT: Log Home back on the LP.
  9. It's truly hard to predict. Around afternoons my time (AEST, so in the very early hours anywhere after midnight SLT to about 4 or 5 am SLT) I'm usually finding things every few rolls. Maybe out of every set of 10 refreshes I'll find at least 1 Bellisseria listing, sometimes 2 or more - but take that with a grain of salt because that is the MAIN times I search (due to my time zone of course). I have found that between around 5 - 7 am SLT there can be a semi-regular rotation of Belli homes, but these I think are mainly regulars dropping parcels in preparation for the day ahead (and predicting possible region releases). But not always. The START of the day for SL and the END of the day seem, to me, to be the busiest, (on average 2am - 4am SLT seems, to me, to be fruitful) but they are also the times I'm seeing the same properties doing the rounds - and by that I mean people all catching and releasing the same handful of properties that no one seems to want. During the day in SL (if I stay awake all night or log in early enough) I generally don't have much luck. I've just put that down to the fact there are, generally speaking, more Americans online at that time. I could be very wrong about that of course. Again, it's just what I'm seeing and may not be everyone's experience, but I can only tell you what I see. Hope it helps. 🙂
  10. I caught a Bloodroot about same time, I either gave it back or caught yours most likely. The one on the corner? I gave it up and the lady I was swapping with was like "OMG!" So much better than the one she released" (something to that effect). Camper on page as we speak. EDIT: And Victorian too.
  11. I will say I'm finding more boats than normal lately. Actually, more of everything, and daily now. Back when I was hunting (a year ago next month, can you believe it?! 😲) I remember at least 2 days going by before even seeing one Belli house, so that's a huge change. There's more opportunity now than there used to be (I THINK) so it's a matter of time before someone finds something. Finding that something you want takes a bit longer, but I do feel its far more possible now than it used to be. That's just my humble opinion of course. And absolutely, tomorrow is another day!
  12. Yep, unfortunately I missed catching one today too that was damn GORGEOUS on the corner of Palatine but sadly got intercepted. Thankfully new owner is happy so it went to someone who will appreciate it. I'm just so rusty playing GOH, bah! That will teach me to get my hopes up. 😢 Can I also take a second to mention how AMAZING some of these coastal areas are looking now? I mean, Belli has looked great right from the start, but some of the landscaping I'm seeing now is just top-notch. Very immersive. Well done Moles! I can see why GOH is addicting (again). Oh well, onward and upwards as they say! 👏
  13. Victorian stuck on the LP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ingram/20/24/2
  14. Not overly sure its needed as I seem to be seeing new Linden homes of some style every single day now (if I wait long enough) but for those still looking and unsuccessful: BUMP!
  15. A Trad, Camper and Vic have been doing the rounds for the last 10 minutes or so. EDIT: Trad and Camper still there.
  16. Trad and Vic on the page right now. EDIT: Trad still there. EDIT EDIT: Vic still there. EDIT x3: both gone.
  17. Victorian on the LP right now (and has been last few minutes). Vic GONE. Trad on page now.
  18. Vic on LP now. 8:15am SLT. Trad on page now. 8:26am SLT.
  19. Camper and Log Home on LP now. EDIT: Log home still there.
  20. I've spotted the same houseboat tonight (AEST), it popped up a few times but its been the only one I've seen and not been back on the page. Was too crowded for my liking. But I have seen plenty of Trads, Campers and Vics, or at least the same ones doing the rounds (I don't know for sure, I didn't look). EDIT: Vic still stuck on page.
  21. Yep, was editing my post when I saw your message. And as of replying looks like Vic has gone. We'll see for how long. These two have been on and off the page (if they're the same ones) for a while now. EDIT: Yep, Vic's back, so Vic and Camper right now.
  22. Camper and Vic right now. EDIT: Vic gone. Just camper. EDIT EDIT: Now just Vic. Camper AND Vic back up. If anyone's curious.
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