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  1. Most of my friends are female but I sure do wish I had more male friends. 😥
  2. Just chillin' at home if anyone wants to drop by. Yes, I'm wearing shorts.
  3. Same feels. I've literally been to sims with 30+ avatars present and no one is talking. Very unsocial for a social game.
  4. Don't mind me. Just trying to make it as a singer.
  5. I'm always up for friendships! I'm around your age range too.
  6. I was gonna take more photos but then I got logged out of SL and now I can't seem to log back on so here you go!
  7. Dang I wish I could log in right now but I'm so busy.
  8. So then why do the phrases “I'm up to do that.” and “I'm down to do that.” mean the same thing?
  9. Careful there! Doesn't look like you're dressed properly for the environment!
  10. The perfect artist to start and end any day.
  11. Kaytie Aie


    It's alright. I've been in SL for almost nine years and I only found this place in (I think) my sixth year. 🤣
  12. Hi. My username is highly outdated and my display name in SL is now Autumn Coleen which is really awkward for someone whose username is officially (and inevitably Kaytie Aie), so I go by either Autumn or Coleen by my friends on there now. Anyway I've been on SL for eight years but somewhere down the road, I took a break for about a year or two and when I came back, most if not all my friends have disappeared so I'm back to square one and I'm down to make friends all over again (and hopefully, they can show me some really dope sims). At the moment, what I like to do is visit amusement park sims, beach sims, or just lounge around in my home sim and AFK (while I play some Steam games). Hopefully a group of people would come in and sweep me from my bored AFK self and start taking me to some fun places and help me enjoy Second Life like I once did. Anyway I like chatting about anything and everything because I'm a shameless human being and I like to do pretty much anything in SL like play some bored games or lounge around (maybe even go to a sandbox and build / destroy random objects); but what I can't do is hardcore roleplay where you really have to type out everything you're doing. Sorry, roleplayers. Anyway that's me hehe. See y'all in-world.
  13. Honestly, with the vast majority of SL users just wanting to hit it and quit it, I had to lower my standards to add almost anyone I have 1-2 good conversations with, and if I'm very willing to chat them up again another day. Usually, I end up not adding people I don't vibe with (when the conversation easily dies), or people who clearly don't show interest in talking a second time after they get what they want. It's difficult to find genuine people on there nowadays.
  14. Can anyone here tell me why short pants are called "shorts" but long shorts aren't called "longs"?
  15. Anyway the oldest person who's supposed to be in this thread is roughly 29 already so let that sink in.
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