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  1. Same feels. I've literally been to sims with 30+ avatars present and no one is talking. Very unsocial for a social game.
  2. Don't mind me. Just trying to make it as a singer.
  3. I'm always up for friendships! I'm around your age range too.
  4. I was gonna take more photos but then I got logged out of SL and now I can't seem to log back on so here you go!
  5. I too am a photographist.
  6. Really expensive shapes and skins
  7. Dang I wish I could log in right now but I'm so busy.
  8. So then why do the phrases “I'm up to do that.” and “I'm down to do that.” mean the same thing?
  9. Careful there! Doesn't look like you're dressed properly for the environment!
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