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  1. At the moment yes. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/m3dx1dm7gpms
  2. Its even worse when their ad is not as it is inworld and the product is a skin. I personally dont like those 3d ads, even having demo to try it kinda ruins the "shopping experience". I give preference for those still doing inworld ads. There is a creator I used to love her outfits, and I loved her inworld ads made by a 3rd party photographer, but now its only a 3D ad and I miss a lot those old ads. With her new style theres a lot of releases that I didnt try demo cause it didnt get my attention with these new ads that maybe I would love it if I give it a chance. Support the inworld ad is the new support your local business for me.
  3. I dont tip at stores, they already have their revenue from selling something. Even when they have gifts/freebies, its a way to promote their business. I know the cost of a land can be high sometimes but for that they have the option to only use MP if they are just starting and can't keep the cost of a land. I prefer to donate for places like hangouts places or RP sims, cause they have the same cost to keep the land and they dont have the revenue of selling something to help them keeping the land.
  4. As someone that still learning to rp, and specially when english is not your mother language, I dont feel para-rp as a welcoming rp, so I am more into semi-para. I prefer shorter rp to keep the story going, sometimes para-rp scenes take too long specially if in a group. When I RP I try to RP only actions and thing people can see, and I try to emote emotions through those actions, but most part of para-rp I have experienced people describe a whole paragraph for thoughts of things we wouldn't be able to see or notice, and I am even not sure if this is a thing in para-rp as I am still learning. And I will follow this one hoping to find a good rp.
  5. The same people that say hi just looking for a meaningful conversation never do that with another men, they only seek a meaningful conversation with a women just in case it ends with them having sex.
  6. What kinda of party do you like?
  7. Shopping and taking photos... me me. Besides that I am up to anything.
  8. Did you say shopping? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. After all that happened I probably wouldn't trust a product released by TMP, if they release.
  10. You can try at Society Hill http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/PAISLEY PARK/70/102/25
  11. Feel free to im me, we can occasionally go to a party, clothes event to buy stuff, sailing, bowling
  12. Hey there! I am looking for new friends too, I usually enjoy shopping, killing myself trying to get in an event, partys, sailing. I am usually online 5pm sl time during weekdays. What time you are usually on sl time?
  13. I am just reading all the answers now and trying not to cry(and failing) I am sorry for your loss but I am sure your friend was a lucky person having you as a friend. And congrats, Nefertiti.
  14. Try just to check the bra layer again. Sometimes when you apply outfit to the top layer it uncheck the bra layer.
  15. I really doubt it. And you also must have/buy theirs clothes to take pic with to send so they can "select" you....
  16. Like Amara said install/update "flash 14 for others browsers"
  17. lol its hiring but once you get there to grab the application they kick and ban you in less than 5 secs...
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