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  1. Thanks to all those who gave or offered help, I found it! It was in the first place I looked, I just hadn't looked hard enough...........
  2. Right, I going nuts with this so need some help, can anyone DM me here or in world with an extra hint?
  3. OK, no firm destination, no idea what I'm looking for ............ this is going to be one of those things I spend hours doing and have nothing to show for it at the end isn't it?
  4. I realized today was my Rez Day! So here's a photo of what I was wearing, not quite a Birth Day Suit (a Rez Day Suit?), but pretty close.
  5. There are freckled skins or freckle appliers on MP. I'm sure I have skins from 7 Deadly sKins that have heavier body freckles. Might be worth a visit to the store for a hunt around or ask one of their CSRs.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Watch_(TV_series) And there have been 3 x 2-part TV movies as well
  7. New Dress from the FemBoy Hunt. I like it, its cute in a dark sorta way.
  8. Finally starting to fill up my Place. Only about 50LI left to flesh out the kitchen and dining spaces and add some house clutter. Decorating inside is hard! I much prefer gardening.
  9. Taking a break from working on my yard.
  10. I was looking at your place last night, thinking there was something wrong with my viewer! I'm a couple of streets away, in Fangor too.
  11. It certainly feels that way when you live here. But often that's a very good thing. Hello from Friday lunchtime! There's nothing to worry about so far, your Friday should be fine, we are currently testing it and any issues we find will be reported before you encounter them.
  12. Being from New Zealand nearly every person I meet in SL is from another Hemisphere, timezones make them a different day to me, and usually the opposite season too. I assume everyone I meet is on the other side of the world, because they usually are
  13. Digging through the wardrobe again I found an old Truth Hair & Hat combo I had forgotten about
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