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  1. Thanks so much! Looks like the item is no modify. So, prob can't load that script. Unfortunate since the design of the item is nice for where I want to use it. I will look for a similar item in the mp that is mod so I can use it as such. Will report back.
  2. Okay, so I tried to contact the creator but got no response. I re-rezzed the object and it still didn't function. I also tried getting the uuid of an object as suggested and putting that in the notecard and it still doesn't work. Question: if I can mod the item, can anyone point me toward a script that would teleport someone to a location on same parcel on sit?
  3. Asking for an IM didn't come from a place of thinking I'm entitled but because I didn't assume that everyone wanted it and because people have complained in here if the posts swerve too far off from just posting photos and commenting on the photos. If I had it to do over, I'd just IM her rather than comment on the photo. Didn't expect this to get so upsetting for folks.
  4. Donkey installation! Send me the lm, please!!!
  5. I found Bauhaus Movement recently and love a lot of their stuff. Any suggestions of other stores with cyber and sci clothing/accessories/armour?
  6. Dancing at the Elven Forest beach with dear friends...
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