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  1. Tested it w friend and the forced landing point works even tho the search target coordinates are different. So, solved.
  2. If I search my sim, Rheetopia, it comes up in the search. If you hit the teleport button, the target location is 128,128,0 on the sim which is in the middle of a hill. Can one change the search listing teleport target location? There is a landing point set. But, when I hit the teleport button, it placed me at 128,128,0 instead.
  3. I have only owned 1/4 region parcels on mainland and connected to other parcels. I see that there is "off-sim" landscaping which is bigger than one standard full region. If one has a private island region, would one assume that placing a 1.5k diameter sky sphere for stars around the sim would not interfere with the neighbors? Or, when moving at the time of transfer, should the new owner ask to be placed far enough away from others to use off-sim landscaping features? Update: now I understand that as long as you don't share a side border with another region, then you are generally fine to have off-sim features.
  4. Price now: $16,000L! This is less than it would be per m2 if I were to abandon it and you buy it from LL.
  5. Price now: $20,000! This is now less per m2 than it would be if I abandon it and you buy it from LL.
  6. If you buy a region that currently has a G rating and you are going to move it, can you choose to move it to an A or M region or would you be limited to only moving to another G spot? (no pun intended)
  7. Mainland parcel for sale: 20,576m and 7,058 prims. Road on one side. Price: $25,000L Check it out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Urqhart/85/31/48
  8. Mainland parcel for sale: 16,592m and 5,696 prims. Near water. Price: $20,000L See it: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cyaboz/172/230/52
  9. Please send me IM inworld if you have a full sim available for sale.
  10. I see that one can request a move via a ticket at the time of the transfer. Why would one move a region? To where would one move it?
  11. I have been in sl for about a year and owned parcels on mainland of various size. I now want to buy a full region and prefer a private island. I have questions. 1) It seems in the land sales forums that buying a full region is different from buying a parcel and that instead of paying the seller directly, you arrange the sale and submit a ticket and LL makes the money transfer (and also collects a transfer fee from the buyer). Is that correct? 2) If I buy a sim that has to move, where does one move a sim to? 3) If I buy a private island sim, does that mean I can terreform to any heights across the whole sim? 4) Is there any word that LL will reopen the land sales in the near future and if so, would that be only for mainland, private regions, or both?
  12. Trying to experiment more with composition. Feel awkward and stupid. But, here's another photo of how I look (most days)...
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