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  1. I tried logging out and back in and the same two objects behaved that way. I rezzed other stuff and all of that behaved normally.
  2. This happens with one other object (the end piece for my garden path set [but, not the other pieces in the set]), too, and that one doesn't have any scripts running. The first object (a hearth which has a fire and turning piece of meat) does have scripts but when I click on them it says I don't have permissions to view or edit them. I hit refresh. I don't know how to turn off scripts in an object other than deleting them. How? Do I turn off scripts in the parcel by unchecking anyone on the Run Scripts box?
  3. I tried that and it had the same result (rotated the object around the wrong axis).
  4. I placed an object on the ground on my sky platform and it won't rotate around the Z axis (the way a human would turn if they turned while standing). I tried placing it while on the regular ground at ground level and the same thing happened. This is an object that I had successfully manipulated before on another property. So, I can't move it into the proper position in my landscape as it will only rotate around the other two axes. Any ideas?
  5. I deleted the demo files then cleared my skin and applied the new skin again. It worked.
  6. I should do that. I did that one time, too.
  7. That fixed it! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I tried to drag a screenshot from a desktop folder into a chat bar to send a photo to someone to explain a mesh issue...and, somehow when I did that, it changed my floor texture in my home from a wood grain to this (see attached file)! How do I fix that?!!! Each day I run into something like this where I click on something and part of my body or house or something changes or becomes invisible! Do old-time SLers somehow learn how to have that not happen? Or, do you get used to sh!t getting f#cked up regularly?
  9. Clearing everything and starting over helped. Thanks for the help!
  10. I got a demo of a face/skin that I liked and tried it. Then I bought the actual face/skin and applied it. But, I still have the designer's brand name stuck to my face. What should I do?
  11. I own a property that is two adjoining 1024m plots. I assume since I own both it's one region, right? The bridge isn't flat. It's one of those that go up in the middle. To seem to walk naturally on the bridge, won't I have to create an invisible prim that assumes the same shape? Here's a link to the original sales page so you can see the shape... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DSTOPIAN-Asian-Bridge/10265077
  12. Great! I wasn't wearing the Maitreya body alpha. That solved the splotchiness, shape, and feet problems! Thanks!!!
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