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  1. Not sure why it posted multiple posts of the same image. Sorry for the flood.
  2. What specs would be better for an iMac to increase SL performance? I'm thinking of getting an iMac for my home office and am not so happy running SL on my Macbook Air.
  3. I want a love button. Like is not enough sometimes.
  4. I don't want to derail the thread into a tech discussion. But, if anyone on here has experience with adding a graphics card to a Macbook, please message me. Thinking about getting an external card but have been reading that Firestorm doesn't play well with AMD cards and was thinking of getting a Radeon card.
  5. Am thinking of getting a Radeon RX 570 to plug into a Macbook via an external box. But, I"ve heard the AMD cards don't work well with Firestorm or SL. Is that right? Any workarounds that aren't too complicated and risky or advice about Mac-friendly video cards to improve SL performance?
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