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How does your avatar look today ?


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17 hours ago, Matty Luminos said:

There doesn't seem to be much tattoo-layer makeup around now that Glamorize has closed its inworld store and converted most of its Marketplace stock to appliers.  

I still use a system head so all my makeup is tattoo layer.  I have eye shadows from 12 creators, lipsticks from 15 creators, blush from only 3 creators, and a few combo sets from 3 or 4 creators.  I also have some misc specialty makeup - not the stuff you'd wear with everyday outfits out running around - from another 3 or 4 creators. 

I'm pretty sure I have tattoo layer makeup from just about everyone that was still putting out tattoo layers before BoM, as well as some older stuff - so yeah, not lots of stores. 

Though at some recent events, I saw more ads that specified tattoo layers were included.

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I've had a chance to play around a bit more with my new Slink head, absolutely loving playing with BoM. I dug out some old system skins, this is one by Mynerva that isn't for sale anymore but it doesn't look that different to what she currently has in store. The cute hair is by Lamb. This is a pretty colourful look for me, I better get back to the pale skin and hair soon I think!

Snapshot_005 copy copy.jpg

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