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  1. Just my personal opinion, LL should at least highlight freebie/cheap stuffs more, I remembered the first time I login to SL, I was just messing around with freebie stuffs, like funny guns, funny banana dance, funny "this is sparta!!" animation and so much more that I feel so old now trying to remembering them, Invest more with memes not with just "elite/super realistic stuffs". I will never spend a dime on the first few months on something that I have no time investments. This way when people login to SL, It's not that disappointing that you don't look like the avatar from the ads and don't feel that there's a pay wall to actually play SL. Re-create the freebie library sim where it's super organized and show in top searched place as "official" or something that they won't lost on bloated traffic freebie dungeons, how can people stay on something they're lost, and no idea what to do? My first few months in SL is hoarding a lot of freebie scripts to mess around, and make my own giant Axe from Torley's Tutorial "How to make a flag that waves in wind - Second Life TuTORial" Some of old residents are so focused with realistic and what I call end game contents and very expensive for new player that never explored SL. SL still need those new era of builders that will make, simple stuffs and easier to produce and will most likely be cheap, and affordable by new users, but LL need to step up a little more and update the in-world building tools for slightly complex shapes or even clothes that doesn't need external 3d software to make. Here's my personal experience with SL when I first login, what's yours?
  2. Trying to be extra vegan. (sorry for the shameless plug, not really)
  3. Hi again, available for another mesh project, message me thanks.
  4. Available for work again, message me if Interested.
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