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How does your avatar look today ?


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4 hours ago, Skell Dagger said:

Ah, if only Photoshop could help with that (outside of image editing itself). Overindulged at Christmas? Clone out that post-prandial pudge! Getting older? Blur away those wrinkles! (Mind you, might want to practice first, otherwise you might end up looking like this xD)

Curves is a way of fine-tuning certain levels of RGB - their depth and strength - in an image. I tend to use it either to discover interesting tint effects, or for lightening or darkening images since it gives me more control over that than the simple contrast etc tools do. Couple of quick example videos (I'm just using the existing points on the curve, but you can click to add more):

Before and after of that second image:


I'm monopolising the thread with image-editing stuff again, aren't I? :/

/me slinks off and lets the pretty people keep being pretty.

rarely do i meet someone else who uses curves and understands them well enough to know how to. this is brilliantly applied, well done :)

i love the clone tool, but at what zoom % do you use it ? i always use it between 400 and 800 % personally. i find catching the pixels directly, while time consuming, well worth the effort in the end result

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8 hours ago, Elora Lunasea said:

I like this a LOT.

Genus Strong Face may be to your liking. Even better if you tweak it just a bit. The nose on it is fantastic - very different from most heads. I think it is what sets it apart from all other heads as it has a more unique look and I've found certain skins really accentuate this; Session and Skinnery in particular.  Also, Genus has their own basic skin for sale called "March" which is an older looking aged skin and you can turn on "wrinkles" in the HUD to add to it. It's beautiful.  

Here's the Genus Strong head with the March skin:

Happy International Women's Day


Thanks Elora - I haven't played with any of the Genus heads yet - they always looked quite young. But this one could fit the bill. She does have a characterful nose like I'd want. The lips I'd have to play with - getting lips that aren't too pouty is the other issue I always run into with mesh heads.

Pity I'm on my way into work - now I want to get a demo of it to play with. Has anyone one else worked with the Genus Strong head?

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40 minutes ago, Jeny Howlett said:

only adjusted contrast and brightness, the rest is untouched from Black Dragon Viewer


Very lovely, Jeny. Is that a LAQ head?

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