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  1. Dear Syo, let me introduce you to the internet. Internet, meet Syo. You're welcome.
  2. I'm sure he or she has had plenty of time to spend their 42,000 $L in the last FOUR years...
  3. So I haven't posted in a while, but I had no ideas for a photo and couldn't decide what to wear..
  4. The ever increasing transaction fees are why I went premium in the first place. This would definitely be a great perk for premiums that were purchasing $L regularly before the transaction fee increase. It would, imo, encourage impulse buys of $L.
  5. Truly, the way in this day and age is to go to micro-transactions and cutting out subscription fees. Extra Groups? one fee. Access to Premium areas like the sandboxes and Linden Homes? another fee. Mainland plots? another fee. Various $L 'packages' with decreasing cost for the more you buy. etc. Then bundle them all into one 'Premium package' for a yearly fee.
  6. Except, by offsetting, they're back to square one and found a way to actually decrease all their revenue streams.* *ETA: Oh, but it's LL..
  7. Well, this isn't good news at all for me. I'd been adding alts to premium to offset the price increase in buying $L. So, I'll likely renew the ones already premium in one batch, then cancel the premium memberships. During that time, I'll join as many groups as i can and keep that benefit when I cancel (I just won't be willing to leave any of them like I do now). Forget any groups that have a membership fee. Sorry stores, this will also chill people from paying for any group joining fee, as people will need to be more fluid. I'll go back to buying $L, but will do so only once or twice a year, and not buy any extra like I've been doing. That will budget me to have much less $L to spend on any other things but land that I also rent. I was also considering buying more mainland, but with just 2 premium accounts I have just enough land to make what I have now cost free. Of course, paying for 1024 extra is far less than the $99 per year, so the second one may also be canceled. That figures out to a net loss in income for LL by my estimations. Loss of extra premiums, loss of revenue from buying $L to buy stuff. Less chance of non premiums buying $L to pay for store groups.
  8. Great job! May I suggest a fedora and loose tie? He looks like he'd be wearing a fedora..
  9. Simply gorgeous! (Hair and clothing credits pretty please?)
  10. Kate's the redhead in those shots. It's my neck on the line.. (Well, my blonde elven alt's neck.)
  11. That's a brilliant and beautiful shot Taya.
  12. Well after that lovely compliment, how can I not offer? *logs in, sends request*
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