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  1. So I haven't posted in a while, but I had no ideas for a photo and couldn't decide what to wear..
  2. The ever increasing transaction fees are why I went premium in the first place. This would definitely be a great perk for premiums that were purchasing $L regularly before the transaction fee increase. It would, imo, encourage impulse buys of $L.
  3. Truly, the way in this day and age is to go to micro-transactions and cutting out subscription fees. Extra Groups? one fee. Access to Premium areas like the sandboxes and Linden Homes? another fee. Mainland plots? another fee. Various $L 'packages' with decreasing cost for the more you buy. etc. Then bundle them all into one 'Premium package' for a yearly fee.
  4. Except, by offsetting, they're back to square one and found a way to actually decrease all their revenue streams.* *ETA: Oh, but it's LL..
  5. Well, this isn't good news at all for me. I'd been adding alts to premium to offset the price increase in buying $L. So, I'll likely renew the ones already premium in one batch, then cancel the premium memberships. During that time, I'll join as many groups as i can and keep that benefit when I cancel (I just won't be willing to leave any of them like I do now). Forget any groups that have a membership fee. Sorry stores, this will also chill people from paying for any group joining fee, as people will need to be more fluid. I'll go back to buying $L, but will do so only once or twice a year, and not buy any extra like I've been doing. That will budget me to have much less $L to spend on any other things but land that I also rent. I was also considering buying more mainland, but with just 2 premium accounts I have just enough land to make what I have now cost free. Of course, paying for 1024 extra is far less than the $99 per year, so the second one may also be canceled. That figures out to a net loss in income for LL by my estimations. Loss of extra premiums, loss of revenue from buying $L to buy stuff. Less chance of non premiums buying $L to pay for store groups.
  6. Great job! May I suggest a fedora and loose tie? He looks like he'd be wearing a fedora..
  7. Simply gorgeous! (Hair and clothing credits pretty please?)
  8. Kate's the redhead in those shots. It's my neck on the line.. (Well, my blonde elven alt's neck.)
  9. That's a brilliant and beautiful shot Taya.
  10. Well after that lovely compliment, how can I not offer? *logs in, sends request*
  11. Lutz of course. (Up in the theater balconies.) Scylla, your pic was amazing too. It's inspired all these red dresses because yours was so darn pretty.. Also, OB Red Dress music..
  12. Well, yes and no. A full mesh body, SLink, Maitreya, Bellaza etc, come with hands and feet. You don't need to buy add-on hands and feet. A SLink (or whatever) body applier applies to the whole body, hands and feet included. An Omega applier (as long as you have a appropriate Omega relay) will apply to the whole body. Generally, your shape translates fairly closely to mesh bodies. Where you'll need a shape is for the head as mesh rigging will alter the face. What I did was to find a face that I liked and bought the head that shape was made for and just put in my system shapes body values. I'd recommend taking baby steps at first. Find a mesh body you like (demo demo demo) and get used to using huds and appliers with that first. Then, once you've gotten your feet wet, demo heads. Personally, I've found Maitreya easy to use and easy to find clothing and shoes for. But it may not be your cuppa.
  13. I just found the store Primpossible / Meshpossible. Fantastic looking mesh, a huge variety of styles included, each with it's own texture variations AND a huge huge set of high quality animations all packed into one prim. I bought a bed, hammock, chair and will likely buy the hot tub too. A bit pricey, but with everything packed into every Item, I can't argue with the value.
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