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  1. And the run is freeking awesome
  2. That happens because your mesh has to rez. It happened when you were wearing the alpha too, you just couldn't see the system head due to the alpha. You may have seen it happen to others as they rez in, turning from grey to invisible to mesh.
  3. More importantly, the OP is about 3 years old. I doubt they're still looking from the depths of 2017.
  4. My girl was on today, so we had a bit of painting fun...
  5. Because it had to be said: THAT'S HOT! ❤️
  6. It's not impossible to care about more than one thing at a time. The topic should remain open.
  7. I really didn't want to get in depth on this here. But, here we go.. I did not imply you were kink-shaming homophobes. In my anger, I said you were kink-shaming hypocrits. I apologize, it was harsh. I will assume an innocence of intentions, but the result is that you did attack some very core kinks. The scene depicted was very much a D/s one. Certainly enough that other people saw, and even mentioned the kink shaming that went on. Sitting at a Dominant's feet is a very common shared kink in the D/s community. Dressing as your Dominant wishes (the closely matching outfits implies that) is yet another fairly common kink. Scantily clad? Whoops, another kink. The very much implied power imbalance it's really the core of D/s. Someone on top, someone on the bottom. Really the main shared kink. (And seriously, what about a throne isn't the epitome of D/s in SL?) What's missing in Ayela's picture are any of those outward trapping of D/s. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely picture and I'm really very happy for her happiness. But, without the context of already knowing their relationship, the relationship portrayed in the picture could have been of any sort and not exclusively D/s. In fact it really doesn't imply D/s at all. And that's the difference between the images. What you're failing to understand is that Orwar could have been replaced (sorry again Orwar!) with a Dominantly dressed woman and that would have changed nothing of what the scene portrayed. Speaking for myself, as someone active in the D/s community for 11+ years in SL alone, I saw a family portrait. Something that cannot commonly be done without consequence in the real world. So tell me if I read your analysis of your problems with the image wrong. Those were the salient points right? A power imbalance with a man on the top, with women scantily clad in matching outfits in subservient positions? You saw those as negatives. They aren't in D/s. I saw an image of women portrayed doing as they wished in SL. Not your cuppa? That's cool. They aren't demanding you join in a poly-amorous D/s relationship of your own. They're merely existing and such dynamics DO exist in SL. They are part of the community, and part of the D/s community. That's where I found it hypocritical. Love is Love, even if you personally aren't comfortable with how that dynamic plays out. Isn't the point of Pride awareness to allow anyone to live their lives as they wish if it harms no one? And to do so without fear of reprisal or criticism? I will fight for their right to exist without criticism, just as I'd hope they'd fight for me. Just as I hope you'll fight for all of us, even is it's not to your taste, because it's the right thing to do, right? And so, I too am done with carrying this on here. Should you wish to talk elsewhere Scylla, I'd be happy to.
  8. Lovely pic. The lighting is fantastic. I love that with all the pooling darkness, you can still clearly see freckles. And just to be clear, I loved Zeta's version as well. What I did not like was the volumes of kink shaming that followed. Look, I get that some may not like a traditional male dominated power exchange depicted. But this IS Pride month. Clearly, the concept of Pride month is some sort of theoretical lip service for some. It's rather hypocritical to espouse that Love is Love in any way depicted, ("except the kind I personally disapprove of"... really?). That's not Pride. That's not inclusion. The picking at personal choices in this thread is (IMO) why people don't want to risk publishing pics in what has been a fun thread for the most part. Don't like something posted? Clutch your pearls silently and move on to the next pic. Sorry Orwar, I did not like how you got lambasted over something you didn't even do. The hypocrisy and kink shaming made me angry at several posters I like and I've been stewing over it since I saw it. I hope the rest of your week is lovely and .. dark?
  9. So apparently there's a call for fully clad sexualized women of power? (That's my take and I'm sticking to it.) meh. I live it every day. No matter what I wear... or don't wear.
  10. Meg, a couple things to keep in mind. When choosing a bento head, what I did for my alt with my second bento head was to shop around on MP for bento shapes. Specifically the way the face 'looked' until I found the perfect face. I then bought the head that the shape was made for. (Generally the body shape can still be your old shape, just edit your face shape to add your body numbers) That can save you time that would be spent 'tweaking' your face until it's something you want. You also might want to check out all the heads for several things.. Catwa uses a unique map, so not all skins will look 'right' on them. You'll need to buy skins that are Catwa compatible. I originally bought a Catwa because everyone was making makeup appliers for Catwa, but alas, I just couldn't get the face that felt like me, despite hours of tweaking. Personally, I had better luck with Lelutka. YMMV. For bodies and heads, the thing to think about is 'can I wear such and such' line of clothing or makeup? Many shops cater to just a few of the most popular bodies and heads, or just one. Makeup has gotten a bit easier with BoM (read system for ease of translation). Another caveat on heads and bodies is to demo demo demo. Can you deal with the HUD for them. For heads, do you like the built in animations? It's a lot of shopping around, but ultimately you'll have products and a look that you're happy with. You can wear older skins on your new BoM compatible mesh body and head. Not all of it will work though. Older skins will have the finger and toe nails 'built in'. So they get a weird double nail thing goin on that looks fugly. I found a cheap finger and toe defunker on MP that can be tinted to any skin color and doesn't cover your whole hand. (Important if your skin has freckles on your hands and feet!) One other thing, old skins use 512 x 512 textures. Modern skins have 1024 x 1024 textures, making them more detailed and sharper looking in important areas. I'll send you a LM inworld to a shop that has skins made for both BoM and appliers for most major brands of head and body. There's a group freebie, but the skins are on sale for 100L per 2-pack of skin tones. [ETA: The appliers work without having to use an Omega relay, so you can see what each head and body looks like with a non-demo skin. This really helps a lot.] I hope this helped.
  11. That reminds me of a joke... An inspector goes into a bakery, a manager walking alongside them. As they're doing their inspection they see a shirtless man pounding bread dough on his chest to kneed the dough and the inspector says "He can't do that!" And the manager says "Oh that's nothing. You should be here when he makes the doughnuts." The moral of the story: It ain't as bad as it could be.. #FreeTheNipple
  12. Back when the old Estate Obscure was on the mainland, before the Adult Region exodus, we had a ride called the 'Sub Toss'. It was basically a physical cage ball sent down a winding tube**. At the end of the tube was a pit with 6? different holes for you to land in. Each would take you to a different outcome. It was both hilarious and fun. **One of the early versions used a pinball-type paddle, but it tended to fling people into other regions, so it was scrapped.
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