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  1. Or a new age 'guru'? Would that sort of behavior include following someone on a forum for a couple years to disparage them every time they ever posted, primarily to carry on a grudge over a perceived slight to an SL landscaping business thereby making it unpleasant for them to post and eventually driving them away? That sort of abuse?
  2. Regardless of its purpose, any space in SL is as good as its staffing. Someone has to be the anchor that keeps bringing folk back. Someone to interact with new arrivals to make them feel welcome to join in. "Hi <person>! welcome to <place>. Have a seat, we were talking about <topic>." and continuing to welcome them when and if they come back. It also takes being there day after day, even if it's for just a couple hours to keep things spinning smoothly. Eventually, it will gain its own momentum but still requires that anchor to hop on and give it a few kicks to keep that
  3. Did you add any new sitting animations to your AO or get a new AO around then? The problem described still seems AO related. Like a sit with a higher priority than the dance animations.
  4. That's a bit of a loaded question. There are as many different variations of kinky activities as there are people in SL. Basically, it boils down to what interests you.
  5. Just tell her it was with another dude. Because, as we've all been told, time and time again, there are no women on the internet. (And if there were, they wouldn't be interested in virtual sex.)
  6. Turn off your AO. ETA: Sometimes you need to give the danceball permission to animate your avatar.
  7. Wasteland 3 has an epic soundtrack that really sets the mood. This is the trailer score..
  8. New day, new peeve. I moved into an HOA* home around the beginning of September. I've asked no less than 3 times for an HOA sticker for my car. Today, as I was tossing my trash, a woman drives up to toss a teeny baglet of trash. We exchange pleasantries. I drive home. She follows me... to my door.. to ask where my HOA sticker was. Grills me with several questions. I tell her I've asked for one 3 times since I moved in. As she's about to drive off I say: "Tell them I need a sticker!" Her: "It's not my job ma'am." Me: "But it is your job to stop me at my door?" Her: *Drives off*
  9. It's the level of insanity for, what amounts to them, $18. (Though if it goes back to working once again, they'd still get some value for that $18.) Far less for most businesses in SL at 30L/per week for one store. At least 10 hours of their time. 1.5 hours just de-listing and re-listing means they've valued their time at $12/hr. Walls of text of course, are their reason for being. Further, SL is working just dandy. I'm logged on, sorting stuff on an alt on my mainland. Basic functionality achieved.
  10. Realistically, how much time is that for you to do? How much is your time worth? $18/week seems to be valuing yourself rather low. You'll eventually have to re-list them so time taken there too. So you lost one day's 'worth'. At $18 that's a loss of (again) $2.50 give or take PER DAY. Now add in the reams of time you've spent kvetching here on the blogrums.. I believe the saying is "Penny wise and pound foolish." It's like the guy that drives 10 miles away to save 5 cents a gallon on gas.
  11. Well dear, Basic math tells us there are 168 hours in any given week, sweetie. Those features were down for what? Two or three hours, darling? Oh honey, 30L divided by 168 equals 0.1785714285714286L$. Not 17 cents. 0.17 of ONE LINDEN DOLLAR. So, "30,000" Linden dollars divided by 168 is what sweetheart? THEN times 2 or 3.. gosh, still about 2 bucks. If your margin is that slim, cutie pie, you may want to re-think basing your 'business' model on a platform you have no control over. Tell ya what I ain't smokin.. entitlement crack.
  12. Ahh, okay, so it has to do with someone wanting everyone, looking for land or not, to see an ad? "Google, how many times can I roll my eyes in one day without damaging them?"
  13. wut? What does the 30L$ (that's 30L, not $30) weekly parcel search cost have to do with .. anything? You're actually kvetching about *does the math* 0.1785714285714286L$ lost due to SL being down for an hour? Even if it were 1000 parcels, it's only what 179L? About 75 cents. Get. A. Grip. People pay $15.00 a month for MMOs that have a weekly down time of 8 or more hours. No where does LL promise to have SL up and running 24/7. No where. That they largely do, and with free accounts, makes SL one of the more economical and available pastimes.
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