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  1. And size. A teen head will be slightly larger in proportion.
  2. New Ritual skin. I really like the unseen details..
  3. I've loved many of your posts Skell, but I think this is my new favorite of yours.
  4. With a large dose of 'what's old is new again.' The whole convo is sooooo 2009.
  5. With the ability to jellydoll me, I don't care what my render cost is. Although it's rarely above 100k and is usually in the 40-60k range. My jelly-threshold is 100k for strangers and (since most of my friends are bondage gear wearing AVs) I always render people on my friends list. A note for those wearing bondage gear: Those items are usually render heavy due to various alpha states. There are plenty of non-scripted alternatives for the style. Wear the toys when you're actually wanting to play. RE: Flexi/Mesh combo hair.. Argrace. Their newest I bought at the hairfair is mesh with flexi wisps.
  6. Well, back in '78-83 I did dabble in that AD&D thing in high school. But I wouldn't call it RP. Rudimentary at best. After that was time spent trying to grownup in rural USA where interwebs and second phone lines were the luxury of the rich. And then I was in the military, so it wasn't until the late 90s before I had that dial-up interwebs with a blazing 14.4 kbs modem. Getting that, the next bit of dabbling was Neverwinter Nights on 'murca on-line. So I missed out on bbs and irc RP. Then in 2004 it was CoH, that allowed for actually developing character backstories of any time and place but with set villains to strive against. It was only in '06 or so that I joined WoW.** I thought this thread was about personal RP stories, not a history of role-playing as a whole. So what's your personal favorite story? **Oh, before D&D, there was a little game called 'Let's Pretend' it was all the rage.
  7. For me too, my heyday of RP wasn't in SL, but in WoW. On one of the more balanced RP servers. Our group was ostensibly evil, an all Warlock guild called The Scions of Darkness. Our guild leader at the time I joined was one of the best and most generous of RPers. Someone who gave the spotlight to other people in and out of our guild. Love us or hate us, we did influence RP on the server as a whole. One person created a character with the sole purpose of eventually being killed on her wedding day. (This was a storyline months in the making, the player getting that character to L34 at a time when level cap was 60.) The murderer, of course was our guild leader. The whole story culminating in his (perma) death, involving more than 100 people with parts big and small and able to develop their own stories out the over-arching larger storyline. Instead of disbanding, he passed the guild leadership on to another. Eventually, I became guild leader. During that time came my personal best moment. Some Mary Sue was dying, slowly of course, by some unknown curse. Many plausible cures were offered up, and every one rejected by Mary. I, being the current Grand Dame of curses and other Evil Magiks, was consulted. After hearing the symptoms and everything tried (and nothing working and time was running out for poor Mary!) I handed one of her guildmates a (trash) ritual dagger. (I carried many of them as we used them in darkity dark rituals.) I gave him the dagger and matter of factly told him to slit her throat. I would then soul stone her so her soul would be preserved, giving everyone more time to save her dying body with no great loss. Of course Mary was NOT happy with that solution and oocly said it wouldn't work. (It so would have worked.) I shrugged, walked away and left her to her fate. (As it turned out she had this one specific convoluted sequence that was the only way to cure her that no one without a script could have ever figured out.) And that is one of my personal favorite RP stories.
  8. It looks lovely Stephanie! I saved all my Gallactic and a few other latex/lingerie items for a good reason! Can't wait for Maitreya BoM!
  9. I'm going to guess.. He said "Lemme axe you a question." one too many times?
  10. I've been through several re-brandings of my favorite skin maker. I've stuck with her for about 9 years now due to her generosity, skill and being overall a nice person. Right now it's Lumae, but was Heartsick, Aeva and soon, Ritual. Lumae skins, as mentioned, are on sale for 100L each. That includes (for almost all skins) huds for most of the major heads and bodies (as well as Omega appliers). Her 'Bare' skins have no make-up, but are lovely even without. And she does carry some skins with makeup as well as fantasy skins.
  11. Yes, we in the D/s community are givers. GIVERS!
  12. You've never asked.. So are you saying... *arches an eyebrow*
  13. *record scratch* Laika, shush. You're talented. You have a great eye for photos and a stunning Avatar. Anyone that says differently is dead wrong. Including yourself. STOP THAT.** I have to know someone quite well before I will give a slap. How about a spanking instead? šŸ¤© **Just a point to new posters (and old!) that think 'Oh I can never get there, so why bother' and other blah blah blah hand-wringing-fence-sitting stuff.. Look, personally speaking, my Avatar is the result of 10+ years of tweaking both my 'look' and a clear idea that has gelled of what is and isn't me. That includes makeup, wardrobe, eyes, hair.. blah blah blah.. it takes time. I LOVE seeing that process played out, so please please please DON'T think you're not 'good enough' with whatever process you think is lacking. Heck, I'm still tweaking my AV and photo-taking. Only because I'm not satisfied. My final bit of advice: Be unapologetically yourself.
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