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  1. As a Dominant, I prefer to buy and/or provide the collar I want my sub in. For me, it's an expression of our relationship. The same goes for any toys that I want to have them use or clothing I wish them to wear. By the same token, if there's something the sub wishes to have in regards to our relationship, then they can pay for those items. The financial burden of ones fantasy should be placed squarely on the one with that fantasy.
  2. I'd like option 23 from column A and option 12 from column B. Oh, and an eggroll..
  3. Bloodlines involved drama in 2020.. It is indeed the year of the apocalypse.
  4. Syo, I didn't have time earlier, but I wanted to say that this is so gorgeous!
  5. yes. iirc, it's all an estimation either way. Your best bet is to rez a prim that is the height you want and don't sweat the viewer numbers.
  6. I had started writing a long reply in another of this posters threads. Now I realize it's an inexperienced Findom trying to drum up business. Protip: Most 'real life' BDSM tactics do not work in the virtual. It requires an entirely different skillset. 'Dominants' trying to use those RL tactics in a virtual environment fairly have a 'run screaming from this person' sign over their heads for anyone with actual experience. Unfortunately, many inexperienced subs get ruined by these types and THAT infuriates me.
  7. It's mainly an insecurity in some to not be accidentally *****. (Despite the fact that the majority of 'adult films' are produced, written and directed by men. They are literally getting off to another mans imagination.) I've personally found such people to be largely unimaginative and pedestrian. Give me a freak any day. Any way, my response to anyone suggesting I'm not actually female to go and get more 'field study' done, as they clearly lack actual experience. I don't think I've missed out on anything at all.
  8. And the run is freeking awesome
  9. That happens because your mesh has to rez. It happened when you were wearing the alpha too, you just couldn't see the system head due to the alpha. You may have seen it happen to others as they rez in, turning from grey to invisible to mesh.
  10. More importantly, the OP is about 3 years old. I doubt they're still looking from the depths of 2017.
  11. My girl was on today, so we had a bit of painting fun...
  12. Because it had to be said: THAT'S HOT! ❤️
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