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  1. Every time I see this thread title, I think of that very old joke: "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" ... "Practice."
  2. I'd like to add to Matty's comment. Not every LGBTQ+ friendly place is a sex cruising spot. Many are not, though as in any space, people may get together. Generally, you may want to search the specific word of whatever letter of the rainbow you identify with. That will give you more places to look at.
  3. It looks like it might be from Bad Kitty/Kitten Stables? It's been years, but I recall they had a 'python' trap.
  4. Your own studio, with select pieces of bondage furniture. That way, you control the setting, the decor, the lighting, traffic and the poses.
  5. It sounds like he has more problems than just being a bad 'dominant'. Weak and whiney is never a good look on a Dom/me.
  6. That's quite the collection of paddles and... 'neck massagers'...
  7. I, for one, am really happy to see you back Taya. I love your photos and your humor.
  8. Not the only one Rhonda.. PS: I've made it through all of Campaign One. Doing the one-shots before I tackle Campaign Two.
  9. That reminds me of the Bruce Willis movie 'Surrogates'. Everyone was a Ken and Barbie -ized version of themselves. And shock and horror!, the black guy was an old white dude and the hot chick sex pot was a sweaty fat dude (of course). No cybernetic dogs, no cat girls, no giant blue aliens. Bog standard Ken and Barbie. What a waste of a great technology.
  10. It also could be your internet connection. Sometimes a full shutdown and restart of both your PC and your modem can help if all else fails.
  11. Turn off 'look at' in your viewer.
  12. I don't think this is the first time he's been threatened with interwebs lolyers...
  13. Sometimes my viewer doesn't completely render people's 'brain heads' properly ever and they appear, to me at least, as having their brain on their mouth. I find it hilarious as I imagine them as zombies chewing on braaaaiiiiiiins.. Personally, I'm in favor of simply derendering people temporarily to allow my viewer to load what I want. (i.e. the vendors at a shopping event.) I don't feel the need to 'confront' them. To me it seems like a ridiculous waste of MY time and rather rude. Now if they ask if what I think of their AV or whatnot, it's then okay. Of course, they are free to derender me as they see fit with no saltiness on my part. #YOLO #Liveandletlive
  14. You look amazing Sara! I had that problem with no system layers on some of my alts tattoos, But Roxy got back one of my favorites that never made any appliers with BoM.
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