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  1. 1. No one can see a file on your computer but you. 2. Avermetcin is not Ivermetcin. They are related. One is synthetic. One is not. No one knows if they are 'the same' or not as there has not been a huge number of valid research on humans. Small doses are great for getting rid of scabies big doses are.. well those pesky hospitalizations I mentioned are directly due to people being conned by quacks like Dr Lawrie. (okay, maybe she isn't incompetent and she's just an opportunistic grifter? So either she's dumb as a box of rocks, or she's morally reprehensible. I'm good with dismissing her e
  2. Well, the work history I mentioned indicates some sort of problem. She had the title of Director for one job that she had for a whopping 6 months. I work in healthcare, 6 months as a Director (and the slew of other jobs that mostly lasted less than 1 year over the course of 10 or more years) is a huge red flag. Whether it's because of incompetence or inability to 'work well over others' is irrelevant. That it seems to have happened over and over again, I believe, is. And yes, I do judge someone that moves to, lives in and supports a racist government then leaves when that racist governmen
  3. Well a quick google shows she got her Doctorate (and worked for 4 years, though no more than a few months at a time) in South Africa long before Apartheid ended. Which, for me, speaks to character. In fact she seems to have left South Africa right about the time it ended. She continued her work history of working at various jobs for about 6 months to almost a year for 10 years until she landed her current job at a gynecological cancer center. Considering she got the name of a drug wrong and then doubled down on promoting it (and by extension, her 'research consultancy'), I'd say she's ris
  4. But but but, that's NOT what a random person who is totally a DOCTOR (their Facebook page confirms it!) said on YouTube. And we all know how reliable YouTube is in dispensing VITAL information like '10 Actors who refuse to work together ever again'.
  5. Fun fact, you're wrong, it's known. The way vaccines work is that if you do acquire the illness vaccinated against, your bodies immune system quickly gets rid of it. So you don't build up the huge reservoir of germs that lets them spread like wildfire. Lower amounts for a shorter duration. So, someone vaccinated, that acquires the virus, is less likely to spread it to someone that's unvaccinated, by huge amounts. There's less of it in the air around them, even if infected. https://www.gavi.org/vaccineswork/mounting-evidence-suggests-covid-vaccines-do-reduce-transmission-how-does-work
  6. There's also Requeeca at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/aaa/129/46/1402 They have some cute AO sets and individual animations can be purchased as well.
  7. I live a poly lifestyle in SL, so jealousy is a huge non-starter for me. Accept me, accept the family. That can also help keep things fresh. People wax and wane in online communities as RL circumstances change. If you have a large family grouping, if one needs to step away, either for a time or permanently, it softens the blow. But I also agree, ghosting is pretty damn low. Once, a long time ago, my PC died and I was still able to contact people I loved in SL while trying to replace it.
  8. The moustache and beard need lightening to a browner color, but you're lookin good!
  9. I know you hate context, but in the context of this thread, most people would understand when I say 'mesh' I mean mesh body parts. You understand that too, but pedants gotta be pedantic amirite? By the time you posted, if you had read the thread, he had already made the purchase of a human adult body and head, which made your 'just buy a dinkie' advice rather absurd. Why do you bother spending tens, even hundreds of dollars, in buying mesh buildings and furniture when items made of prims will do? You know why. It looks better. In the context of SL, it looks more modern (Pedant counter ran
  10. Your answer has literally nothing to do with the help he's looking for. We get it, you don't like mesh. To each their own, but sheesh dude..
  11. For a few more hair base options, you might try Orthodox. They have a bunch of free BoM hairbases, or did anyway. They come in basic black as well as a white, tintable base. It'll give you more options for a buzzed or even short style of hair. (FYI girls, they work for us too.)
  12. So, it's been a while since I posted. These are a few I've taken in the last couple of months, and while late to the party, I had to share the ones I took at FF.
  13. Or a new age 'guru'? Would that sort of behavior include following someone on a forum for a couple years to disparage them every time they ever posted, primarily to carry on a grudge over a perceived slight to an SL landscaping business thereby making it unpleasant for them to post and eventually driving them away? That sort of abuse?
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