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  1. Chrysanthemum's might have what you're looking for. They have a nice emoter hud for that particular expression. At least for women. You can always demo it and see if it will work for you.
  2. They are an older product. They're static, NOT bento. You'd be better off ditching the nails than buying an outdated product no one is making anything for anymore. Since the advent of Bento, I don't even know if SLink even sells those hands any longer.
  3. Look for modifiable hairbases. Your best bet will be ones called 'Bald' or 'Baldie'. If you need some, I should have a few I can send if you can wait until tomorrow.
  4. It looks like the No.Match Christmas gift. No_Carol? I think. It come with a short style called No_Deer.
  5. I was going to say "How much is that dolly in the window?"
  6. It'd depend on where her nose is at, at the time... Likely her response would be something like..
  7. So my girl asked for one present this year. Who am I to deny her?
  8. I have a system. Dresses and tops go on the left pec, coats and such on the right pec. pants, panties and skirts go on the left hip. If say a skirt and panties are part of a set, the skirt goes on the right hip. When I sort out new items, I apply that system to the new items before I sort them into the final category for clothing. That way, when I change something, i can just double click on the the new item to wear and whatever I was wearing there gets taken off.
  9. So, it's been said I have no 'facts'. Trump on Social Security https://www.forbes.com/sites/teresaghilarducci/2019/08/23/trumps-second-term-plan-for-social-security-starve-the-beast/#211c7c7f3794 Trump on SSDI, Medicaid and Medicare https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/3/12/18260271/trump-medicaid-social-security-medicare-budget-cuts Trumps VA spending https://www.veterans.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2019 budget one pager.pdf https://www.stripes.com/key-veterans-groups-blast-trump-s-va-budget-proposal-as-falling-short-of-veterans-needs-1.572485 Sure, there are short term gains, but there will be long term losses if he gains a second term. As explained in the articles, it's an old Repug strategy. Cut taxes to the point where the deficit requires cuts to 'entitlement programs'. These are four different outlets all reporting virtually the same thing. Let's not forget the cuts to other departments that independently oversee inspections and compliance. Putting up charts is disingenuous as they fail to show the actual shortfalls. To not equivocate, the budget crisis is a direct result of the tax cuts. Tax cuts that peter out for most Americans except for the ultra rich. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/5/29/18642928/trump-tax-cuts-and-jobs-act-analysis *drops mic*
  10. Fox News is not a credible source of facts. Like Fox, while part of what you wrote was technically true, it isn't the full story. As Theresa pointed out above, Governor Rick Snyder, a Repug, appointed a (Repug) supervisor over Flint. Pretty much suborning the actual will of the people and gave them Legionaire's, lead filled water and an excess of carcinogens. I'm always astounded by the almost cartoonish level of villainy displayed by Repugs at almost every turn. But you be you boo.
  11. How wonderful for someone with money. Do you have any idea the legal hoops you have to jump through to get disability on any of those programs you mentioned? SSI disability pretty much requires you to have an attorney, it's that labyrinthine. And you might get it before you die. maybe. I'm a vet. I get seen by the VA. My costs are going up. I'm not even going to get into the quality of care except to say that after having seen a Doctor at the VA (for something, I'd had before* and had to seek emergency care for mind you) I had to go to an emergency clinic and received better, faster and more comprehensive care. *The first time because it was a holiday and the VA was closed the second time because after telling the VA Doc exactly what it was I was under-prescribed the necessary antibiotics. I have the luxury.. LUXURY! of being financially stable now and able to afford that emergency care. I weep for my brother and sister soldiers who cannot. And if you really want to talk about the 'responsibility' of Repug governments, how about importing yourself some of Flint's finest tap water. That's all due to Repug oversight punishing a Democratic stronghold. Stupid is as stupid does. Oh and as for you last stab in the dark, it's Repug on city, county and state level where I'm at. I'd love to live in any of the Dem controlled urban areas. I do have hope however. The projections are that by either 2020 or 2024, the state will turn blue. Oh and while I'm at it, let me give you an example of 'voting against your interests'. I work in healthcare. When the state had a Dem Governor, and healthcare for mom and dad was superimportant, A law was made that had a maximum on how many patients per CNA. Well in the years since that number has increased and increased under R lawmakers not-at-all-influenced-by-lobbiests. The state I live in has a huge retired population that vote R. Yet they continue to vote in people that, eventually will make their lives a horror show when they're at their most vulnerable. That's just one small example of voting against your interests. Here's who's been harmed by Repug policies and 'lawmakers': The young, the old, the sick, the poor, the middle class (whatever is left of them), the LBGTQ community .. you know? I'm finding it hard NOT to find someone harmed by them. But hey, as long as it's someone else and not me, amirite?
  12. No, quite the opposite in fact. Services to and for the poor are being cut, largely by Republican controlled legislatures. Food stamps for one most recently in the news. Certainly in my area cuts are happening to any and all services. Generally the type of thinking you exemplify with those tidbits are of the 'hey I don't use it why should I pay for it?' mindset. Here's the rub, until you need it, you don't need it. Here, where I live, one service being chipped away at is public bus lines. Lines are being cut or with 'reduced service' typically in low income areas. If you've never had to rely on Public Transportation, then you don't know what it's like to be poor. plain and simple. When I used to use it, it typically took an 90 minutes to get within a 20 minute walk to work. Rain or shine. Of course on Sundays add to that an extra hour because of reduced service that had me walking that hour to the nearest active stop. So that's an extra couple hours each way. Of course, I also had to take the one that would get me to work an hour early, because the next bus would make me 15 minutes late. So, my days working an 7 hour shift would take up roughly 12 hours of my day. No time to look for, let alone work a 2nd job. But I guess my needing food stamps was just my lazy butt milking the government for a free handout. I'm glad I don't need them anymore, because in the same circumstances then juxtaposed onto today, I'd never qualify for them. TL;DR: Social safety nets aren't there for when you don't need them. They're there for when you do.
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