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  1. Roxy Couturier

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    Welcome back Clearskies. I was a latecomer to mesh bodies. There are noticeable differences between a classic AV and a mesh one. Lines are smoother, ankles and wrists look like ankles and wrists, and actual toes instead of foot-like blobs. Another new feature is bento. Fingers can move in natural ways and mesh heads allow for more expressions. There are more 'bones' over all so it also allows for things like tails that swish, neko ears that move and resize with your base shapes ear size and wings that move naturally. If you check out the 'How does your Avatar look today' thread, many of the posters are meshed up 😁 While it's true that most clothing makers no longer make system and prim clothing there is good news if you do decide to go mesh. A new feature called bakes on mesh (BoM) is coming down the pike. BoM will allow you to wear those old system clothing on a mesh body. The main thing that would look horrible on a mesh body are old system skins because the foot will look very weird. Also, newer skins can use 1024 x 1024 textures as opposed to the old 512 x 512. I think that goes for applier clothing as well, which is the closest thing to system clothing. As for your not seeing mesh, there's two things i can think of that might cause the problem. Is your laptop 32 bit or 64 bit? You'll need to make sure you've downloaded the correct viewer version for your system. You also may need to allocate more cache if you can. On an older system, it may take longer for mesh to rez for you. Can you see mesh buildings or clothing? If you can, then it may just be a matter of waiting for those bodies to finally rez for you.
  2. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    So, I went to Eclipse..
  3. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Pink is the new black.
  4. Roxy Couturier

    Lines that annoy you most

    Anyone unironically using snowflake is outing themselves as a red-pill, 'normie' neck-beard. It's the Kevin James syndrome. The 'loveable' 'jokester' schlub who expects to land the hot wife ( like James' characters) with little to no effort on their part and a good dose of mysogny while bypassing non-trophy women as beneath them.
  5. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Now that's a metaphor for love. Argrace 'Saki'
  6. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Never. Ever. Tick. Off. Cupid. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  7. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I know those PJs! So.. flap up or flap down? Inquiring minds want to know.. 😁
  8. Roxy Couturier

    RP.... I don't get it

    Except, the people you're just Rping with are real people behind the keyboard. Their time is just as valuable to them as yours is to you. Common courtesy would be to tell them beforehand that you won't be on when you can. That way, they can make plans that don't include you and don't wind up waiting for a never show. If you do, then well and fine, if not then they aren't the jerks in that scenario. Not to mention letting them know you might be gone for stretches of time before they involve themselves in a storyline with you. If you let them know the deal beforehand, then they have no room for complaint when it happens.
  9. Roxy Couturier

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    My eyesight is good enough to watch that low-flying point buzz right over your head. Something your 'reading comprehension' and youthful eyesight couldn't. But you 'bee' you boo.
  10. Roxy Couturier

    Who else is against the afk sex doll places?

    Bot software: $0.99 Kitting out an AFK Doll: L$20k + Coming up with a rejoinder 2 months later that completely misses the point: Priceless.
  11. Roxy Couturier

    How about a new sub forum in "People"?

    There's a reason VVO's PRS section has a disclaimer. It isn't in Linden Lab's best interest to try to police such a section. They can't let it be like the wild west like Cris can.
  12. Roxy Couturier

    Resident does not appear in inworld search and cannot be abuse reported

    Just a thought, but if you found them in search, doesn't the people picker for AR's allow you to paste in their UUID from their profile?
  13. Roxy Couturier

    Dom/ Domme Double Standards

    I should clarify this statement. Using my cooking analogy, one-offs are fine as a way of finding that certain cook who has the recipes that satisfies your hunger. The right one will spice things up and change things up so it's never quite the same meal twice. Not everyone likes my style, that's why I take a very long time before I offer that last choice of being locked into my collar. But the ones that have tend to be mine for years and years.
  14. Roxy Couturier

    Dom/ Domme Double Standards

    Probably. It's a matter of chemistry like any other relationship. Forced chemistry imo leaves an empty disassociated feeling regarding the play. If your heart's not in it, it falls flat, despite the skill of your partner. I hate to give my secrets away, but one of my benchmarks in gauging how well a scene is going is an increase in my partners typos as their RL physical selves are affected by the scene I'm setting. People are likening D/s as a co-equal partnership, like a vanilla relationship. IMO, it's not. Anyone with an ounce of imagination can create a scene. Which (again imo) is fine for a one-off scene. But for a deeper Dominant/submissive relationship I prefer to liken it to cooking. Ultimately, there can only be one head chef, and the submissive is the dish being prepared. As a Domme, I shape the play between myself and my subs to suit the person I'm Domming. I put work into scenes. I tailor it with certain goals in mind. I want to help make my subs into better, stronger versions of themselves. I don't like other 'chefs' changing my recipe or the dynamic I've established. Have you ever heard the phrase "Too many cooks spoil the broth."? Yeah, exactly like that.
  15. Roxy Couturier

    Mayah Parx and her Epic Toy Factory

    I still have the hunt gift builds from ETF. I use pieces from one of them to this day at my home. I can't post pics as I'm just about to head to work, so I'll try to post some tomorrow. I loved her builds at ETF. It was truly magical and highlighted what could be done in SL to make a beautiful fantasy world.