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  1. Hi Aria, just a couple points to touch on. Speaking as an SL Domme, with some RL D/s experience, you're entering an entirely different world, so to speak, from RL Domming. The tools used are somewhat the same, but different. You don't have the physical queues, of course. And RLV can be confusing to new users. As tools, they greatly enhance immersion on both ends of the leash. But it pays to know the effects of those tools before using them on a sub. Confidence and knowledge of how to use those tools greatly enhances the confidence a sub will have in you. Far more than any RL experience will. As far as finding that sub.. well in my experience, there are many many subs looking for the right Dom/me for them. It's probably a better idea to frequent D/s clubs and sims to find one that matches your style and preferences. Play with the ones that pique your interest and eventually the right one will fall into your trap lap. My time on is a bit chaotic this week, but I'll be happy to steer you towards some of the more quality sims I know of if you want.
  2. Or, as an incentive, deeply discount tier for land that has an 'air corridor' from 500m - 2000m. With a parcel setting that disallows building in that corridor. Happy flyers and happy land owners. After all the land owner wouldn't be getting the full use of the property they're paying for. Those that don't want to allow overflight would pay the full tier price.
  3. Here's one Donna. It's free and has 4 backgrounds to choose from as well as a pose stand that lets you add your own poses to it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/StrawberrySinghcom-Simple-Photo-Studio/5745423
  4. Re-shoot of Captain Couturier. Permission to use of course.
  5. You might try a demo of Sweet Thing Elf ears. I have them and they have some preset skin shades as well as a tinting option. They're Bento as well.
  6. Here's my re-do bunny. Permission to use
  7. Another tip is to change the default location an item attaches to. MOST items will default attach to the right hand. That;s because when a rigged mesh is uploaded, the default is the right hand and many creators don't bother to change it so some other attachment point before selling it. Right click and choose 'Attach to' and choose the new attachment point. If too many things are on one attachment point, you won't be able to add more. For example, with dresses and tops, I attach to my left pec; pants and skirts, I attach to my left hip. That way whenever I change clothing, I can just double click those items to remove clothing I'm wearing and add the new ones.
  8. My submissions for superhero.. Captain Couturier!
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