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  1. When I joined SL, I had been playing City of Heroes. My favorite character for RP there was Poprocks, whose 'real' name was Roxy. (For those who may wonder, an Earth / Force Field Controller.) Someone, in SL, that I was interested in had a French Last name. So, Couturier was chosen.
  2. Next up: Neve Stone Jacket and Tomboy Pants
  3. First of several new outfits I bought this week: LOVE this sweater from Baiastice with pants that fit. Shoes are from Pure Poison.
  4. It's public record as to how it worked. First to answer your question, back when media was first implemented, there was no 'Allow/Deny' for any media source. They played whether you wanted them to or not. You could stop an autoplay music stream, but by then the info was already sent. (Though as I recall, Redzone used media on a prim to gather it's info. a short, blank piece of media that was nearly undetectable.) A gentleman named Sione (iirc) coded the media security app that was first implemented in Emerald/Firestorm then was integrated into the LL Viewer. Beyond the Redzone devices on people's land which would scan and report correlations between Avatar names and IP addresses, there was a 'mobile scanner' that used Media on a prim on a wearable prim to capture the same information anywhere someone with the scanner went, adding info to the database. Once Sione's app became the standard, the database Redzone used stagnated and so became less and less relevant. Though the damage to communities was already done. The outcry also prompted changes to SL ToS on privacy. The creator tried to circumvent ToS and continued to disseminate 'Alt info' and wound up with a huge banhammer effectively flattening both his business and his account.
  5. In my early days in SL, there was a girl I was interested in. She worked at a club, so I'd go there on nights she was working to flirt. This flustered her because she was interested in me as well, but didn't expect me to show up at her vanilla SL workplace. Two years down the line, we were having .. difficulties. I had a plan, I scouted out a romantic sim, found a club we both had liked and planned out a 'date night', no D/s, just music, dancing and us hanging out together. Well, we had a big row on that night and wound up separating soon after. The date never happened. But I have done so from time to time with others and it makes for a nice change of pace. Putting the effort into planning the date shows you aren't taking them for granted and can get you out of an SL rut.
  6. Another choke point for your system is the 4 gigs of RAM. There might not be enough room with the sheer amount of data that an un-optimized sim could incur, let alone individual meshes and textures on people around you. Try going to a relatively empty sim, such as an ocean/sea sim, where there won't be much background clutter or people and see if your own mesh will appear for you. Your system has 64 bit, so it should support more RAM.
  7. Talli, this is amazing. The lighting is perfect.
  8. 70's avant garde. Nudity, bad dialogue, bad editing and bad sets with flashes of brilliance.
  9. I made some new friends.. and they're ADORABLE!
  10. An alt decked out in some of the Zodiac hunt items. The only things not from the hunt are the top, bottom, hair and bracelets.
  11. You aren't supposed to hold it by the pointy end. #Swordbasics (Love the pic!)
  12. So I bought some really cute pumpkins and, on a lark, I put one on my head. From there my Halloween look was born.
  13. And size. A teen head will be slightly larger in proportion.
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