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How does your avatar look today ?


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7 hours ago, moirakathleen said:

Mainly I take pictures in-world more for myself as a scrapbook of my adventures in SL

Absolutely. Of course, I get a bit of a rush when people like my pictures, but in the final analysis, my pics are for me. That, and the fact that I actually just enjoy the process of planning, setting up, taking, and polishing photographs.

The portraits and fashion shots of my avatar are really just a complement to the process of dressing up and making my avatar look nicer. A pic with dramatic lighting and a nice composition is really kind of the same as buying an attractive outfit: it makes my avi more fun to look at. And in some ways, the more sort-of-narrative pics are a way of using photographs to make my own adventures.

I regret now not having more pics from the "old days" in SL. (I had more, but some just disappeared in the hard drives of broken computers.) I'd like to have photographic memories of my time in SL now.

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7 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Oh yes, I totally forgot to mention this.

Vital photo-editing tools: brightness/contrast, saturation, curve adjustment, cropping, blur, and, of course, wine.

And boy was I in bother last night when I managed to throw two small glasses of red wine across the room......

The tray was slippy, and I could see them going in slo-mo..........

One glass broke at the stem, the other survived with some surviving wine which I obviously finished off........

The pattern across the carpet is like a three pointed star, about four feet across.

Well....the good news is that the carpet is dark red with a pattern. And the wine was Pino Noir, so not an intense colour.

The conversation was interesting for a while. I think I got away with it. I used some white wine to dilute the stain...........9_9

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So today I've been showing a new guy the ropes, or at least some ropes. Before he landed I was taking pictures and playing with shadows. This is Dolce Amore Beach, which is one of my places of choice, there's never more than maybe four or five people here, although I did get jumped once by what I suppose was a griefer.... a girl avi who jumped on the sofa from nowhere and engaged the animation...….. I left in an instant but really I should have grabbed a screenshot. Anyway enough rambling...…….

Two windlight settings for comparison...…….and my new bikini...……..United Colors Megie. One base colour plus a load of patterns so a very versatile item. The Fatpack must be amazing...…..

Ellie was hoping to get in world, but she had no chance today. Neither did Belinda...…..hahaha!




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6 hours ago, Laika Ravikumar said:

Well if only I had paid attention to the fact my arm looks stupid so wish there was a delete lol

You are still within the 24-hour edit window, so just edit the post and remove the pic and modify the associated comment.

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3 hours ago, Catrie said:

LOTD 110



3 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

You didn't by any chance have something to do with Catrie's unfortunate demise, did you?


I wasn't sure if she was poisoned or passed out.  Either case, it is the most elegant falling to the floor I've ever seen - especially with that glass managing to land upright and retain its wine.


ETA:  In further looking at the photo, it must have been a poisoning because the eyes are still open, which is common in death but not in passed out folks.  So definitely there is the possibility of Roxy being involved.


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3 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

it is the most elegant falling to the floor I've ever seen - especially with that glass managing to land upright and retain its wine.

I'm talented like that. lol 

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