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  1. What can I say? I suppose I'm more disappointed instead of surprised to see the well meaning thread I started this morning devolve into another bickering session that couldn't resolve itself before it had to be locked. It was a fair attempt, but seemingly just missed its mark. All together just bad feelings all around, in a rapid and alarming fashion over the past week, and the forums have become quite an ugly place now I fear. Well, from my perspective looking on in. I took a hiatus from here once a few years ago because of similar feelings, but then returned to find it a much more pleasant and safe place to be. I think in time things will even out, but for now, I'm going to avoid the forums once more and concentrate on other things. No flouncing, no door slamming, I just wish you all the very best through these tough times. There are in fact a lot of fond memories here, more than the bad, believe it or not, and I take those with me even though I may not have contributed as much (though I tried my very best to). 🙂 I deleted my Flickr account, but will continue to post my own personal pictures to my humble little wordpress blog here and there, whenever the mood strikes me. Have a great day, everyone. Take care. 💗
  2. I’ve never heard of that before. Is that exactly what it sounds like? 😮
  3. Personal pet peeve: Having packages (Particularly expensive chairs) dropped on my lawn and no one knocks or rings the doorbell. Gosh! 🤯
  4. It’s ok, I know what you’re going through, it’s not easy to open up and let others in and see how vulnerable and fragile you are. You deserve only the most glitteriest, gaudiest pink hugs, and should only be responded to with such. 🙂
  5. No, you seem like you really need to talk about it. There are resources and people you can get in touch with. I know how easy it is to put on a brave face when you’re hurting inside. Have some warm glittery hugs. 🙂
  6. You seem so unhappy with your life. Do you need a hug?
  7. Hello there! Similar Chloe wearer here! 🙂 Sorry for this late reply, just wanted to add something, and hopefully it helps. The base Glam Affair skins that come pre packaged in the HUD with the initial LeLutka heads include brows which are painted onto the skins, and so they cannot be cleared or made invisible. The only way to get around this is to purchase your desired skin tone in a separate applier HUD, which you may be able to find at Glam Affair II (their miniature store). inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Pea/91/62/22. The individual LeLutka x Glam Affair skin tones are $L599 each, I believe. I didn't see Chloe or Simone (the older LeLutka heads), but there are others that may work. Don't forget to demo first. 🙂 An example of what the separate Glam Affair skin HUD (in Arctic) looks like and where you would find the No Eyebrows option: Here I have No Eyebrows selected, and am wearing some older eyebrows from .ARISE.
  8. I think it’s silly.
  9. I use a security orb when I log out or if I’m visiting another place. If I’m there I don’t mind an impromptu visit (providing you don’t become a nuisance and force me to shoo you away).
  10. Lazy day. Also cammed around the Cyber Fair for a bit. ❦ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/05/12/cyber-fair-2020/
  11. ❦ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/waiting/
  12. I scurried over to Akeruka's main store this morning to make grabby hands at their L$1 group gift (FYI the group is L$150 to join), a Limited Edition Bento Head that's BOM ready. So far I... really adore it. 😊 ❦ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/akeruka-bento-head-group-gift/
  13. I feel your pain. Been trying on and off for several hours to try to get into Catwa and Fameshed, and still no success. Gotta just keep trying I guess. 😵
  14. Still trying patiently to get into the Fameshed event. 😨 Teleport attempt # 2034 coming right up... ❦ https://veileddream.wordpress.com/2020/05/04/whats-on-my-face-v/
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