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How does your avatar look today ?


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1 hour ago, Maitimo said:

Amazing picture, and gorgeous avatar. This looks like a painting.


51 minutes ago, InventedSuicide said:

I was about to say this. The artistic skills people on SL show,, I’m truly in awe

Thank you both it s a bit old made back in the days of Game of Thrones.

Body is JOMO Cat Male

Accessories from PFC and necklace was Jian. (if i remember well, have to login to see)

Dragon Skull helmet was originally sold as a bed so it had to be modified and have some stuff removed and some others added to fit and look like that.


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4 hours ago, Stranger Hoxley said:

Ever since someone took the liberty to post Morgan Freeman for how her or his avatar looks like today, I am taking the liberty to post this video. Great music! Good Bye everyone!


Yep, great album. See you on other threads then, maybe, if the goodbye is leaving this one. 

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At SL17B I found a section of psychological tools designed for rapid attitude adjustment. I think this one should work well. The guns are almost big enough.

Black Dragon is way fun for making poses on the fly, which I did in this snap.


I should probably have 2 of these for this thread...

21 hours ago, Chassie Rowley said:

I understand this thread is pretty much self indulgent, but is fun to look at.

Some really nice shots here.

Yeah... good description. And I agree.

There is a section of posts here where people talk about why they don't care about the likes, what the likes mean when they click... There is definitely a diverse crowd here each with their own ideas. I suspect most post here simply post because they like to. Some of us like to showoff... Anyway... I think that section of posts proves your observation is on point.

There are a load of great images here. Some gorgeous avatars. Some awesome talent. I think many of us enjoy seeing the newbies making their first posts. I see this as a fun thread for all but... some seem to forget the fun part.

It isn't hard to ignore the drama queens and virtue signalers that respond to them... but it is often more fun to talk over their heads while ignoring them and skipping image to image.


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He (singing): Nah nah nah nah nah you were born to be my baby...

She: Ok time to buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride..


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