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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, Moira Timmerman said:

I think people should be able to voice a frustration without everyone else jumping in or on with their viewpoints.  Though, personally, I will be sad if Laika stops posting here - she always has such beautiful pictures. 


Anyway, here's me taking a break from walking around at SL17B - I found a nice courtyard with pretty artwork to gaze at while resting my feet. 


I am sorry, Moira.

Your photos are great.

And people should be allowed to air their viewpoints.

Including BeautifulXu, who is really the person who has been jumped on in this thread rather unfairly.

Hence my reaction.

It truly looked like she was being bullied - and I cannot stand people bullying.  

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mis-typed - because, you know, I'm not actually prefect!
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@Marigold Devin If you think she was being bullied you have no idea what it is like to really be bullied on here, I have and hence I was not doing that, I was voicing an opinion that others have had but maybe not said out loud. Now I am getting the flack from it, so now for me you are on ignore because I do not value your opinion. am tired of the whole thing now.

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15 hours ago, Charcoal Kidd said:

So which head is this?  I am just beginning to seriously consider getting a mesh head but I am so attached to my current face, it’s hard to know where to even start.

This one is the Lelutka Nova mesh head :). There are a variety of heads out there, each one has pros and cons as usual. For me, the top three heads I generally use are 1. Catwa (Catya)  2. Lelutka Evolution  (Nova) 3. Vista. I am sad that Vista has not gotten the love it deserves, because honestly its a really amazing head for the price (I believe its still priced at 2000L vs the upwards of 5000 L that most mesh heads are sold for these days). LOGO is a close tie for third, but I find their HUDs a bit more complex and their overall design a bit more limiting to edit. That being said, LOGO was the first mesh head I got when mesh heads first came out, and I loved my Alex LOGO head. Mae is my fave of their new ones that have come out for Bento. 

  I am not really a fan of Genus for various reasons, but I think they are lovely in shape and do look super pretty with so many skins and makeup made for them, but since they currently have a DMCA that was brought against them,   am cautiously waiting to see what the outcome is. I'd recommend taking some time to demo each head you are interested in and then look around to see how much is created for them, etc. With Catwa, you are assured that there is ALOT and I mean, ALOT made for them. Items for the new Lelutka heads have just been booming, and since both Catwa and Lelutka  are Bake On Mesh optimized, you will have a lot of makeup, skins, etc available for them, with more coming out as time goes on. 

I'm adding a collage of the heads I mentioned with shapes I made for them ( I never use the shapes out of the box, ever) so you can have some reference. One thing to keep in mind is that the skin you choose will make a HUGE difference in the overall look. The combo of shape AND skin is really what will make the look complete. Some of my fave skin makers are Lara Hurley, Glam Affair, Amara Beauty, Enfer Sombre, Deetalez, and Pumec. If you ever need any in-world help with heads, skins or shapes, let me know! 



many heads smaller size .png

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Happy Father's Day, Pappa.  I still have a broken heart but in other ways, Dad, I've been blessed.    Thank you Pappa for hoeing that patch of land when I was 9 so I had could grow my own garden and thanks for buying me the glass shoes at the Goodwill when I was 9 so I could play "Cinderella" in the children's play.  To this day I cannot hardly believe we actually found a pair of see-thru shoes all those years ago, it was like magic.  We miss you down here, Pappa.  

fair 2 starsy FLEUR ROSES PARIS BLESS copy.png

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   It's 3 in the morning, I'm standing around an empty event sim that a friend is working on. Got distracted by playing around with the WL and caught this. 

6 hours ago, FairreLilette said:

The forum here doesn't have very many features but our interpersonal disputes are asked under TOS that we take it to IM.  I see now, going back further into this thread, there were others complaining.  Well, they could have taken it to IM also.  

   This isn't about a personal dispute, it's about this thread being derailed and made unwelcoming because people spam it with reposts - something which moderators in the past has posted in this thread to say should be avoided, and pointed out that doing so may lead to the thread being locked. I for one think it would be a darned shame if this thread got locked after how much has gone into it, because of a few people who has no respect for the rules and no respect for the people around them.

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