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How does your avatar look today ?


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8 hours ago, TT120 said:

Ok, I think I got the right images this time.

This is after a month of trial and error and a really steep learning curve.  These avatars are really confusing.  I think I got it where I want it now though.


It is nearly ok. You just need change arms length, they are bit too short. I dont see from pic whole shape but just in case check shape by standing in RL in front of mirror and measure how much is any body part if you measure them with your hand.

But in general - nice character, you have done good job.  Cant wait to see this avis journey in SL :D


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Decided to redo my main avi  ( Nichole.Kenorland )

 Meet Dixie , she gone country for now that is until i decide what else to dress her up as lol. 

But I am digging the little country get up on her ! 

nichole kenorland.png

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