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  1. There is legit nothing good on TV right now. In either world.
  2. I got bored, so I made system layer jeggings. And yes, yes my typist is a middle-aged woman
  3. So... I put up a cave. Because I can.
  4. I wanted to take a bath. I did not want to take off my clothes. Mouseclicks are hard, y'all.
  5. I'm getting a -200 error every time I try to upload a picture; it's been going on for several hours at this point. Does anyone know what it is/ if it will resolve on its own over time?
  6. Sometimes you just have to be a dragon.
  7. It is possible I got up on the wrong side of my bed this morning.
  8. Grabbed the new Just Because release almost the moment it was put out
  9. Not my usual fare, but what the heck.
  10. Dancing with my Mad Hatter ❤️ Also, flexi skirts are both fun and annoying. I'd forgotten the latter part until I wore this dress!
  11. He's been off the past few days... as evidenced by the leaves in the water
  12. I guess I really should consider cleaning the pool someday.
  13. I'm posting one with makeup, just for comparison's sake so it's clear I took off my eyeshadow and lipstick Anything remaining is my native genetics or my BOM skin.
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