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  1. I agree, it is a much bigger caveat than my brief post would suggest, and we're wise to bear that in mind. I learned that lesson the hard way back in the mid 1990's with AOL. All we know of people is what they tell us... and that holds true in the physical realm as well. It's just that in the physical world, we are more easily able to observe individuals and key in to inconsistencies and other issues. While I am myself inworld, there is some personally identifying information that I don't give out automatically as I might with an encounter in the physical world, and things I do tend to
  2. I did the exact same thing lol... down to being determined to keep my latest alt's inventory organized! So far so good I have a few alts. My first, AjayMcDowwll Alter was made because I couldn't resist the "Alter" last name, and for my purposes, being open about who I am is helpful. Also, I was working in a very busy region at the time and liked being able to leave work behind when I was off, but still be "me". My second alt, Piper Kitalpha, I ended up creating because I was too easy to find in my "Alter" account which made it difficult to relax in that form. From that was born
  3. They did, at least as recently as July 30th.
  4. There's no real link to new resident resources on the sign-up page. I created a new alt in July (I thought it was earlier, but I just checked her birthdate -- yikes!) in large part to see what the New Resident experience was like. On the plus side, I learned some things about cam controls I hadn't known prior (like ctrl+alt+ drag LMB allows you to rotate around a selected object), so that was pretty cool But on the downside, any information about avatar customization is still very limited, to the point where it's not much help outside of understanding the basic controls. Don't get me w
  5. Yes, she's highlighted some of the roadblocks to new avatars, and I love that she pointed out the importance of tutorials with avatar customization. Linden Lab, we really need more "official" help with the appearance issue for newbies. I know it can be problematic with all the different brands and the desire not to show favoritism, but avatar customization is huge for retention of new residents. Shoot, the ability to adequately customize my avatar is a large reason why Second Life is my favorite virtual grid. I feel most "me" here... so here is where I stay and drop my actual RL cash.
  6. For me, relationships in SL are the same as those outside SL, with the caveat that one can just log out when one's Second Life gets to be a bit much. It's more difficult to do that here in the physical world. Also, it costs much less for me to look good in SL.
  7. Agreed. But I will say that I made a new alt toward the end of the first quarter of this year, partially to check out LL's current onboarding for new avatars, and as an extension of that, to see how easy it was to get a decent looking mesh avatar appearance. While the freebie and dollarbie bodies can work (I used one of the Ruth 2.0 variants, as well as the MeshBody dollarbie), the problems with the neck-to-headseam are exponentially increased with those bodies over Maitreya. I eventually got so frustrated I caved in and kitted out my newest alt in a Maitreya body. It just made everyth
  8. Oh nice! I may give that a shot should I end up humming "I see Grey People" again lol
  9. Oh wow. This took a turn Back to the topic of gestures, I'm entertained by them... within reason. There are some songs where a certain gesture just fits, there are occasions where they work. I am not a fan of ginormous ASCII art that shoves all local chat off into oblivion. Those are the gestures I truly consider to be spammy. There are also times and venues where gestures of just about any sort (or all) are utterly inappropriate. I try to confine my gesturbating (such a word lol) to venues and occasions where it's welcome and considered entertaining, and confine myself to
  10. You're more than welcome this has just been a massive PITA. I've got a set to go to tonight, and I'm wondering if maybe this is the night I should just wear the boxwine costume I bought...
  11. This has just been the weirdest issue; last night even relogging did nothing for me, and the forced texture refresh wasn't helpful either. I hope it's resolved soon. I'd like to smack some makeup back on my avatar's face. And her tattoos, too. That would be cool.
  12. @Horus Salubrius, I ended up consulting the Firestorm wiki on bake fails sometime last night: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail Yes, it was systemic, but I had hope, so I ended up TPing to Hippo Hollow, and hit up Developer > Avatar > Character Tests > Test Female. When I saw the base avatar came through with all colors intact, I tried putting on my usual skin and shape, along with my mesh body and head, but the baked on clothing would not disappear. To counteract that, I ended up making a folder I called "Bake Fail" (because obvious works for me) with a skin from
  13. I've still got it. I can force a fix, thankfully, but it's still an ongoing issue at least on whatever server I'm using; TPs aren't fixing it. So... fingers crossed that it will improve while I'm away at the physical office running payroll
  14. It's been going on for several hours; there was a bake fail earlier they thought was resolved, around 1-2PM SLT, but they learned about 30 minutes or so after they thought it was resolved that it was... not.
  15. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/fc09m5cs75lf There is a documented bake fail issue (see linked status above). They're working on it.
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