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  1. Yikes! We don't have that issue. We pay their fee, and they have their tip jar while we have ours. Easy-peasy
  2. From my experience (a few venues lately), most DJs and hosts are now paid by tips only as opposed to a flat rate plus tips. Live artists still are generally paid for their gigs -- between 3,000 and 6,000 lindens per gig, although that can go WAY up for some performers -- but some venues are able to garner tip-only performers due to their popularity/ longevity/ etc. Our venue isn't at the level where we have artists banging on our doors to perform for tips only lol -- so we only have two live artists, whom we pay, and who we believe are well worth the expense
  3. There are some freebie/ cheap "blink only" AOs out there also; I used those on my Genus before I got a facial AO from Vista (the Genus moods also bugged me, plus they'd not stay on and I'd have to restart them)
  4. My favorite is cream cheese pound cake. This is the recipe I use here, although I like to use vanilla bean rather than extract (flecks make me happy). The key to making sure it bakes through is to ensure all ingredients are fully room temperature, not chilled. Given time, I'm pretty sure I could plow through a whole one by myself.
  5. Because no one who's reading this has land to fit your required specifications.
  6. I have epic RBF in the physical world. We can only be grateful my avatar doesn't have quite as much skill with that look as I.
  7. I met my husband the first day I rezzed in, so... 2007? We're still together though, so I don't know if it's really a case of "losing" my heart as I know exactly where it is.
  8. My first car was a powder blue 1988 Dodge Shadow; one year in, it developed a horrible habit of stalling in the middle of left-hand turns... in front of oncoming traffic. I learned to drive in my mother's station wagon. She had two 8-track cassettes: Barry Manilow and Air Supply.
  9. I'm one of those folks whose SL and RL overlap quite a bit. I met my RL husband in SL, our RL picture is on my first life tab (caution: I am NOT 23 in RL, so stay away from that tab if you talking to me means you're going to lose it that my typist is over 50), and I'm very clear I'm not looking for romance. All that said... that's just me. I don't give a rat's rear end what your typist's gender is. I take you as you present. I can see some non-romantic circumstances where it would matter (like the trans-specific groups mentioned), but in my SL you're just... you. As you choose to appe
  10. I figure Ajay just stomps around, glowers, and generally looks annoyed because I'm inworld so much she never gets any dang free time.
  11. I wear a Genus head, and I affirm what Marianne said. You may want to look into purchasing a makeup cleaner such as the one she recommended (I mean, it's 9 lindens, which is pretty cheap). I believe, from what you're saying, that you're using makeup appliers rather than Bakes on Mesh layers. As far as the issue with the eyeliner pointing downward, it's likely due to edits you've made to your face's shape, or something innate within its structure. I personally haven't run into this. You'll either need to keep trying demos to find one that works better with your current shape, or play a
  12. I've only partnered once, back in 2007. We're still partnered, and we got married RL in 2009. That said, it's likely we're more outliers than the standard experience. I think what Talligurl said about it being something that enhances one's SL experience is key, as well as knowing it may not work out. It's kind of like RL in that regard, so go in with your eyes open.
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